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  1. Hi Pedro, Sorry, your question reminded me I got them reversed. #11 is on the left, and as you ask, yes, it is mounted to #12. There is a piece of rubber that folds under and around the glass so that the back side facing inside the door has the #12 bracket, and #11 mounts on the side facing the car interior as you are mounting it. Keith's write-up on his blog should help you enormously. http://www.my2002tii.com/may2003/doors-2.htm http://www.my2002tii.com/toc.htm Here you can see #11 assembled with #12 and rubber to the glass: Other references:
  2. Those are the stops for the window travel. Items (EDIT) 11 (left) and 19 (right) on the Driver's door:
  3. Fuzzy scan of a faded Polaroid. My second Bimmer in 1981.... a 1970 2002 I bought from a mechanic friend... they never have time to work their own cars! The head had a valve guide that floated loose and reamed out the head, so I found a newly-rebuilt engine at a BMW scrap yard and popped it in. Lucky me - the engine came from a restored '02 that got rolled before the paint was dry! I think I paid $350 including a tuned exhaust manifold and four-post intake manifold with a Weber carb. It was a beater, but pretty peppy. If not for Dick's picture, I would have had the courage to post the shorts!🤭
  4. Congrats 72, same here. @Paul, your simple diagram did the trick. My hood was too far towards the rear. When I loosened the bolts and let it slide down (all the way nose forward), the torsion bar brackets lifted off of the fender. Then I could easily dial it in. Hood drops into place flush and all the way down in the back. Hood release lever just snugs it down a few millimeters for a straight edge with door.
  5. Thanks visionaut, by rearward you mean towards the rear of the car? My passenger side is all the way towards the nose of the car, as that's what is need for side-to-side flushness. That's the side making the hardest contact. Sorry 72, not to hijack, but hopefully this is useful to us both.
  6. Yep, I feel your pain. With that pristine white paint job, it's all the more distessing! This week I decided to correct the gaps on my driver's door, and decided I could improve the hood alignment once that was done. Gouged my fender top (on one side) in the process too. For sure Debois' advice to not lower your hood with the torsion screws loose is sage advice. That said, I also found the back of the hood not coming down all the way, I had a think about that over night, and the next day I put the hood down, then loosened the three bolts holding the hood, This relaxed the hood enough to take the tension out of the position the torsion bar was holding, and it did not affect the hood placement. The hood now comes down in the back all the way. This also reduced the force of the torsion bar bracket on my fender, but it still touches. Hopefully somebody can educate us both!😅 BTW, nice touch with the socket head bolts. Much easier to locate and wrench on compared to a normal bolt.
  7. I did the same. In fairness to Dido Tuning, when I reported that the first set didn't fit my standard '72 cluster rings, he asked me for very specific measurements, and the second set fit very well. That said, I decided I liked the original look better, so I painted and refinished my stock rings and cluster. So I have two sets of Dido Tuning rings kicking around in a box, one set fits better the faux wood face, and one set fits the standard rings OK....
  8. Great color! Yep, I'm finding more time for long-awaited projects these days!🙃
  9. Hi Toga, My '72 Tii's fuel sending unit was a real mess and leaking fumes like a sieve. You can see that it has the fuel line pinched off. Old unit with low fuel contact (BR-SW, left) BR-YEL is signal wire to gauge The gasket underneath was totally disintegrated. So I ordered what appeared to be the correct sending unit from BTS in Germany. It has only two sensor terminals, no fuel line. The third connector would be for the low fuel indicator that shares the light with the emergency brake in the instrument cluster. Unfortunately, it was shorter, as one of your is. My fuel tank must be deeper than yours (BTS said mine was the 51 liter tank, "wrong for my '72 version Tii). 51 liters sounds right based on my fill-ups. Anyway, BTS wouldn't take it back, as Customs and duties between Switzerland and Eu are complicated. I found a nice FAQ member in search of that unit, so we both ended up happy. I ended up cleaning all of that RTV mess off of mine, sealing the fuel tube with POR-15, and replacing the rubber gasket underneath to solve (well, reduce) my fuel smell in the trunk. Since I measured the resistance of the wires on the respective units, I include them here: Long unit: Short unit: Full reading (same on both): Hope that helps.
  10. Relevant to Road trip's question, I plan to adjust the gaps for my driver's door (move forward towards engine). My striker is already off center from the body latch receiver ("locker plate" in RealOEM catalog). If I move my door 2-3 mm forward, this misalignment will increase that amount. Is this misalignment normal? Is it normal to add shims under the frame locker plate?
  11. Here's what I'm currently running on a stock Tii that is running pretty sweet. The gray curve is most current as of April 7, 2020. I find that I don't need to mess around with it much, but I have tried a number of curves over time as seen on the 2nd tab of the workbook. Timing Curve current.xlsx
  12. Swapped out my 40cm classic Tii sport (bus) wheel for an original 35cm Momo Clay Regazzoni with a wonderful patina from my buddy Keshav, the steering wheel "Guru" of the E9 Coupe community. I never imagined that it would make the steering feel tighter, quicker, more agile. Took the opportunity to fix my turn signal cancellation (finger was positioned incorrectly). Now, having cleaned all of the lamp fixtures and grounds, my blinker relay works in the gauge cluster and externally, and turn signal arm cancels correctly. Just some photos of the cancellation ring "for the record"...
  13. Took the FunMobile out for a much-deserved drive after two weeks of wash, deep clean, clay, hand-sanding with 1500, 2000, 3000 grit, then coarse, medium, and fine polishing... whew! pulled the light assemblies to renovate the reflectors and clean up the chrome, connections. And I added the BMW2002FAQ emblem to the grill 😎
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