• mike


      Model: BMW 2002
      Year: 1969
      Manufactured Date: 02/06/1969
      Original Color: Nevada
      Sunroof: Standard
      Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
      Current Color: Nevada
      Current Owner: mike
      Location: Ohio
      Last Sold: 05/05/1969

    original owner, bought new at Bavarian Motors, Queens NY on 5 May 1969.  Mileage approx 225000882654409_Wolfgangfrontqtr6-3-18.thumb.JPG.473ac5bde7c8da8952583c9b2c9ba457.JPG

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    Happy Birthday!

    Beautiful!    I love that clean pre-waistband look - had that on my long-gone '68 1600!   

    I just got a set of steelies modified to 5 1/2"and a set of chrome hubcaps to bring mine back to that look!  Love it!

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    So glad to see this car of an original owner.  I have had people question my 69' whether it actually came with corner reflectors or the type of mirror it has and I direct them to your car when i get the chance as an original car.  It is great to have this registry to keep us honest about what is original and what may not be.


    Great stuff your car is!

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