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  1. djminkin

    First year tii 1971

    Almost ready for paint
  2. djminkin

    15x6-7 wheels

    The car looks really good with 15” alpinas. I have a staggered set unfortunately. I wonder if it will rub running a 195’50 15 on the rear 15x7 wheel as well?
  3. Changed the front suspension all brand new oem stuff but as you can see the front end is riding really high. Any idea why it’s doing this?
  4. djminkin

    15x6-7 wheels

    Thanks what is the correct offset?
  5. djminkin

    15x6-7 wheels

    I think the offset is et12
  6. djminkin

    15x6-7 wheels

    Can you run 15x6 195 50 15 and 205 50 15 rears 4x100 Alpina wheels setup like on e21 or will that create rubbing problems
  7. djminkin

    Three piece dash question

    Is that filler still available?
  8. I noticed on my car with a two piece dash there is a filler strip between the upper and lower. Was this also present on the three piece dash and if so is it still available.
  9. djminkin

    First year tii 1971

    Do most people do the ripple finish in the trunk and inside wheel wells. What were The stock finishes?
  10. djminkin

    First year tii 1971

    Coming along
  11. Good condition no speaker cut outs. Can deal with a little surface rust
  12. djminkin

    Bavarian Klasse

    You won’t get anything. He screwed me out of money several months ago. Never got my parts