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  1. This ended up going for $13,000. Seem awfully low to anyone? Yes, it's a square-taillight car and had a more or less stock drivetrain, but had minimal rust and the paint wasn't too bad. Good buy I'd say.
  2. IWantOne


    For sale April 24th, 2020, here Previously on Bring A Trailer
  3. IWantOne


    Registry entry created when car was posted on eBay on 4/28/2020.
  4. Looking for headliner bows, part # 51447480144, for a non-sunroof car. Can't seem to find them for sale anywhere. To be clear, I'm looking for the metal rods that suspend the headliner to the roof of the car. Thanks!
  5. Sold on eBay for $7,500? Hopefully the buyer doesn't bail like most eBay bidders.
  6. Looking for black passenger and driver door armrests. Thanks!
  7. IWantOne


    For sale on eBay as of 7/31/2019
  8. IWantOne


    For sale on Facebook Marketplace as of 7/30/2019
  9. IWantOne


    For sale on Facebook Marketplace as of 7/30/2019 Referenced here on the forum on 12/21/2017
  10. IWantOne


    Car for sale as of 7/30/2019 on Facebook Marketplace. Referenced here within the forum in 2018. Currently not running. Delivered to Hoffman Motors in New York on June 27th, 1973.
  11. Hey everyone, I came very close to buying this car and driving it back to Atlanta but bowed out due to the seller not being completely clear/honest about the amount of rust it has. That being said, I still think it's a great deal so I figured I'd post it here because I know someone will bite. No relation to the seller. His listing on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/475624773265656/ His description: "I have for sale a 1969 BMW 2002, all original car from california. no rust at all. 4 speed manual. Runs and drives great just don't use it enough. feel free to message me $8,500 car is located in hudson new hampshire" Other things of note he told me: VIN 1663246 Full documentation from the first owner No compression numbers Odometer non-functional Rust at pedal box is just surface and can't be poked through with a screw driver I passed because he initially was saying no rust, but clearly there's some present underneath the windshield and at the pedal box. No telling where else the seller is avoiding showing. Anyways, photos and a video of it running are below. I've added the car to the registry, for the record. video-1563889307.mp4
  12. Heads up, this post is over five years old . . .
  13. I also need a black passenger and driver's arm rest, if whoever is selling has two.
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