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  1. I have tried several things, but without luck - the sunroof still does not lift up it’s back side when closing. I tried to: close it on running engine, lube again the cables, even removed the grey seal on the left and right sides, because it is still new and it seemed to me that probably makes the lifting harder, because it contacts with the panel when lifting up. No, still nothing. And i don’t know if this could be the problem but I still see how after some sliding one of the cables lags behind, because it is slipping. And when i took off the chrome trim that covers the driving gear I saw that the driving gear is positioned slightly closer to the right cable, and i think the contact with the left cable is not so good and the left cable is slipping. I will try to see if i can move the driving gear plate a little bit, but meanwhile if you have some advices please help
  2. I have had the same issue, and contacted the woman and nothing. In my case, It was near the end of the weekly offer, but still there was enough time, like one working day or something, and I made the order in the morning. Then, my order was cancelled and the money refunded and they told me to make new order, but of course now with the prices without discount. It was really disappointing, because I have been buying everything for them (I know they have many clients and they don't remember me, but from my point of view its like this) and when I asked them why they do that and they stopped answering me. From this moment I use them only if I don't find the part in any other online shop. They won't miss me I know, but anyway..
  3. Thank you very much for the help, at least you make me calm that it is not something that i did wrong. My understanding that it has to hit that round “nub” was from the guy that made the 3d file for 3d printing the cable’s plastic part. In his video in youtube he shows that. Anyway my car still has no battery connected, so i just ran two long cables to my everyday’s car battery and i do this on turned off engine, but i will try this on running engine.
  4. Actually I have very good photo of how i crimped the ends(they are still holding by the way i checked that), before putting the cables on the rails. But it is still not clear to me, what can you mess up with the ends so at the final to get such a huge gap. I made this with crimping and the ends are pretty much like the original. I will give you another view if the problem - right before i put the panel I moved the cables in the front end position when the cables are lifted up by the round stopper. I thought that in this position when i put the sunroof panel on it will fit right in the roof hole. But no - it was sticking out from the front side with about an inch, so i had to move the cables with about one inch back to be able to insert the panel in the roof hole, which is not normal.
  5. And another photo how looks the back of the panel, it is not lifted by the cable on the line on the roof
  6. The panel is in it’s most forward position, like closed. The problem is that the cable still needs to run about an inch more to reach the stopper which also lifts up the back side of the panel. But it cant move more, the first screenshot shows where the cable stops.
  7. Hi guys, I have an issue with the closing of my sunroof. It is electric, but i am not sure if that matter at all. Anyways, I rebuilt the cables and put back everything and i gave it a try. Everything runs, but when it comes to the closing I know that the cable have to touch that round stopper which will lift the cable so the back side of the sunroof panel to be lifter and lined up with the roof. But in my case when it is almost closed and the panel reached its maximum point of movement in the front, the cable still needs around an inch to reach the stopper. And respectively it doesnt close up properly. See the photo. On this photo the sunroof can no longer be moved forward, this is the maximum and see the space. Another strange thing - when i slide the sunroof like open it it goes far back and i didnt even see where is the limit but it goes back more than usual, like when you look from top it is fully hidden by the roof. And yes the black plastic stoppers at the end of the aluminium rails are installed. Can you please help me?
  8. Yes, Nate. Here are photos. You can see how they look with big or small BMW logo.
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