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  1. Thx John! 😊 The wheels are period aftermarket alloys produced by KPZ - or KronPrinz. Besides these aftermarket alloys, they also manufactured many of the stock steel wheels which BMW (and Opel and VW) used in period. My alloys are a set of four all date stamped 48.72 - as in the 48th week of '72. Suits a '73 BMW 2002 quite nicely, me thinks...
  2. It's out in the Peak District - only about a 15 minute drive from our place. Yes, I'm really quite spoilt with such a fabulous playground for my 02... 😉 The steering wheel is the rare wood-rimmed steering wheel which was an option for the 2002ti. Love it to bits - both to look at and to hold.
  3. I feel inclined to say...: That's just ACE!! 😜 A shame I'm not there on the Tuesday for BMW Night. Still, it should be interesting to drop by during my stay in Orlando... Thx!
  4. That was one from the inside - here's one from the outside...
  5. Thx for everyones input - appreciate it! 😊 That's a real bummer isn't it? 😕 I was actually considering this. I've got two daughters so have done various Disney's too many times for me to bother counting. But I've thus far never visited the Space Center... Justin, that sounds like a fab suggestion! I've of course heard of Revs, but don't really know much about it and didn't even know where they were at. Looking at their website, this could easily make for a great day out... 👍 Tim, that's certainly an option too. Us Europeans generally know waaaay too little about drag racing. Would be interesting and perhaps even make for a decent article for ViaRETRO... Thx!
  6. Oh come on guys... All you Baur owners, for the sake of my crumbling self esteem, please tell me that you at least sometimes envy us our cool swivelling quarterlight windows... 😉 Yup Mike - that works quite nicely too. But the passenger quarterligt is just a little more awkward to reach while at 9/10ths along a fabulously twisty backroad... 😝
  7. Mark, much as I love my quarterlights; in this particular case, I would be more than happy to swap my swivelling quarterlights for your fixed ones... 😎
  8. Done that - Got the t-shirt... 😉
  9. Hey there, I'll be in Orlando from late afternoon on Thursday the 23rd May to early afternoon Sunday the 26th May. Just wondering if anyone here might have some suggestions for classic car related stuff to do during that time?? Anything 02 would obviously be amazing, but I doubt I'l be that lucky. But seeing as it's over the weekend, might there be any Cars and Coffee meets or similar?\ If not, how about a decent car museum or something like that? All suggestions are welcome... 😊
  10. Figured you lot might appreciate this little article... 😉 https://viaretro.com/2019/05/a-pleasant-breeze-through-the-quarterlights/
  11. Was great to meet up for brunch today before you sped off towards Monterey. Best of luck during Car Week - admitted, I'm somewhat jealous seeing as I'll be back in rainy UK by then... 😉
  12. But do I really mate...?? I used to own a SRL 2002tii, and in all honesty, of all the 02's that have been through my ownership, it is the one I miss the least! I vastly prefer carbs. I find throttle response is more immediate and low-end torque much more satisfying. Furthermore, I also prefer the sound of a carb - even if it's just a single barrel downdraught. I think I'll stick to my stock 1600, my stock 2002, and my period-modified 2002 with twin 45DCOE's, a 300 degree BMW Motorsport cam and high comp. pistons. No need for Kugelfischer here my friend...
  13. Ouuuuu... if only I had the cash! I would soooo love to resurrect this rare 02...

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