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  1. AirDoc

    FLEXSEAL ... Here It Is!! know the goal...don't be jelly...hhaha
  2. After a 17yr hiatus from owning my last 2002 (sold on 02/02/02)...I finally obtained a project car. A 1976 2002 - Pastellblau, 4spd, Behr A/C ...found in SC....Most all original paperwork from purchase included....History from Dealer in Tennessee....1st Owner in Atlanta, GA. Can a high travel lifestyle enable me to resurrect this vehicle?..Let's see!! Many challenges....the name "FLEX" Comes from various patches of FLEXSEAL from previous owner to patch holes in roof (sunroof plugged/leaked/frame rusted) Amazingly that's the only major rust ..the framerails, floorpans, shocktowers, rockers are rust free. The car was originally an Automatic...converted at some point to a Manual 4spd. Car barely runs...body & Interior needs full resto...yeah...probably more of a project than I should take on...but i'm theory. Today (02/02/19)...I pull the car from the trailer....can't crank it for more than 5 seconds....clutch is inoperable..and can't make it rolling into the to a start of sorts...hahah
  3. AirDoc

    1973 2002 on Craigs - Cheap

    Wow...I wish I had time to go see that car....looks to be a deal for a roundie
  4. AirDoc

    1974 BMW 2002

    ...and relisted for $55k buy it now
  5. AirDoc

    Radiator swap opinions

    That is the same radiator that came in my car...I was wondering what it was from...learned something new today.
  6. AirDoc

    New Vehicle Added: BMW '02s : Betsy

    Is that Dewey's car from Virginia?
  7. AirDoc

    Gauge cluster, body panels, 4 speed

    Yes...he has been very fraudulent with me - taken payments thru Zelle - unethical/criminal activity.
  8. AirDoc

    New Video: ICON Weekend 2019

    Awesome Video!!
  9. Do you mean Brian Baker...the same guy that took quite a few folks from the FB group....he got me...and long gone...can't find him. PM me if you have any information..I'm out quite a bunch also.
  10. David....was definitely a fun event...Good to meet you and your son. Pic of me and your son in the queue. I really like your Tii
  11. I would hope that sellers would not be pushing a buyer to opt for the Friends & Family Payment...or a Zelle Payment.......both of which have ZERO Security...but if I was put in that situation...I would ask as I mentioned matters not what the "Good Folks" would those are not the ones that are cheating's the ones that insist on avoiding the secured methods of payment.
  12. fastricky - good post. I'm one of the guys that got taken by a parasite in the 2002 Classifieds FB Group.....just shameful. If anyone wants to do some different payments - I think a few things for me are in order: 1 - Picture of Drivers License 2 - Picture of Power Bill or something like that 3 - Phone call If they can't do above...i will's not worth it to get burned again ...but I probably still use some sort of thing with recourse...such as PayPal (not friends/family method).
  13. AirDoc

    Autocross at BMW Performance Center

    It will be fun regardless.......we will make it fun. Buddy of mine is coming from TN to co-drive my car...if we have to run the 500 Treadwear Street be it. The young bloods are always faster.....but I like to tell myself I still have some skills left...hahah See ya there!!
  14. AirDoc

    Autocross at BMW Performance Center

    Going to be a fun event....i'll be there in my E36 Streetcar.....wish it was in a 2002. Forecast for rain....hmm....
  15. AirDoc

    Pushing the race car bar higher

    I like the idea of changing the entire look...with the kidney swap also. If you get some interest from others/make them up..count me in. Thanks.