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  1. Excellent!! I could pick it up on my way home from work in Irvine tomorrow or Wednesday if you like.
  2. I'm interested in the turn signal stalk if it's still available.
  3. This door is original to my car and was replaced during restoration because it has rust through on the bottom. It can be repaired or used as an inexpensive replacement. The door closed with a proper thunk and has no significant dents. I need this gone asap and really don't want to throw it away if I don't have to. Free. Please feel free to text me, Brendan @ 714-267-4491. Pickup only in or near Fullerton, CA. Thanks!
  4. calicolorado


  5. What a great time, I had some interesting conversations on things both '02 and otherwise, what a great group of people to hang with! This was the first time I've displayed my car after a seven year restoration (still things to do) and I was so happy to get my car there. Without this group and website it would have been an insurmountable task.
  6. Hi Harry, Do you still have a set available? I would like to purchase one for my'72 if possible. Please let me know!! My email is [email protected] Best Regards, Brendan
  7. Excellent!! They indeed do, along with assy drawings that are zoom-able. I might go that way down the road....fortunately my belts and mechanisms are in great shape. Thank you for the link.
  8. Many thanks for those suggestions. It looks like a trip to the Pick a Part in in order for the weekend, usually seatbelt hardware is left behind after the vultures have come. As to which mounting points must pivot, I'm going to guess that the upper B-pillar mount and the lower, inertia reel mount should be able to pivot. I could see the receiver being a fixed mount-in fact I think it was. Cheers!
  9. I am having trouble here understanding the mounting hardware stack up for my front shoulder belts. Are there any simple solutions (I.e. available at the local industrial hdwe store) that effectively bypass the BMW OEM fasteners? The plastic insert bushings are incomplete from one side of my car and neither side of the seatbelt hardware matches the other. I checked on realoem.com to see what the assembly drawing looks like and some of the hardware is NLA and the rest is not very descriptive. I could wing it with what I removed from my car but I would like both front seat belts to have the same mounting for safety reasons. A search yields belt installs different from what I have or custom retrofits. Any help would be most appreciated!!
  10. I am interested in a set. Each of my lights has an issue-one inner reflector has a melted spot from a too-big bulb. The other side brake light segment is missing the inner plastic reflector. No way am I spending BMW OEM money on them.
  11. That sounds like a nice night time project after the kids are in bed. That paint is mixable enough to create the right shade of blue if I recall from my modelling days. Thank you for the suggestions!
  12. Many thanks for the link. I'd definitely prefer the original part on the car!
  13. I am in the process of restoring and buying assorted trim pieces all over my '72. 95% of my parts have been purchased through a great, local source I have used for years. I ordered a BMW Roundel for the tail panel to replace the faded original one on my car and am not sure this is the correct part. It came in a BMW Group box with the correct part number, but the blue color does not match any other originals on the rest of the car, nor does the font look correct. Perhaps this blue goes way back into BMW's history...I dunno. I did a brief search to see if this version popped up but couldn't seem to find it. The part itself feels nice and is metal, but nothing about it looks right to me. Stuff like this I have to have right, I can't help it. Has anyone seen this Roundel before? Many thanks for any and all help.
  14. My car made it to Hans Auto Service a few times. Great name for a BMW shop
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