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  1. Looking for this bmw alpina decal on the air box if anyone can help. Thanks!
  2. Please pm me. Thanks
  3. Hi looking for some differences between the first year car besides the black plastic intake manifolds? My car seems to have smaller disc brakes on the front. Someone told me the first year had smaller front brakes? Any other input would be appreciated.
  4. Th Thanks. Did you get all the lines and filter housing from them too?
  5. Looking for suggestions on an oil cooler for a race car. Preferably mounted behind the grills.
  6. Totally different cars. Not too many 2002 parts work for NK. If I remember correctly no suspension is different
  7. I’m with Mark I would be interested in two sets of the correct wheel cap decals
  8. Question. Does the rear view mount just like a 2002? I covered up the headliner before cutting the hold for it. Any photos would help. Also is it the same or different then an 02 rear view as I will need to locate one. Thanks!!
  9. Anyone have a good source for the mounting brackets and everything I need for scheels. Thanks!!
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