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  1. Thanks for the input. Hoping someone can just cut one off a parts car for me.
  2. Holds the tail pipe up on right side just under rear valance
  3. Thanks for all the help. We are working on trying to figure it out now that I know it should work.
  4. So what would be causing my clearance problem? The throw out bearing?
  5. Actually it wouldn’t be going backwards. But my original crank had some issues.
  6. Can an early 6 bolt crank with a 6 bolt flywheel go into a tii car from 71? I’m having some clearance issues with the front crank pulley rubbing on the plastic timing cover.
  7. Thanks. Neither side was rubbing terribly. A 5mm spacer fixed the issue I just wonder if I will have front end problems if the struts are in fact slightly bent?
  8. They’re new guess they could be bad?
  9. I have a set of 15x7 with the correct offset et25 for my tii. The front tires are rubbing on the struts. Tire is 195 50 15. Driver side rubbing worse then passenger. Any idea what would cause this?
  10. I only see the one for the standard single carb car?
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