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  1. 02Anders

    Rally casualty

    I'm thrilled to report that Dave and his rally-02 are now back in rude health... 😁 Enjoy the article: https://viaretro.com/2019/03/reunited-and-it-feels-so-good/
  2. 02Anders

    The Story of the NK Estates

    Mr. Vyse, I have never claimed to possess so much as a percentage of the class you have...
  3. 02Anders

    The Story of the NK Estates

    Nick, I wasn't aware that you or the UK forum had a copyright on the info and pictures you yourself had merely found on the internet...?? TG2k2 and tjones02, glad you enjoyed the article! 😊
  4. Hi NK-lovers, So I must confess that there's sadly no NK in my garage currently. I sorely miss my '71 Atlantik blau 2000, and often dream of what could have been had I only seen through the very full resto of my '65 Granada rot 1800ti. Oh well... one day there shall live another NK with my 02's... In the meantime, one can always dream... perhaps about the oddball estate versions which were created by various coachbuilders on the Neue Klasse. Check out the story over on ViaRETRO: https://viaretro.com/2019/02/pre-touring-bavarian-estates/
  5. 02Anders

    Base E3 for sale in UK

    Hey Gents, Granted, it's not an 02 but it's the same period, and I just sooooo love those big E3 saloons - or Bavarians as you called them in the US... No affiliation with seller, just thought I'd share this beauty with you lot. 😉 https://viaretro.com/2019/02/prime-find-of-the-week-the-bavarian-performance-saloon/
  6. 02Anders

    Rally casualty

    I’m glad you guys have enjoyed the article. Needless to say, I’ve passed your words of encouragement on to Dave... 😉
  7. 02Anders

    Rally casualty

    One of our ViaRETRO contributors drives an 02 as well - or rather, he rallies it. Quite committed too... 😝 However, he's had a bit of a mishap. Sadly, his well-sorted 02 now needs ironing before it can return to its smile-inducing, sideways-travelling norm. Please, let's all give Dave a bit psychological support for his upcoming rebuild... 😉 https://viaretro.com/2019/01/how-to-improve-your-car-without-really-trying/
  8. 02Anders

    Autumn Time is Driving Time

    HaHa!! Those bloody Brits - they always insist on doing things their own way. Now they're even leaving the EU. Don't get me started... 🙄
  9. 02Anders

    Autumn Time is Driving Time

    Thx mate! 😉 It'll be a lot more great once I finish what has now snowballed into a very full restoration...
  10. 02Anders

    Autumn Time is Driving Time

    Thx Gents, Glad you enjoyed the article. 😊 Now it's your turn - get out there and make the most of those autumn colours... Things are slowly proceeding with my Green Devil - thx for asking... 😉 I've come as far as now having it fully disassembled with drivetrain and everything removed. Only the two subframes are still attached to the body so I can move it about easier. Next up is repairing that left front corner, then a few minor rust repairs to make her nicer, fresh paint, and then I get to put it all back together again...
  11. Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, We've got a splash of beautiful autumn colours along with a bit of 02 on ViaRETRO this morning. I hope you enjoy the pictures... 😉 https://viaretro.com/2018/11/autumn-time-is-driving-time/
  12. 02Anders

    ViaRETRO meets Sin City BMW

    Thx! 😊 Glad you enjoyed it...
  13. 02Anders

    ViaRETRO meets Sin City BMW

    Steve, the pleasure with thoroughly on my side! 😊 It was great to meet you in person. The world wide web is a great way of communicating with likeminded enthusiasts, but nothing beats a face-to-face chat over a cup of coffee. Go ahead, call me old-fashioned... 😉 I sense we could have talked for severals hours more. Hopefully we will get a chance to do it all again some time soon...
  14. 02Anders

    ViaRETRO meets Sin City BMW

    Yup, there's a lot of that in their workshop! But their modifications aren't for the faint of heart... 😉
  15. 02Anders

    BMW E9 Coupe 3.45 LSD Rear Differential

    Ouuuuuu... would love this piece for my pending E3 resto... But currently knee-deep in two bare-shell restorations already, and cash-flow is suffering somewhat as a result, 😞 I will dream of this tonight though...