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  1. Ok guys, thank you. @dlacey has a good point and it makes sense. I will move forward and not waste more time trying to investigate this.
  2. There is not much space there to put insulation on everything but yes i will try. I would say that the sound will probably not be that annoying when you assemble everything and now the car is in the closed garage which also matters. In open space it may be a little bit better. I know there are not much options but i wanted to see if you guys with power sunroof hear the same noise.
  3. I havent tried with sunroof panel mounted yet. As for the clearance i think its designed this way. The rubber shaft is all the way in, in both ends. I tried to push it with hand to get closer to the motor and from the other side to get closer to the gear but it is not possible.
  4. I know what you mean and you are right - sometimes we want too much from these cars, but they are old and with old tech design of everything, so it is normal to not be perfect. But if it is possible to do something i would gove it a try before i fit and glue the headliner on the car. Because after that the access is very limited without taking it off. I uploaded the video of the noise on youtube:
  5. I know it has been noticed before, i know about the mod with the nissan motor conversion, but i want to keep it stock. So i guess many of you know that the electric drive is noisy. The problem itself is not in the motor, because if it doesn't have anything attached to it it is quite enough, and the motor is refurbished. The problem is the linkage between the motor and the drive gear i guess - this rubber shaft if this is the correct name. I'm doing the headliner now and before i close it and glue it to the car i want to hear your opinion - is there anything i can do to make it more quiet or i will have to live with it? Thanks.
  6. Bump. With every set you will also get a little bonus. Thanks to @BritshIron for the nice idea. These are small decals with the Borrani logo, which will give a nice finish to your wheels.
  7. I don’t know if its adhesive or it is a kind of chemical liquid that was used back in the days to prevent chrome and aluminium from snow, salt, etc. They will be cleaned of course before they will be sent.
  8. Hi guys I have for sale very nice set of early grills from an Euro car. The condition is very good, the grills are straight, except one place on the right headlight ring where something little have happened. In person, you have to know it, to see it. Otherwise the grills dont have any scratches. New set of reflectors is included + the old ones which are still on the grills. I would say the condition is 8.5-9/10. Please see photos attached. Worldwide shipping included in the price.
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