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  1. Glad to see a positive feedback! Bump
  2. What is your factory sunroof? Power or manual. If it is manual and you want to convert it to power, you have to remove the stock bracket and make new bracket. Fortunately the conversion is not difficult. The bracket you have to make (the one you have to weld to the roof) is simple and few years ago, i took the measurements off. See the pictures and the legend, this will help you to make the bracket for power sunroof. I will leave this here, if it cant help you, it may help to somebody else, who want to make manual to power conversion. About the 2002 vs. e9 power sunroof components i can't tell. But if you want to compare something, i still didn't finish my sunroof and the components are sitting in the bag and i can check something for you. 1-49 mm 2-17 mm 3-70 mm 4-47 mm 5-33 mm 6-36 mm 7-24 mm 8-15 mm 9-26 mm 10-33 mm 11-19 mm 12-25 mm 13-20 mm 14-16 mm 15-6 mm
  3. Great idea. I have just completely refurbished my heater box and i spent a lot of time with adjusting and assembling the cable which controls the heater valve. And i had assembled and disassembled the heater box 2-3 times already and i WILL NOT do that again, but if i knew that before i would do this for sure. The cable which needs replacement more than any other cable is the one that controls the heater valve. When i refurbished my heater box i used 3 heater boxes to make one good. From the 3 heater boxes, 2 of that cables were broken in the place where they go through the hole of that strange NLA bolt. I was lucky that the 3rd cable was still strong and the funny fact is that this cable came from the most dead and rusty 2002 (68) that you can imagine lol. I hope it will last few more years.
  4. I have for sale very rare complete Quad headlights set + grills for a roundie car. The set is in very good condition and the most - important it is complete. Paint is fresh, the grills have some glue on a few places on the back side, but they are strong and there are no cracks anywhere. The chrome on the headlights rings is pretty good. There is some rust on 1 or 2 reflectors and some day it will be good to be replated, but it is not that bad and you can drive for now like that. All headlights are with matching numbers. Adjusters of the headlights are working. I can ship to US well packed in that price. I have paypal.
  5. Hi guys, I bought a set of front and rear Autoflugs. But the set seems to be not complete with some different parts. Anyway - i am looking for any information with pics for the rear Autoflugs - pictures of how they are mounted on the car, picture of the seat belts itself, length of the belt and anything else you can help me with. P.S. Also i am looking for 1 Autoflug front retractor - like the one in the picture: https://www.bmw2002faq.com/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=http%3A%2F%2Fi306.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fnn251%2Fjgerock%2Foriginal%20seat%20belts%2Fa31d41d5.jpg&key=70ce72a092137f157c79efa86224898e2316fa8e2eda0ba6228207f8beb27d39 https://www.bmw2002faq.com/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=http%3A%2F%2Fi306.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fnn251%2Fjgerock%2Foriginal%20seat%20belts%2F7ce6ba5c.jpg&key=b226b0202b1b1c368f7ead3e6129ce40c2eabb8f66cfaa9e0409e937ffd7b2c5 Thank you!
  6. The only thing i can suggest you is to find similar generic grommet with this diameter and to drill two holes. I am refurbishing my box too and i used the old one and i used some rubber lubricants to make it's life longer.
  7. Yes, i have already removed the rust and polished the reflectors and they got back from replating. They look very well. With all those steps they should light up like new headlights, we will see, but one is for sure that is a lot cheaper than new.
  8. Just wanted to share my succesful experience with polishing real glass. I am refurbishing my headlights and i have 2 bosch h4 lenses. Both lenses had some deep scratches and a looooot of stone chips / marks and everybody told me that glass can not be polished. As you may know the glass is very hard and it wears the sandpapers really fast with almost no effect on the glass with removing the scratches. So before i spend some money for new lenses i decided to give it a try. And it turned out very well. Please note that after sandpapers you have to use glass polish wax with Ceroxyde in it. Ceroxyde is maybe the only abrasive that can polish glass. I was using Sonax glass polish wax but i dont know if there is Sonax in the US. There is also special glass polish pad for the polish machine. For sandpapering i was also using machine, it is easier. It takes some much time but i have also saved not less money. First picture is with sandpaper p80, second pic is with sandpaper p600 and the last picture is the final result after polishing. And be careful to not overheat the glass, it will crack! Give it time to break. Polishing glass requires patience and i suggest using at least 3 or 4 sandpapers from each number, to be sure that you have removed all scratches from the previous sandpaper number.
  9. Thanks for the hint, i just saw your post later, after i made it. The trick with the 2 screwdrivers in opposite direction worked pretty well, it really wasn't that hard.
  10. It was time to put the car on wheels and for that i had to completely refurbish the suspension. I got all parts from W&N and the Jaymic springs set.
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