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  1. Bump. With every set you will also get a little bonus. Thanks to @BritshIron for the nice idea. These are small decals with the Borrani logo, which will give a nice finish to your wheels.
  2. I don’t know if its adhesive or it is a kind of chemical liquid that was used back in the days to prevent chrome and aluminium from snow, salt, etc. They will be cleaned of course before they will be sent.
  3. Hi guys I have for sale very nice set of early grills from an Euro car. The condition is very good, the grills are straight, except one place on the right headlight ring where something little have happened. In person, you have to know it, to see it. Otherwise the grills dont have any scratches. New set of reflectors is included + the old ones which are still on the grills. I would say the condition is 8.5-9/10. Please see photos attached. Worldwide shipping included in the price.
  4. Hi guys I have for sale very nice set of quad headlights and grills for Square tail light cars. So far this is the best set i have ever seen and i have had around 5-6 at least. No cracks on the grills which makes them rare survivor over the years and zero rust on the headlight reflectors. Headlights are in very good shape with good adjusters. BUT there is one little problem that one of the sides they are Bosch and the other are Hellas. You can see on the photos that this is not noticeable unless you look at them very close and unless you are looking for it. Headlights can be easily found from another bmw models if you want to match them. Price includes worldwide shipping.
  5. Hi, Take a closer look on the 2nd and 4th photo. You need to adjust the two vertical mounts to fit to your lip. And because the lip of the body panel is not completely straight if you take a closer look you will see that both mounts are adjusted on different height. For example if the right one is getting short for your car, then adjust the left one to be shorter. You can even play with the angle and put the mounts on different angle. If you see again the right mount is on it’s half way down, you can pull it up even more. Write me if you have questions i will be happy to help.
  6. Hi @Fernando Macan, yes, you have personal message. Regards
  7. Glad to see a positive feedback! Bump
  8. I posted a while ago my Close ratio Getrag 245 gearbox. The gearbox needs some repair on the housing and 2nd gear synchronizer and i will have to repair it. But meanwhile i found another challenge which was a very good deal - Getrag 235/5. But wish me luck to get this thing working. I was looking very careful, as much as i could before buying it if it has all the parts, and as far as i am looking all parts are there without visible damage on them, but why it was parted out - nobody knows. I hope i am not repeating myself with some things: 1. Vent frames polished: 2. NOS driver piece “salt & pepper”, New clutch and some other parts: 3. Installing the sunroof drain tubes was harder than i expected. The rears were not a big problem because the column is wider. But for the fronts i had to be more creative. I ran a wire through the tube which from one of the ends is stucked with some bigger detail that can not go through the tube. And simply you have to pull the wire from the other end to get the tube through the body column. this worked fine for the rears. But i couldnt run even the wire through the front A columns, you know there are some foams in the column and the wire cant go through them, i needed harder thing which does not bends, so i used a sunroof cable which i attached to the wire with cable ties. 4. Some work on the handbrake: 5. I installed the door handles, not a big progress, but i like how the car is getting step by step more and more alive by every installed detail

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