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  1. Just seeing those pics of your early 1600-2 in such a state, and I'm genuinely hurting deep inside. A real shame. I can only imagine how sad you must feel. Still, as everyone else has pointed out, at least you're okay which is obviously the main point here. I hope you manage to make a pretty 1600-2 out of it again - even if it will take some effort. There aren't many factory spec early cars left out there...
  2. Gotta love Mint Green.... 😍
  3. Would any 02'ers be up for lunch at the Coast Café in Big Sur this coming Sunday? 😊
  4. Only got this one, but will no doubt have plenty more after the weekend...
  5. Well, I had a good look through airbnb, but it's clearly a popular area judging from how pretty much everything was booked at least a month into the future. But thx to the recommendations of Otisdog, I've now booked a room at Borg's Ocean Front Motel in Pacific Grove. Price was decent enough and the location seems perfect! Hehehe... I can see how it might seem somewhat insane flying from the UK to San Fran to drive a Sunbeam Tiger. I think I like iinca's version of it a lot more... 😉 The thing is, I'm obviously not flying out purely to drive a Sunbeam Tiger. Work has me in San Fran every so often. I've already done much of the touristy stuff there on previous visits and also had the pleasure of meeting up with Lisa 02 Princess twice. This time I have about 48 hours to kill before I head back to Europe again, so I figured a drive down Highway 1 would be a bit of fun, and obviously it had to be in a classic car of some sort to make it the perfect experience. I've used Hagerty's DriveShare previously on a trip to Vegas, and it's both easy to use while having a huge choice of cars, so after a moment of surfing their site, I came across this brilliant BRG '65 Sunbeam Tiger - seemed ideal for the job at hand... 😛
  6. I could always try to come up with some random excuse for diverting our Airbus 330 into San Jose instead... 😂
  7. Luckily, mine really aren't bad. It's mostly the old roundels which have gone somewhat yellowish as they always do. The brightwork is alright, but I'll obviously give them a thorough polish before I apply the new roundels... Pardon the horrible pic, but that's all I have on my laptop right now. Will obviously need to clean my 5" til steelies a little as well.
  8. Thx Gents! Really appreciate all the advice. For a place to sleep, I'm no doubt more minded towards a charming little B&B than I am some soulless mega hotel chain. But where do I find these B&B's advertised? I've tried googling it a bit, but not entirely sure what I'm getting. Both Lighthouse Lodge and Centrella Inn looks nice enough, but I can't help but feel there might even be smaller still B&B's out there which just don't come up on a google search. Any thoughts?? I'll try writing Doug Riparetti. And Otisdog, thx for your PM... 👍 I understand that driving from Monterey to San Simeon and then back to my hotel near San Fran airport is perhaps pushing my luck a bit. Not a problem - I'll just head south from Monterey and keep an eye on the time to determine when I need to turn northbound again. Coast Café looks gorgeous! I'll definitely plan for a coffee and a bite of lunch there. Hmmm... if any 02'ers might happen to be nearby on the Sunday, we could even meet up there for lunch? Let me know if anyone is up for this... Thx! I'll look out for both Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and also Pfeiffer Beach. I'll save Canepa for my next San Fran visit. This one is reserved for driving, and I fear that once I walk through the door at Canepa, I'll be lost for at least a couple of hours. I'll have to use the Tiger's V8 grunt to leave all those motorhomes in my wake... 😝 As I don't land in San Fran until 3pm and then have to check into my hotel and only then Uber it to San Jose where I pick up the Tiger, it'll be late afternoon before I make my way towards Santa Cruz. Hopefully the weather will be on my side as I want to keep the top down and enjoy every mile of the trip. Once again, thx to everyone for your input! Any more thoughts on B&B's would be hugely appreciated...
  9. Excellent! Thx guys - really appreciate the input. Don't think I've seen Goo Gone here in the UK, but I've got some carburettor cleaner in the garage, so will give that a go instead...
  10. Thx Tony. That was my plan too, but figured it couldn't hurt asking the question first... 😊 With the heat gun, did the roundels come off reasonably easy, or was it a time consuming job?
  11. I'm in the process of restoring a set of dog dish hub caps from a 1600-2. I've already purchased new roundels to apply, but I'm a bit concerned about getting the old roundels off first. As of yet, I confess that I haven't tried yet. Even so, I figured it might be worthwhile to ask here first. Have any of you managed to remove the old roundels from a set of hub caps? And if so, how did you manage?
  12. Hey guys, I'm in need of a little local knowledge here. Hoping some of you might be able to come up with a few suggestions... I'm flying in to San Fran on Saturday the 7th Sept. landing around 3pm. I haven't got much time in the US, so I'll hit the ground running and immediately pick up the '65 Sunbeam Tiger which I've rented for 48 hours. The plan is to head south on the coastal road. I expect to make it to round about Monterey on the Saturday, but as I've never been before, a bit of advice would be useful. First of all, I need somewhere to sleep! It doesn't necessarily have to be in Monterey - just in the rough vicinity. I'm not expecting miracles, but hoping to find somewhere reasonably pleasant despite me being on a bit of a budget. Any thoughts...??? Furthermore, if any of you have suggestions as to where I might be able to get a good dinner, that too would be appreciated. Or how about must-see attractions on my journey?? All input is most welcome... On the Sunday I plan to grab some early breakfast and then head further south along the coast. Allowing for plenty of stops, photoshoots, food and coffee, I'm guessing I might make it to somewhere around San Simeon before I turn the Tiger around and power back up to my hotel in San Fran to grab some zzzz's... Next morning I deliver the Tiger back to its owner and around midday I fly back to Europe again. Like I said, all thoughts and input will be highly valued! 😊 However, seeing as it's only about a week away, it's especially a place where I can book a bed between Saturday and Sunday that I require soonish...
  13. Looks awesome - Malaga is such a great colour when kept clean and shiny. Love your Campag's too...
  14. Dropped by Longstone Tyres the other day to get some Pirelli Cinturato CN36's on all four corners of my NullZwei, and look what dropped by for some fresh Avon rubber while I was there.... 😎
  15. Thx John! 😊 The wheels are period aftermarket alloys produced by KPZ - or KronPrinz. Besides these aftermarket alloys, they also manufactured many of the stock steel wheels which BMW (and Opel and VW) used in period. My alloys are a set of four all date stamped 48.72 - as in the 48th week of '72. Suits a '73 BMW 2002 quite nicely, me thinks...

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