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  1. Do you know where I can purchase the caliper bolts. They are 7m x 65mm star head bolts
  2. Mark these came off my works car. They were already painted flat black, I assume by Alpina. I’m rebuilding them and repainting them. We didn’t bead blast them just through the parts washer and some primer.
  3. Anyone have for sale or know a source for the two basket nuts that attach to the sheet metal on the door for the side mirror to attach to? Thx
  4. Looking for the two basket nuts that go into the door sheet metal to secure the side mirror.
  5. Do you have to modify the tranny tunnel? I have heard these are wider then then the 02 tunnel
  6. Nedd the whole thing. Housings hubs etc
  7. Hello looking for inner guts of both doors. Tracks catches etc. please pm me.
  8. Thank you. Yes they had paint stripes on them but I sanded and repainted them. 😄. There are clearly two different thicknesses of the wire of the spring yes.
  9. Thicker ones go in front? Or rear? Thanks
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