• Eric W
    Eric W


      Model: BMW 2002
      Year: 1969
      Manufactured Date: No value
      Original Color: Golf
      Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
      Current Color: Golf
      Current Owner: Eric W
      Location: Marana, Arizona
      Last Sold: 04/16/2018


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    VIN 1669648 should be approximately a late-October 1969 car. This makes it a 1970 U.S. model, the U.S. model year generally running from September 1-ish until August 1-ish, the factory being generally closed in August for holidays and re-tooling. My VIN 1668093 was manufactured September 8, 1969, making it one of the first U.S. 1970 models.


    BMW Archives can confirm the car’s precise build date, with an email of the VIN to info.grouparchiv@bmwgroup.com. But Archives’ records are maintained on a simple calendar-year basis and do not reflect U.S. model years. Archives’ record will also reflect the factory exterior color. There is no charge for this service and you often receive a reply within two business days.






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    Love this car! Narrow grills and early bumpers make it even prettier.  

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