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I think I’ll use this to document my build. This won’t be a full restoration. A lot of this car is incorrect. Very incorrect. 

It’s a 1971, VIN 2574805. The color was Colorado orange. 

The front grill was changed at some point. It wasn’t wrecked from what I can see. 

An aftermarket moonroof was installed in 1989. There’s a sticker on the trunk lid. It seems to be good quality. 

The dash supports were cut for a cage at some point. 

The right side rocker and front fender have rust. There’s a patch on the floor. The pillars are pretty crusty, but the repairs that were done aren’t as bad as they look. 

It has a 245/5 transmission. Weber 2bbl. For some reason, a brake proportioning valve. Old stainless brake hoses. 

The wiring is shot. I will be replacing it with a GM style fuse box. I will use the factory controls with this. I’ve done it on other cars in the past and am very happy with the results. 

The first thing to do is see how it runs. I’ll start there and made decisions. This might become a track/street car. 

















Entries in this blog

Time to fix the sunroof hole.

I’m not a fan of aftermarket sunroofs. I’ve been shopping for a roof skin, donor roof, literally any option to fix this without much luck. I didn’t want to spend carbon fiber roof skin money, but I didn’t see any other choice. 


Trey in 1971 2002

It’s been a while. Rust repair.

I lost motivation for a little while. I’ve worked on insulating my shop and other projects, but haven’t felt like working on the car. I bought some rust repair panels online and I was very disunity the quality for the price. This discouraged me a little and I lost motivation. Well today I found some motivation.    I needed to repair the rocker and front passenger fender. That’s really the worst of the rust. I accomplished that today. The welding will need finished and then grinding and bo


Trey in 1971 2002

New radiator and some wiring

I purchased a radiator from Instant Radiator. It is Champion brand and was $269 shipped. I’m very happy with the quality. Everything seems to fit right and the welds look good. I see no issues with it at all.    I also received cooling system hoses from Ireland Engineering. I went with their silicone set. I have a Spal fan as well. I did forget to order a new thermostat.    The wiring is moving along. I made a panel out of aluminum for the ignition panel I picked up. I can mount ga


Trey in 1971 2002

Aftermarket wiring harness. This is my departure from stock

My original wiring harness was in pretty bad shape. I had no fuse panel and a lot of brittle wires. It had to be replaced and finding a stock style is difficult and expensive. I’ve used these 21 circuit harnesses from Amazon before. It’s hard to beat for $90.    It is a GM style panel with blade fuses. The wires are labeled every foot or so. The bundles are separated by location, ie dash, rear, front. It works well.    I mounted the fuse block by using nutserts. After that, I


Trey in 1971 2002

A little update. Making some progress

I’m writing this from the driver's seating area of the car. I’m sitting on a wheel trying to get an idea of seating position. A wheel isn’t it.    I’m slowly collecting parts. Kidney grill, rear lights, that’s about it. I spent a lot of time today making parts work again. Both the heater fan and wiper motor were locked up. They work now and work fine. Thankfully.    I installed a new electric fuel pump and ran new fuel line. The Weber 32/36 is rebuilt. The car seems to run well but


Trey in 1971 2002

POR-15, battery relocation, and it runs!

I had a very busy and productive day today. The pillars on this car are pitted and have some rust repair from someone previous. I decided that it was solid enough and just needed some cleanup and attention.    I started by hitting everything with the wire wheel to remove rust and old paint. After that, I worked on cleaning up the old welds and trying to get things smoother. If it’s going to have booger welds, they’re going to be my booger welds. Once cleaned up, I went through the POR-15


Trey in 1971 2002

Looking at the valvetrain

I hope I’m doing these blog entries right. It doesn’t look right on mobile for some reason. Anyway…   My son and I pulled the valve cover off to take a look at the valvetrain.  It’s very clean in there. Cam looks great. No major wear and the lobes are smooth. Minimal varnish too. 


Trey in 1971 2002

Rust? Not that bad really

One of the things that will need addressed on this car is rust. It’s really not bad. The passenger front fender and rocker need some work. The pillars have older repairs that seem solid even though there is some pitting. I don’t think I’ll worry about those for now. The drivers floor has been repaired poorly and needs fixed.    I usually get cars with more rust, so this is a nice change. The body is also fairly straight. 


Trey in 1971 2002

My first 2002. What have I done?

This is my first 2002. Not my first restoration. I come from many years of Volkswagens. I’ve always admired 2002s but didn’t think I’d ever have the opportunity to own one. Well, now I do.    According to BMW Groups Classics, “The BMW 2002 VIN 2574805 was manufactured on June 14, 1971 and shipped on June 16, 1971 to New York, NY. The original color was colorado, paint code 02.”   I’m going to use this blog to record my progress. I do t know where I’m going with the car, but I’ll


Trey in 1971 2002

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