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  1. Great read. Huge fonts :-) Thanks for the post
  2. Sigh, just found this, Rest in Peace, Margo...
  3. Solid and very clean. A little weak by the upper turn signal corners, excellent for proper restore replacement on your Tii. 475/near offer+pack/ship cost from 80501 Please e-mail Location: Northern Colorado
  4. Thanks for looking! Believe both are 4.11 ratio, one has 3-bolt input flange (3-finger) one has 4-bolt input flange (ring) take your pick, 375/each/offer/trade + actual ship cost from 80501 e-mail please Location: Northern Colorado USA
  5. The manifold you are looking at flows the same as a Tii manifold, that has always been known as the poor-man's Tii manifold, at least, by those in the know (meaning usually only people who were into '02's in the 1900's :-D ) The runners (such as they are) and ports in the Tii manifold are exactly the same on these "early EGR" manifolds. The only difference between the two is appearance, performance-wise they are identical. Get a brass cap with matching thread form and cap that porthole off and then drive it like you stole it, and you can invest the 1-200 bucks you saved on one of Esty's carpet kits. IMO the ONLY justifications for a gen-you-whine Tii manifold are: a) its the only one you can find, or it is needed on a Tii to be "correct" (whatever the terms "needed" or "correct" mean to you and your plans for the Tii you are working on) SO, now you've read about a long-kept "secret" that most kids now-a-days will chose not to believe, which is totally cool (more cheap good manifolds for us old farts when we need them!) -30-
  6. "dibs"? I can get out there to pick up and could really use both for my '68 1600, can you e-mail me?
  7. So what? Send a letter to Ameritrade if it bugs
  8. dp

    1975 Turbo FS

    check the feedback/bidding history of "the" bidder... :-
  9. Parting the whole car (rolling shell) you pay shipping, car is in Denver CO area (80501.) Feel free to drop me a note if theres other stuff you need, I may be able to come up with it! e-mail at losgatos_dale at yahoo dot com
  10. please e-mail losgatos_dale at yahoo dot com
  11. OKAY... drained the system this morning, including the block plug, flushed the cooling system last fall before winterizing so flushing out wasn't too schmutzie. Relaced the plug, reinstalled one of the tested 80'C thermostats, and with the nose jacked up slowly poured 1 gallon of distilled water in, about 1/2 gallon at a time. Topped it off slowly with antifreeze, with the new 3-row radiator's extra capacity it took almost 2/3 of a gallon. Next I started it and let it idle, with the cap off, until it reached what is indicated operating temp (the line at three o'clock in the middle of "the white zone." As it was warming up it did push a little coolant out the overflow pipe; upon reaching the white line I shut it off and it burped itself down to almost an inch below the neck. Next, put the cap on, tight, and with the car still in the air followed the manufacturer instructions which say to run the engine at 4000 rpm for 30 seconds to "push" any air that may be in the heater hoses through. Then "burped" the cap, and started the engine again, with the gage below that white line now. Drove the car around a but...the radiator is growing warmand it is clear (now) that the thermostat is opening and letting flow through the radiator, not being well-versed in these bypass type systems (I'm mainly an E9 guy) I was panicky and resally appreciate the help and advice from the faq members whop responded, and I apologize to Jim in Denver for going off defensively over his comments. I realize my first post invited comments, and appreciate (honestly) ALL the comments. Thanks guys!
  12. Um....helpful? not so much... A stupid solution needs a stupid comment. A guy shouldn't need help pouring coolant into a radiator. Seems like you wanted the 70C stat would solve the problem. Kids stuff Ok, so what you are saying is I didn't fill it properly? What exactly are you saying? I am stupid? You're too grown up for my version of "kids stuff"? When I moved here to Colorado 8 years ago (Longmont), the first weekend I was here, some fellow in a home depot asked me if I was from California. I said yes, I was recruited to come here for work, it is a beautiful state, people are really nice, and I am house-hunting and looking forward to living and working here. He said "welcome to Colorado, now get the fuck out" (!) Sounds like you and I may have met before. Hope we don't cross paths again, wouldn't want to waste my time. Good luck with your drive cross country, I am sure you know what you're doing. :-/
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