• Windy Ridge
    Windy Ridge


      Model: BMW 1600-2
      Year: 1967
      Manufactured Date: 02/08/1967
      Original Color: Tampico
      Sunroof: Standard
      Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
      Current Color: Tampico
      Current Owner: Windy Ridge
      Past Owners: Artboakrill
      Location: Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado, 80403
      Last Sold: 06/19/2015

    I bought the car from the fourth owner in 2015. It had been stored in a barn for around 10 years where it had suffered severe mouse damage. It has a factory sunroof, matching numbers and all of the early 1600 details. Aside from the mirrors, 12v conversion, and a vinyl cap on top of the back seat (and of course, expendable replacement parts), it's original, intact and rust-free. All of the big flaws have been ironed out and it's been undergoing a moderate, slow-motion restoration. It runs well and required little mechanical attention. 



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    Very nice. More photos, please!


    Has the European license plate holder and the bumper-mounted illumination been on the car since your acquisition? I’d like to know when U.S.-imported examples first received U.S.-spec license plate illumination and I’m looking for data points.






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    Thanks for the compliment. Here's the PO hosing down the copious mouse waste from the engine bay before I got it home.

    604320549_ericsmall.jpg.52d09a9326bef1ee50bf1b59ff1768af.jpg2122350871_dallasdivide.thumb.jpg.6dc8cff26db755cad4941e6ba188b40c.jpgThis is a recent shot from the Dallas Divide, near Telluride, CO.


    Based on the SN, the car was Euro-spec. It has Deutsch-only decals and markings but the speedo is in mph.  It came to the US in February 1967 through Hoffman, before the start of the mass US imports in September. As far as I know (I've spoken with two of the POs), the license holder, bumpers and license lights are original. The last owner put some E21 Recaros in it and saved the original seats. They were in good shape so I decided to use them. The owner before that owned a BMW shop in Boulder. He did the 12v conversion. There's some tarnish and a few blemishes, but it all original, and other than a few pieces (like a mid-seventies Becker radio), it's pretty-much box stock.



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