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  1. RenaissanceMan

    FLEXSEAL ... Here It Is!!

    Subscribed to this ambitious thread.... 🤠
  2. RenaissanceMan

    ICON Weekend 2019

    Really enjoyed the video and photos in this thread. Thanks for sharing!
  3. RenaissanceMan

    Boxed control arms

    Nice work!
  4. RenaissanceMan

    Resurrecting 74 tii. Running problems:

    Update: fuel system is all clean now, with all filters cleaned or replaced as needed, and the car is running really well! Also was able to completely rehab the inoperable fuel level sender. Thanks again for the feedback!
  5. Got the 74 tii's fuel system rehabbed and have it running really well now. Having an issue though we're the cold start valve continually dribbles. Previous owner had it push button activated from the cockpit for cold start spray, and that works fine. However in just regular running mode fuel continually drips out from the end of the valve. Is the only fix a new valve, or can these be rehabbed somehow? Looks like they are pretty expensive.
  6. RenaissanceMan

    Resurrecting 74 tii. Running problems:

    Going Evapo-rust crazy now... The fuel level sender was completely rusted and stuck in the 'full' position. Evapo-rust to the rescue... Float now slides up and down completely smooth. I love repairs that cost virtually nothing. 😁
  7. RenaissanceMan

    Resurrecting 74 tii. Running problems:

    10-4, y'all, I will straighten those out.
  8. RenaissanceMan

    Resurrecting 74 tii. Running problems:

    Um,.... Evapo-rust is the most amazing solvent I have ever used. Look what an overnight soak did for my fuel pickup.... This is unreal.... Jgerock, thanks for the heads up on that stuff!
  9. RenaissanceMan

    Resurrecting 74 tii. Running problems:

    Yup, I'm with you. I used the Eastwood kit with much success on my race car so I'm planning on doing the same with this one. Might as well make sure it is squeaky clean before it runs a bunch.
  10. RenaissanceMan

    Resurrecting 74 tii. Running problems:

    Here's what came out of it so far... Yuck.
  11. RenaissanceMan

    Resurrecting 74 tii. Running problems:

    Well, safe to say rust is prevalent here.... I don't even have a screen assembly! The rust has clogged the take up tube... This is obviously my issue. Oh well, time to do some more rehab. Thx again-
  12. Some of you know I recently picked up a 74tii that needs restoration. Car has been sitting almost 2 years without running, so my first task was to get it started. Fuel pump was dead, so I replaced with a new OEM pump. At the same time rehabbed the entire fuel delivery system... Completely drained the tank, replaced all of the fuel hoses, and replaced filters and cleaned the little intake filter on the Kfish pump. Got the car started successfully after that and all was well until I started to drive. Car starts up immediately, idles smooth, and revs freely without hesitation while stationary. But as soon as I start to drive the car, it bogs down under acceleration, progressively getting worse until it dies. Once it dies, it will start again without any trouble, idle well, etc... But as soon as I start to drive again, it will bog down. Questions: -If my injectors were clogged, would they exhibit this type of behavior, or would the car run crappy even at idle or when revving at idle? I was going to remove them and inspect next. -What should fuel pressure be before the Kfish pump? -Would a faulty or failing coil cause these types of symptoms? Dad had an E24 that acted a similar way once... Whenever the car was cold it would run fine, but when it got hot it would bog and then die... Any other ideas? Thx!
  13. RenaissanceMan

    Smog Components

    De-smogged my '76 earlier this year and have no more need for the parts. What you see in the pic is what you get. Thx for looking! $400. PayPal or Venmo accepted.