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  1. PM'ed regarding ashtray for pics. Thanks!
  2. Out of the tailpipe. Happens occasionally right after releasing the throttle after a long WOT pull to high rpms. Unfortunately I don't have an adjustable timing light, just an old school static one. I suppose the investment would be worth it in this case... ***EDIT: Just ordered a digital adjustable timing light. It will be here the day after tomorrow. Looking forward to using it to diagnose. My dwell is currently set to 60 degrees, FWIW. I do wonder if my distributor is worn... I need to check of the lobes on the shaft are even for starters. No, I sure don't. No way to observe mixture at the moment. I am going to check for vacuum leaks, check valve adjustment, and change dwell to 62 given your suggestion in the meantime and report back. Thanks again!
  3. I will dig in and take a look. Certainly curious to know what I have! I will report back what I find.
  4. @Conserv thanks so much for the pics. Very helpful. So it looks like I'm just missing an ashtray after all...
  5. Well I guess I'm an idiot then... Sorry, folks. All my prior 02's had BEHR units so I'm not really familiar with the other options...
  6. Great feedback, thanks! So apparently my front console has been mucked with, because the P.O. mounted the radio at the bottom, in the same location as would be on the Behr... :( Consequently, I'm left with a hole/void in the top of the console. So what should this console look like?
  7. Wow, Einspritz, thank you so much for the education regarding proper setup. I need to read over this a few times and then spend some time checking all of these parameters on my car. I feel confident once I get everything set up correctly I should have some improvement. I do have one more question though... If my car is occasionally backfiring when shifting gears under WOT, is that a timing issue or an AFR issue?
  8. Nah man not at all. I just replaced them a week ago, so I of course assumed they would not be the culprits... I got hosed by a lame set of points! Lol....
  9. See my reply to your other post. Looking for some parts for my 74tii. Thanks-
  10. Need for my 74 tii: Left side taillight lens in nice shape Underdash trim pieces Possibly a tii mech advance distributor
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