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  1. I have for sale genuine set of TISA caps. These are not my reproductions, they are the original version with the small logo. Very rare these days in this condition especially. They are from TISA, but they fit all CMR Borrani, OEM steel wheels and many other wheels. Price is shipped
  2. Long time no updates, but i keep moving, slowly, but keep doing some stuff. The condition of the mystery 235/5 gearbox has been inspected and the result is: - worn bearings - broken and after that bad repaired counter shaft - good synchros. I got very nice counter shaft retro engineering guys. I bought from them also the gasket kit and one of the bearings that i could not find aftermarket. The other bearings i managed to find aftermarket bringing the old bearings in the bearings shop. Two of the bearings did not have this channels so i took them to a guy with spinning machine to cut them. For such small things i am trying to find cheaper way instead of paying 4-5 times more. These are the photos of all new parts. They are ready for mounting, but if it is only this the gearbox will counted as a bargain for this cost. Tail lights - i still have these rechromed rings, but however i decided that the result could be a bit better, so i bought new ones. I fitted them and also put the new badges of the rear panel. The 2002tii badge is from touring, because for sedan they are NLA. The touring one is shorter with 2 cm, but I preferred this new one instead of correct one but old and polished. Before installing the tail lights i sprayed where the seal will contact the body with cavity wax, just in case if some water go in there to protect it from rusting. - Vent frames - I installed the new vent frames seals and door glass as well. Installation of the seals and puting the glass back went smoothly. I had drilled the old rivets of the vent frame and after installing the glass and the seals i inserted new ones. For installing the seal i used silicone spray. I used pliers to pull up the two ends of the seal until you see on the next photo how they are fully inserted. Refurbished the mechanisms too. -Parts - i have now pretty much most of the needed parts. Brake lines, cooling system parts, handbrake cables, 5 speed speedo cable, engine bushings, badges, trim stuff and many engine parts, but for the engine i will prepare another post soon. .... At last i will post two actual photos of the car. Ignore the front grills with no black slats on it. This will be fixed. and a photo of the engine bay now, after i fitted some parts and linked the fuse box:
  3. No they dont use the existing buckets. The set is removed right away from a late car, you have to bolt on the new headlights to the car - that means you only need to make holes for the bolts. And you need to run additional wires for the extra headlights. I believe a local electrician guy can do this for you.
  4. I have for sale a set of Quad headlights and grills for late cars. The sets is in complete good condition. One of the grills has been repaired because of a single crack. It has been repaired very good and not visible from outside, but however i must say this. However the set is very nice and freshly black coated. price is with included shipping costs.
  5. Hi guys, I have a nice complete early gauge cluster from a Ti car that I’ve bought some years ago with some other parts. However I would like to clear some space and to sell some parts that i wont need. This cluster is one of them. Because i cant test it on my car yet, i was thinking of making a bench testing with multimeter. Is it possible and if yes, do you have any suggestions for testing the tachometer and odometer? Any common failures except the need of resoldering some spots?
  6. @boxy02 thank you very much, this is very helpful!
  7. I am about to do this too, but can you guys please tell me where the exactly the holes should be for the clips? I do not know what size from lets say the doors the holes should be what is the diameter of the holes and how many should be the holes. The thing is that the sideskirts were replaced and the new sheet metal came without drilled holes for this. Is there an blueprint or something where this is visible?
  8. This is very nice info guys thanks a lot. However seems like if converting is not easy, then finding a pair of matching full complete seats left and right at some not expensive price is almost impossible. This is why the Scheels 200/201 are still an option. I found two seats left and right 201 model, which dont have the knob for folding. They have only the knob on the recliners. What is it for? But there is also a foldable version 200 and even this is what is shown in original realoem graphics, i saw that knob there. However I found information here that both versions were installed in our cars - is that true? If yes is the year that makes the difference? And are the cars with Scheels have knob at the metal sill (the one that moves the seat forward and backwards)?
  9. This is great info guys, thank you. I have 73 tii roundie and I have the lever at the sill, so i guess the factory for my car should be late version even though it is not a square tail light car? Also how about converting aftermarket driver to passenger seat? I guess all this makes it harder to find these seats
  10. Hi all, I started to think for the interior of my car and what I would like is to get factory option sport seats. We all know both options - Scheel 200s and Recaro Ideal S seats. Scheels are nice and what I like is that they are folding and if someone has to go back you don’t have to lift the entire seats. What I don’t like is that they come with Scheel’s original fabric and it is different from the rear seats. Even though i know it is like that original. However i am still not sure yet. So the other option is Recaro’s. I tried to get more info but I couldn’t find much. So to the questions: 1. What i understood is that there were Recaros aftermarket and Recaros which are for factory installing in BMW and Porsches and what i think the difference is the knobs. Correct me if i am wrong but i think the aftermarket ones have one knob - and the factory option one has two knobs: And picture from the back of knob 2 and its mechanism: ————— - What these knobs 1 and 2 do? Is the knob 2 is supposed to be for folding the seat like the scheels? And knob 1? Are the seats with only one knob (aftermarket ones) use the recaro console for lifting the entire seat? - if it is like this is it possible folding mechanism and knob 2 to be added to an aftermarket seet and make it foldable? - since these are pricey I will be looking for some perfect deals which often comes as single seats and most of the seats for sale are drivers seats. If i find the side cover (actually is it very different from the original seats covers?) can a driver seat be converted to passenger side? Because i have seen sometimes recaro seat covers for these seats for sale and i thought such conversion could be possible? thanks
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