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  1. Any more pictures of the shell could send lots of pictures to me at [email protected] located in Georgia thanks Steve
  2. Still waiting on a reply for the drivers floor panel. fast2002
  3. How much for the driver side floor shipped to 30038
  4. Sorry to bother you I am interested in the front bumper brackets. How much do you want for them? I am located in GA zip code 30038. Thanks again Steve
  5. Looking for the old style passenger side front bumper mounting bracket for my 73 2002. Thx
  6. Randy race and had one of the fastest 002 back in the day. He did some tuning for me years ago I'm trying to locate him. Thanks
  7. Anyone or a shop in the Atlanta area who can tune weber 40 doces?
  8. looking for a black scheel seat with the adjustable lumbar Thanks
  9. I need the rear bumper guards for my 1973. Looking two with minimal rust. My bumper do not wrap around the quarter. Please e-mail me photos and price. [email protected] Steve Atlanta
  10. Installed I.E. Top mount dcoe throttle linkage. I am having problem with how the accelartor cable connect to the pedal rod. I search the archives did not see anything that is helpful . Any photos or suggestions are appreciated
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