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  1. Brandon, I’m converting my early 1600-2 from a mechanical to a hydraulic clutch. I’d like to keep my original, old-style brake/booster system intact Do you have any pedal boxes that will work?
  2. Hi - do you still have the 118 head, and what additional parts do you have to go with it (valves, cam, etc, valves, guides, cam,) and what condition are they in? I plan to do a head rebuild on my 1600 without taking it off the road for a long period. What kind of work has been done on the head. I see the height, but I don't know what the original thickness is for comparison. I'm interested if it's still available. If it's easier, call me at 303-808-6133.
  3. Thanks for the quick response, but I was looking for the in-the-bumper style of license plate lights.
  4. Hi - are the rear license plate lights the style that are in the bumper? If so, do you still have them and how much do you want?
  5. Nate, I got some body and paint work done at Reflections Auto Body in Wheat Ridge - reasonable price for a really good job. As far as local mechanical work, I'll follow your post.
  6. Thanks for the feedback Gary and Chris. Since I posted, the body shop (Auto Reflections in Wheat Ridge) has given me a completion date (July 7), so I'll stick with them for now. They did some really good work for me about two years ago, and the color match to my original Tampico paint was great. Apparently he's had some issues hiring and keeping good help - not uncommon along the Front Range these days. I'll post the results in a few weeks, then it's on to the new headliner, windshield (and rubber), and sunroof seals; and a bunch of other stuff. Can't wait!
  7. Hi fellow Front Range 02ers! I scheduled my clean 1600 for some minor paint and body work in October 2018 and I still don’t have it back. I don’t see an end in sight, and I’m ready to take the car back from the shop; they still haven’t started working on it! Do any of you have recommendations for a shop that can do quality work in the Denver area (ideally close to Golden or Boulder). Thanks!
  8. Hey Doza, I won't have my car running before C&C (it's still in the paint shop), but I plan to show up anyway in my 328 wagon. It's always a great event and I'm looking forward to seeing a few other vintage BMWs. See you there! Brendan
  9. I think you're looking for the clear boots, described as "cups" with PN 33-21-3-614-150. I got a new OE pair from the local dealer for $55.59 each in 2017. You'll also need the sealing rings, PN 33-21-0-001-709. They were $24.82 for both sides. Be careful when you pull the old joints apart. The needle bearings are NLA. There were supposed to be 29 per side, but a PO had lost a few, so I went to a local axle shop with my trusty micrometer and asked if I could go through his junk bucket. I got lucky and found some that were exact matches. Unfortunately, I have no idea what kind of vehicle they came from. They are 0.0753 inches in diameter by 0.635 inches long. Good Luck!
  10. Jimk, where is the lot? I'd like to look into it.
  11. Windy Ridge


    Steve, Thanks for the compliment. Here's the PO hosing down the copious mouse waste from the engine bay before I got it home. . This is a recent shot from the Dallas Divide, near Telluride, CO. Based on the SN, the car was Euro-spec. It has Deutsch-only decals and markings but the speedo is in mph. It came to the US in February 1967 through Hoffman, before the start of the mass US imports in September. As far as I know (I've spoken with two of the POs), the license holder, bumpers and license lights are original. The last owner put some E21 Recaros in it and saved the original seats. They were in good shape so I decided to use them. The owner before that owned a BMW shop in Boulder. He did the 12v conversion. There's some tarnish and a few blemishes, but it all original, and other than a few pieces (like a mid-seventies Becker radio), it's pretty-much box stock.
  12. Windy Ridge


    I bought the car from the fourth owner in 2015. It had been stored in a barn for around 10 years where it had suffered severe mouse damage. It has a factory sunroof, matching numbers and all of the early 1600 details. Aside from the mirrors, 12v conversion, and a vinyl cap on top of the back seat (and of course, expendable replacement parts), it's original, intact and rust-free. All of the big flaws have been ironed out and it's been undergoing a moderate, slow-motion restoration. It runs well and required little mechanical attention.
  13. Hi fellow 02 owners - happy to join the ranks. I hope to see some of you around from time to time.

  14. Hi, do you still have the swan neck mirror?

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