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  1. I need one pre 74. Yes walloth has them for a great price but because the neck is longer it requires shipping costs more then the tank itself
  2. Looking for one with no dent or damage. Can repaint no problem
  3. I have the setup just want to replace these with new
  4. Anyone have a source for these type. They were used by alpina on the early race cars.
  5. I tried it this morning worked on it for a good 30 minutes with a toothbrush. Is this a long process. It only slightly faded it
  6. Thanks for all the comments. It’s NOS so I have to be careful not to ruin the dash
  7. Has anyone had any luck removing the white 4 speed logo from the dash without damaging the black finish?
  8. Body shop pulled the pins out of the hinges rather then removing the hinges. Now lost. Any viable replacement for them or where to buy only the pins? Thx
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