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  1. ANY of our older cars, since the late 70's/early '80's and before. -30-
  2. Its not much of a story. 50 years ago companies like bilstein, boge, and koni built rear shocks for our cars with the piston rod attaching to the trailing arm, and the shock body mounting up inside your wheel well. Over time there have been changes so they are usually the other way around now. I am doing the suspension on a CS right now, and when its time for the shocks on that car I will send old "inverted" shocks to bilstein to be rebuilt and use those. I'd just prefer the look as being more "in period" :-D
  3. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/136618-piano-top-pistons-ok-to-use-with-121-head/?tab=comments#comment-20570 got the above link in a search of the faq using "piano top" .... there is a picture in it that shows piano top. The extremely crusty black foto you posted is a bathtub. and the line drawing I posted is bathtub. The linked thread also has a pic of the 121 head combustion chamber, I think its next to the piano top piston picture and you can see why its important to match things up. --30--
  4. 121 head is bathtubs, E12 is piano tops. People would machine 121 heads to clearance the piano tops so they could use available piano top pistons on earlier 121 head engines. Are the pistons that came with your Ti bathtube or piano top?
  5. Pretty sure the early cars through 1969 (as a minimum) had bathtubs, I have 2 sets on the shelf and just took a look Mahle 081 94 00 (std) and Mahle 081 94 02 (.020 over), for 2000CS and 2002Ti, 1965-1969, 9.3.1 CR
  6. You were there in 2010...EIGHT YEARS AGO...and...."the end was near"? -smirk- what a load of crap. I called 'em, Marshall said nothing all's well and not closing up shop. I've known these guys for decades, in a way I am VERY sorry I promoted this thread with a comment seeings as theres not enough hot cocoa to go around for all the butt-hurt kids expecting to be pandered to.
  7. On a net search for my friends at Double 02 today, this thread was the first thing google spit up. After reading it through, all I can say is....gee, talk about a vindictive, troll headline post. I can see that girl isn't around here any more, in fact I guessing most all the other anonymous piling on arent either. And bitching about things like a 40 dollar set of hinges or 75 dollar pieces of glass? Thats really something. I think I'll give double 02 a call, their licence frame is still on my touring, I hope they're still there I heard something is up with the biz. Maybe they got tired of it after anotrher 10 years of whiners.
  8. " Bulgaria's Annual Household Income per Capita reached 3,218.75 USD in Dec 2017, compared with the previous value of 2,922.44 USD in Dec 2016."
  9. Well, thats about all thats left out there TO re-do. Practically all the great, rust-free Tii project cars have already been found and re-done which is why people are paying MAJOR prices for really nice unrestored cars. Which is also why people are spending major prices for refurbished cars, and unless your labor cost is a dollar an hour re-doing your project into a very-properly-restored Tii is going to set you back close to 6 figures
  10. Homologation papers describe hardware allowed in any series recognizing and mandating FIA-stated level of compliance US market: none were delivered officially to the US market through the pre-Hoffmann network which, ironically was not "official" the way we think today. Thats NOT to say they were not sold by distributors or dealers for road use, obviously there are some exceptions. No way of saying for sure if there were some rare gumshoe 20 year old working for the motorcycle dealer who sold BMW cars in the 60's and they actually bothered to stealth out such detail as a 20 year old during the flower power era, they'd be almost 70 y.o. today, and a rare bird indeed to be tracking still (or again) on '02's...if someone like that frequents the faq, they are admirably (for the 21st century) unassuming and discrete. Or just don't care any more about this kind of detail any more than anyone in the late 60's early 70's. The 50 were brought in to Canada specific for racing purposes, some obviously made it to the road but "the 50" did not try to skirt whatever "normal channels" existed, the Tis simply were'nt officially delivered for registered road vehicle use in North America. Same comments about normal channels and official as above.
  11. How bad could it be? Honestly, if you don't know...if you have to ask....I'd advise against even taking it on. I will NEVER purchase and do another basket case without another preferably running example next to me to refer to. At LEAST a completely-assembled, "running when parked" example. Same principle applies if its "just" something like a Tii engine, and I own three. I bought a 74 Tii as a basket case and after years of mostly b.s. tinkering I won't even seriously start on it til I get my 72 next to it...if nothing else just to sort the boxes of Tii specific stuff. Yeah I know the one in the picture is a Tii also, but its, well, ...different 😉
  12. "How many Ti's can you fit on the head of a pin?" Congrats on the find, though
  13. Do you know if your ignition switch is dead when the key is in the off position? When in the accessory position (past "off") the blower circuit is supposed to be live, then cut off at "off", then active again after you start and key returns to run position

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