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  1. pehlivanov_tii

    My 1973 Euro 2002tii

    I posted a while ago my Close ratio Getrag 245 gearbox. The gearbox needs some repair on the housing and 2nd gear synchronizer and i will have to repair it. But meanwhile i found another challenge which was a very good deal - Getrag 235/5. But wish me luck to get this thing working. I was looking very careful, as much as i could before buying it if it has all the parts, and as far as i am looking all parts are there without visible damage on them, but why it was parted out - nobody knows. I hope i am not repeating myself with some things: 1. Vent frames polished: 2. NOS driver piece “salt & pepper”, New clutch and some other parts: 3. Installing the sunroof drain tubes was harder than i expected. The rears were not a big problem because the column is wider. But for the fronts i had to be more creative. I ran a wire through the tube which from one of the ends is stucked with some bigger detail that can not go through the tube. And simply you have to pull the wire from the other end to get the tube through the body column. this worked fine for the rears. But i couldnt run even the wire through the front A columns, you know there are some foams in the column and the wire cant go through them, i needed harder thing which does not bends, so i used a sunroof cable which i attached to the wire with cable ties. 4. Some work on the handbrake: 5. I installed the door handles, not a big progress, but i like how the car is getting step by step more and more alive by every installed detail
  2. pehlivanov_tii

    My 1973 Euro 2002tii

    Thanks, this is how they look from the bottom.
  3. pehlivanov_tii

    My 1973 Euro 2002tii

    The last 6 months were very busy and i cant say that i have big progress. I signed in a masters program which is very intensive and i am coming home after work and university at around 10 pm, and as you can guess i dont have power for nothing. But anyway. I wanted to ask you about my Scheel 401/501 or however is the model called. I have a great pair of seats without any signs of wear, but also i do not have bracketa for them. I have their originals rails which are mounted to the seats, but only rails without any brackets. And i have stock 02 rails and brackets. What do i need to fit them and to be foldable? which type of bracket do i need, because i have seen few types and i am getting a bit confused. Now my little progress: 1. Rear taillight chrome rings - i told you that before buying new ones i want to try to polish the old ones and rechrome them. I did that and it has good efect, but you have to be lucky. First i sandblasted them with very thin and smooth sand, because the guys from the galvanice shop told me that all other chroming should be removed. But first ask your galvanizer, because here is a trick - pretty much they all have chemicals from removing chrome, but they will probably not say that to you, because it is easier for them. I polished two rings, gave them and pne turned out perfect, the other one is 8/10. If you dont see it from close you may not notice difference between both them. They told me that both rings were reacting completely different during the chrome process. The problem ring was making some reactions when it was dropped in the chrome bathtub. - polishing: - chromed And this is the one that didnt turn out so well. What do you think? - reflectors painted with light reflecting chrome spray. When i was spraying on the back i saved the original date on the taillights: 2. Door handles - i found very very nice set of used door handles. Like the chrome rings on the taillights i was planning to do the same on the handles, but they turned our to be a lot harder for polishing than the rings, because of the bad chrome spots which were everywhere and very deep. As much as i sanded they were getting more and more, like they have been hiding under the chrome. So i founded ones without visibles bad chrome spots. The door handles came with those fancy plastic foldable keys, which actually i didnt find to be so nice as it was moving to much and actually i found it as very uncomfortable when you are actually using the key for lock / unlock. So i recode the lock to use the key of my NOS ignition console which is with NOS ignition switch and locks. (There are pictures in the back posts). The process of recoding is very easy, i followed an youtube video. You have to change these little things in the lock until when you put the key none of them is protruding. you have to unscrew this bolt. Push it down and be careful because it is spring loaded and it will fly away: no key inserted: Wrong key combination - you see there are two pins protruding: Correct key combination: 3. Power sunroof switch. If your is not working it is probably of bad contacts inside (i uploaded more pics to be foundable on the web, because i searched for pics of the button in the web but i found nothing). The switch is very simple, just get a little sandpaper and clean the contacts inside: These are actually the bad spots: 4. I did the wood piece with the dome light and started attching the headliner a bit: 5. Tried to polish the windows with glass polish - no result, you better dont waste your time. No pics here, just FYI. Mine actualle are not bat at all, just wanted to go through this hoping they will get some extra shine, but they are as before. If you have some scratches you can start from the rough sandpapers, like i did on my headlight lenses back in some posts. But I haven’t tested this to side glass! So keep that in mind.
  4. pehlivanov_tii

    TISA reproduction center caps

  5. pehlivanov_tii

    New Reproduction: Mud Flaps

    Bump. According previous post i do not know where is this information from. I will only say that approximately 3 k / 12 months is equal to the huge amount of $250 per month total revenue. From this amount when you deduct the cost of sales the net revenue is somewhere between $50-80 per month. If $80 per month (from 2 items my borrani caps and the mudflaps) makes me rich or burglar than judge me or remove my ads, no problem. Also... what if this revenue contains other sales that went through my paypal account - old parts and some other stuff that i wanted to sell? Please dont answer me...
  6. pehlivanov_tii

    New Reproduction: Mud Flaps

    Someone asked how they are attached. Here are photos and instructions. I put some old mud flaps that i had on hand in the garage (thas why rhe mounts are a bit rusty) to show.
  7. pehlivanov_tii

    New Reproduction: Mud Flaps

    @crunchberry I think we have discussed this already. The prices for the different models are just.. different. In Bulgaria we have a lot old russian cars and i can get NOS uncracked dash for 50-100, but for our cars there was one in the Faq for around 3k.
  8. pehlivanov_tii

    New Reproduction: Mud Flaps

    I have updated the first post with some new photos. Also there you can see photos of the late style mud flaps. Drilling the car is not required here.
  9. pehlivanov_tii

    250 mm drums from turbo on a Tii

    I am restoring the car, so everything on the system will be new. I ordered the drums and found the backing plates from a friend of mine with E21. Unfortunately i will not be able to give feedback on the setup soon, because i still have a lot of work on the car.
  10. pehlivanov_tii

    250 mm drums from turbo on a Tii

    Thanks for all the replies. Since i already have the front 323 discs, I have prepared also the front E21 hubs zinc plated with new bearings etc i will try with the non-stock Tii setup with the biger drums and smaller cylinders. Now i have the stock Tii cylinders which are 17 mm i guess. But i may get some 15 mm too. It is good that wanted to discuss this with you guys because now i will keep in mind what can be the negative side from this mode and someday when i get this done i will make some tests and i hope i will find the right setup.
  11. pehlivanov_tii

    250 mm drums from turbo on a Tii

    Hmm it is getting complicated, but it is logical to be like this. Or with other words there is no perfect written somewhere way to go - i have to try and see if it works fine? As i said for the front i want to go with 323 ventilated and perforated Zimmermann sport’s and if possible with Tii calipers with spacers? But still dont know what to do on the rears. I thought that the right way is when you put larger brakes on the front, and ventilated, to improve slightly the rear brakes too.
  12. pehlivanov_tii

    250 mm drums from turbo on a Tii

    I will see if i can find the old backing plate first. Because if it is up to 77 it will be kinda hard to find. This covers only one year of the E21 producing. It is the same with 316, 318 and 320, but i guess you say 320 because in US this is more common modification, in Europe we have many of the small engine cars. About the pressure valve and the wheel cylinders. I have read that if i go with 19 mm cylinders i may need the brake pressure valve because it is possible that too much pressure will go on the rears. But if i stay with the 17 mm it can be ok. You will probably say why do you that if you stay with your stock cylinders, etc. The answer is that i dont want go too very deep into that. As i said i have to buy new drums anyway and i just found this offer and thought that they will match good with the big brake update on the front. thanks for the answers!
  13. I am after a new set of new 250 mm drums from a Turbo i guess. It is a good deal - two drums at the price of one. I made a little research and also saw the DIY retrofit article for the E21 drums. From my little research i saw that the Turbo drums and E21 drums are the same - same P/N. So my question is probably for the backing plates. Since the drums for the turbo and E21 are the same i will search for backing plates from E21 - in Walloth Nesch it appears that there is only one type of backing plates for E21, or they offer only one type, i don't know. But realoem says that there are two different types. I guess for Early and late E21's: 1. Calliper carrier left - 34 21 1 117 059 (old P/N is 34211110944) ProductionApr '75 - 2. Calliper carrier left - 34 21 1 120 045 ProductionAug '77 - When i see on which other cars these part fits it appears that only the first type fits to 2002. Realoem says that the second type fits only on E21. Obviously i have to search for a second hand backing plates - can i get any backing plates or they really have difference? I will be thankful to any other information or suggestions for this mod - i still didn't buy them, but i am interested in this mod, because i have to buy new drums anyway. These are on good offer, and also i have prepared 323 brake discs for the front. Thanks
  14. pehlivanov_tii

    New Reproduction: Mud Flaps