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  • 02Anders


      Model: front axel only
      Diameter: 13 Width: 5.5
      Type: Aftermarket

    Alpina 5½x13.jpg

    Alpina 2002 - Schwarz.jpg

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    Used for the front axel only in conjunction with the 6.5" for the rear axle.  Staggered.

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    On 12/1/2016 at 2:10 PM, Rod Powell said:

    Will these wheels fit on a 1972 BMW 2002? Will 185/70 x 13 tires fit?


    Yes, 185/70 tires on these 5.5" rims should generally fit, without interference, on a stock front end.  I say generally because clearances do appear to vary slightly from car to car, based upon original manufacturing tolerances and damage and repairs over the course of 40+ years.







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