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  1. Please message me if you have one
  2. Body nuts? Do you happen to have a photo of what it looks like? Thx
  3. To be clear my car is a 1969 2002ti so it is a euro car. Again I need to know what I need for the housing of the ash tray and also if anything goes in those holes I have circled
  4. Hi I have the ash tray. I need to know what part I need for the housing of it that fits in the dash.
  5. Looking for early wiper motor for 1969 car. In working order. Thanks
  6. Yes it’s a 69 ti. So it is a euro car
  7. I have the ash tray in the dash. Is it the same frame as the one in the center console? If not any leads on where to get one. Thanks.
  8. I have an early 69 car and was wondering if anything goes in these areas I have circled. I don’t remember removing anything from these areas. Thanks.
  9. Hello looking for the frame insert for an early ash tray. (1969 car). Ash tray is in dash

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