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  1. Driver side frame rail and door shipped out last week. I still have the passenger side frame rail, all the rocker panels which are in a very good shape and the roof and pretty much any other sheet metal you see in the pictures. Additionally I have the rear trailing arms with 2002 drums, front and rear subframes, two sets of lowering springs and bilstein shocks and struts.
  2. Yeah CN36s are great I have them on my cromodora magnesium wheels. Im building the s14b25 for this car.
  3. I am thinking to have them widened to about 6" at most. Hard to find performance tires in 14" even harder than 13" BUT i can get 205/55/14. I wouldn't want to roll the fenders so I will have to make sure the offset is right when the wheels are made. I will be using GC coil over and ride lower than stock.
  4. I’d love to see the photos! Now I need the hubcaps too.
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/202782506979
  6. Driver side frame rail sold to Jon
  7. That’s awesome. I have a Jensen Healey 235/5. I hope bill has enough parts to help me convert it to 2002
  8. Yes I will cut around it. Sending you a PM
  9. I’ll cut those and send them your way.
  10. Jon, do you need only the frame rail part of that cut?
  11. Lots of sheet metal for sale. The rockers, frame rails, roof and passenger door are very good. The wheel wells are solid as well but the cage pieces need to be cut off. I can do cutting or you can buy the big pieces. Best to pick from San Diego or I can deliver in southern California and possibly Northern California. I also have two sets of lowering springs and Bilstein shocks. Suspension pieces, subframes and trailing arms available. I can also ship at your expense, will send you the cut you need. Best to text 760-822-3243

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