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  1. IWantOne

    WTB Throttle Pedal Linkage

    The previous owner of my 2002 did a hack-job on my throttle pedal setup and as a result it's incredibly sloppy. My 2002 before it was stock and had no such issues. Does anyone have the entire system (which attaches to the pedal box, the pedal itself, and to the block)?
  2. IWantOne

    Roundie for $3500

    To all, the seller said it had been repainted in the past, but the paint sticker said Baikal for sure. VIN 2589551.
  3. IWantOne

    Roundie for $3500

    Seller says it's sold. I messaged him earlier and passed on it. Just don't have the time to put the work into it deserves. I'll stick with working on mine for now. Was it you that bought it?
  4. IWantOne

    Roundie for $3500

    Hey guys, so I was the first one to go look at it. The seller is willing to wait for my deposit until later today. Brakes and clutch are seized, and the gearbox feels very mushy. Little to no rust underneath, save for the classic wheel well spots and what looked like a rusty pedal box. He's not willing to negotiate. My plans wouldn't be for a full restoration, but to get it running and driving well for the next buyer to enjoy. I'd like to make some money, and learn more about these cars in the process. Thoughts anyone? I already have one 2002 - this one is more of a money maker and learning car for me. Also, VWJake, you aren't allowed to comment Here's some more brief photos. Engine bay isn't the worst but certainly not the best.
  5. IWantOne

    Bher AC Unit and Faceplate

    I sold it quite some time ago. Thanks for the interest.
  6. IWantOne

    Getrag 245 5 speed and tii brake booster

    Put me third in line for the gearbox!
  7. As stated in the title. Wiper arms preferability with driver or better quality chrome and ones that fit a '73 - not sure if sizing changed over the years. Rear upper spring pads, preferably cheaper than the $60 pair that IE offers. DOT 1 or 2. Thanks! Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk
  8. IWantOne

    Exhaust Center Pipe

  9. IWantOne

    1972 2002, Rust Free (Almost)

    Seller just texted me and said he's willing to accept $5000.
  10. IWantOne

    1972 2002, Rust Free (Almost)

    I've uploaded the walk-around video he sent me on YouTube at this unlisted link.
  11. IWantOne

    1972 2002, Rust Free (Almost)

    He claimed he bought it for $6200, which I honestly thought was BS. If it tells you anything, the seller owns a Countach-Fiero kit. As for doing anything to it since then, he said all that he's done is amass some parts and paint the rear wheels (which look awful in person by the way). I left him this morning with an offer of $4000 that he turned down, not to my surprise. Good thing, because I discovered a gem roundie this evening, locally too. Have already put a deposit down!
  12. IWantOne

    1972 2002, Rust Free (Almost)

    The seller's explanation was that he bought the car from a lady (owner of fifteen years) who had only recently moved to Austin from Florida. Last time she had it registered in Fulton county was 2014, so it sat from then until January, when he bought it off her. He claimed that it ran when he bought it and that she drove it occasionally around the block.
  13. IWantOne

    1972 2002, Rust Free (Almost)

    Couldn't tell you. Not too experienced with that area of the car. Certainly felt like a shaft problem as opposed to transmission. Also should've mentioned, the shifter had 3-4" of slop when in gear, and first was quite hard to find.
  14. IWantOne

    1974 Malaga 2002

    Edit: Recent price movement from initial price of $3300 to $3000 then finally to $2800 suggests you could probably snag this one for about $2000. Which I think is a great deal considering only two or three problems need to be solved to get it street worthy. https://huntsville.craigslist.org/cto/d/1974-bmw-2002/6601514456.html Over the past two weeks I've been traveling around the Southeast looking for a 2002. I sold my '76 Fjord a few weeks ago and already need to scratch the itch . . . anyways, this car is one of the ones I have driven. The owner was quite nice and burned a lot of his time to accommodate me, so I feel like I owe it to him to help sell it forward. We agreed on $2800 to ship the car to my door in Atlanta, and this was back when he had it listed at $3300. I believe the price adjustment is due to the rust we discovered, see description below. Photos tell most of the story. Car starts and runs fine but won't idle and would putter out after running at high revs until the throttle was messed with. Could be due to old fuel, but unlikely. Seals are in good shape. Most electrics worked, even the dome light door switch. Body was fairly straight but needed a bit of help on the rear quarters. Rust is depicted in photos. What turned me off the car was a massive crack in the rear floor pan, stretching the width of the car, right where the rear subframe brace bolts into the floor pan. I have photos somewhere if you'd like to see them. If you find yourself interested, PM me and I'm happy to discuss what I saw in detail in hopes of saving you a trip or convincing you to go take a look.