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POR-15, battery relocation, and it runs!



I had a very busy and productive day today. The pillars on this car are pitted and have some rust repair from someone previous. I decided that it was solid enough and just needed some cleanup and attention. 

I started by hitting everything with the wire wheel to remove rust and old paint. After that, I worked on cleaning up the old welds and trying to get things smoother. If it’s going to have booger welds, they’re going to be my booger welds. Once cleaned up, I went through the POR-15 process. I haven’t used this stuff before but it went well. I didn’t take pictures of the process. 



The battery is mounted in the back. The car didn’t come with a battery tray or cables. This seemed like a good solution as we might autocross this car in Vegas once in a while. There is no rust in the trunk at all. 



And finally, it runs. We fought with it a little while. All it would do was pop and cough. The points were shot as was the distributor cap. I have apart parts for my Beetle and was happy to see they fit. I put new points, cap, rotor and plug wires. We rolled it to TDC and found that the rotor wasn’t pointing to where we thought #1 was. The rotor was pointing to the firewall, so we made everything match and it fired right up. The idle on the carb was way off and it rev’d pretty quick, so I choked the carb and shut it down. Sounded great though. 

Next, carb rebuild kit is on the way. I need to look at brakes and clutch hydraulics. 

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