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  • 2760028
    Year: 1972
    Manufactured Date: 10/20/1971
    Original Color: Chamonix
    Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
    Current Color: Green
    Current Owner: Clifford Eby
    Location: 10825 Alloway Drive, Potomac, Maryland, 20854
    Last Sold: 06/01/2001

    I am not certain whether the Manufactured Date of October 20, 1971, currently listed, has been verified with Archives.


    The car was restored in 2001 in California. The car was color-changed from Chamonix to the current green at that time.





    Clifford Eby


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    The listed VIN, 276028, is missing one digit; it should have a total of seven digits. I’m guessing it might be 2760028.


    And is that manufacturing date from BMW Archives? It’s very very early for a U.S.-spec tii. I’m showing VIN 2760007 as manufactured October 20, 1971 and VIN 2760048 as manufactured October 21, 1971. I would have expected 2760028 to be manufactured on one of these October dates.


    Thanks and regards,




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    Sold for $18,250 on Bring a Trailer on August 27, 2019.




    The original color was Chamonix, with a Navy Blue interior. The exterior and interior were color-changed in 2001. This is the 28th U.S.-spec 2002tii manufactured. The original engine is no longer with the car, according to the Bring A Trailer listing.


    Below, a few photos from the listing.









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    The color change to not only a non year correct BMW color, not even any BMW color, or color you could name as from another make model or year of car, not to mention the poor quality of the job, is precisely why it didn’t even break 20k on one of the best places to sell a 2002tii on the market. If this car were left in its factory color combination and the extra money otherwise spent on the full color change spent on a higher quality paint job, and some other higher focus on quality details, it could’ve gotten 10-15k more in the auction.


    While the color appears very similar to BMW Reseda Green from the late seventies, it is not mentioned in the auction if that’s what it is. If that’s what the color is, it should’ve been mentioned as such. The auction  specialist should’ve been familiar enough with BMWs to have known that and asked the seller if that’s what the color is. Same goes for the paint shop that sprayed the car, going to a place that knows BMWs well enough to know their BMW and European colors well enough to suggest wither keeping the color original, period BMW original, a BMW color, or, when the owner chose this color, to mention that there’s a so very similar BMW color and to suggest that... That and the cheap looking undercoating is why it didn’t sell for more. A better thought out early production 2002tii could make twice or much, much more in an auction environment such as BaT.

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