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  1. RenaissanceMan

    74 tii - 2 cold start injector/valve failures??

    Ah, ok. I didn't inspect that valve yet, but I will do that also. Here is a pic of the box. As the "850" is separated by a dash, I'm wondering if it isn't part of the part number, and instead maybe is just some catalog related identifier?
  2. RenaissanceMan

    74 tii - 2 cold start injector/valve failures??

    Are you referring to the sprung valve on the output end of the k pump that the fuel return line connects to? If so, I checked that and it is clean... Or is there another relief valve somewhere else? Thanks-
  3. RenaissanceMan

    Chrome Bumper Conversopn

    another source: On my 76's bumper conversion, I had an old set of original bumpers from a '72, but I've heard good things about I'm also curious about this because I plan to do the exact same thing to my '74tii and will need a set of bumpers for it.
  4. RenaissanceMan

    74 tii - 2 cold start injector/valve failures??

    Einspritz, thanks for the brainstorm! In answer to your question, the cold start valve leaks all the time, starting as soon as the system is pressurized by the pump. So, after reading your reply I set off to figure out exactly what I had. Here is what I found: Fuel pump is a Pierburg (part # 7.21287.53.0) that was listed as OEM replacement at the Worldpac account of the local parts store here. Specs are 100 l/h (3 bar / 43.5 psi). Cold start valve is a Bosch (part #0 280 170 010 - 850). So I am even more confused now. Based on what you are saying, my fuel pump is incorrect, as it specs only 3 bar and should be 5? But at the same time, my cold start valve, which has the correct tii part number is being overwhelmed by it? Of course, I still have to test my fuel pressure, which I will try do this evening after picking up a tester but in the meantime I'm still trying to make sense of these parts....
  5. RenaissanceMan

    74 tii - 2 cold start injector/valve failures??

    My fuel pressure tester doesn't go high enough for F.I. so I have to buy or rent one... Stay tuned and I will report back!
  6. RenaissanceMan

    74 tii - 2 cold start injector/valve failures??

    So I just did a volume test on my pump and in 30 seconds I ended up with exactly 1100 cc of fuel. From what I've read up here, seems the minimum acceptable amount is 800 cc and the maximum is 1000 cc for indicating proper fuel pressure. Is my 1100 cc yield indicate this could be my problem with the 'weeping' cold start injectors? Seems like 1100 shouldn't be over the top, but maybe these things are sensitive... Any thoughts?
  7. RenaissanceMan

    74 tii - 2 cold start injector/valve failures??

    When I unplug it it still leaks, so it is not a fault with activation. It's just not holding back the fuel pressure. Anyone know what the fuel pressure should be on a 74 tii?
  8. Had an issue on my 74 tii project in which fuel would constantly dribble out of the cold start injector. Assumed it was bad and not sealing so I purchased a new one. Now the new one is exhibiting the exact same issue. What could be causing this? Too much fuel pressure? I have a brand new OE spec fuel pump... Wondering if it is part of the issue?
  9. RenaissanceMan

    Inline fuel filter for tii

  10. RenaissanceMan

    Inline fuel filter for tii

    Could someone post a pic of how their radiator-mount filter is fastened? It looks like something may have been tampered with or modified on my car and I want to make sure I don't have a bracket missing. Thanks in advance!
  11. RenaissanceMan

    Inline fuel filter for tii

    When I purchased this car the fuel system was a complete mess... strainer was COMPLETELY clogged and I ended up cleaning out the tank, changing all fuel lines, filters, etc... Just want to keep things clean. The filter that is currently on my car at the radiator is just a plastic see-through type. What canister filter do y'all recommend for that placement?
  12. RenaissanceMan

    K-Pump hollow bolt filters... Still avail?

    Thanks everyone for the valuable feedback!
  13. RenaissanceMan

    K-Pump hollow bolt filters... Still avail?

    Thanks... Will try to find that thread. Mine is just a little damaged so I figured I'd swap it if it wasn't a big deal to find a replacement.
  14. Didn't see an individual part num for these on realoem... Can these little filters still be sourced?
  15. I'm in need of just the front filter cover (closest to the front of the car) for a tii air cleaner assembly. Will consider purchasing entire assembly if you don't want to part yours out. Thanks-