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  1. Can you remove the shift pattern? Euro cars didn’t have them
  2. What is the estimated power it will make?
  3. I agree I don’t want something ridiculous and I definitely don’t want to roll fenders.
  4. He knows I need a Et25 offset but I guess he needs these dimensions to make sure the wheel doesnt rub. Hes telling me can do a 8" wheel with a 2.5"-3" lip. I dont want it to look like a Japanese car just tasteful with a nice lip on it.
  5. Well it’s a Alpina flat rim that will be built up to 15”. These are the measurements he asked for in order to make the width for both sides. The car is a ti with the original suspension and brakes
  6. Hi everyone building a set of wheels from my centers I have and the builder has asked for the following info on a stock 02 no flared fenders. I don’t have access to my car to measure. Maybe someone has done this before? From the brake hub where the center of the wheel meets go outwards to the edge of the fender From the brake hub going inwards until hitting the strut Please do both front and rear
  7. Anyone have a wiring diagram for a 71 2000
  8. I bought this car. Just finishing a full resto. It’s a long journey
  9. Restoration is a painful experience. Especially with cars with one off parts. Ask me how I know, I have a garage full of cars like that. They take triple the time to restore. I feel your pain.
  10. Think of it as investing in a retirement fund only you will get to play with your investment. I guarantee you the return will far out perform the cost when you decide to part with it. I’d gladly take over your price and reimburse you for every dime you have invested in it. [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Any other suggestions. Neither could help me really.
  12. I have the Alpina magnesium 20 hole center. I want to build them to fit a street car. Bbs doesn’t have anything to build them to fit.

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