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  1. Folks, Looking for vintage BMW key chains and emblems. All considered, also looking for cool/rare BMW accessories. Let me know what you have.
  2. Kris, 

    No follow-up?  Just curious as to what direction you ended up taking.  First oversize or Second oversize.


    I've a set of NOS, MAHLE, second oversize(complete with rings/pins), 10.0:1 C/R pistons for 121 head I no longer need.

    Steve mentioned you may be able to use these. 

    Shipping from Illinois would be a lot less than from Germany. 







  3. Walloth & Nesch has 1st oversize for 2000Ti's for $795+ $100 for S&H.


    Did your machinist tell you should use 1st oversize or are you guessing?


    They also have 2nd oversize for the same price. 



  4. Folks, looking for a bmw horn button for a petri steering wheel. Do not care if original or repop as long as it fits. Pass on any sources or let me know if you have one kicking around.
  5. Folks, Looking for either a dual set of 40s or a weber 38/38 or weber 32/36. Carb must be in very good condition and ready to bolt onto car. Let me know, just looking to replace the factory solex.
  6. Folks, Can anyone give me a step by step guide for setting the idle on a solex 32/32 didta. Also the vacuum dash pot that pushes on the linkage needs new bushings, these are NLA from BMW anyone have another source or any suggestions? Also what is the baseline adjustment for the idle air bypass screw. I got the car running it just won't idle. thanks in advance for your help and support. If anyone has a Weber 32/36 or a set of good side drafts let me know as I am looking to upgrade from the solex, I just won't to get it running decent before I put a new carb(s) on it.
  7. Folks, looking for for a little help. My stock '76 2002 was running fine last year, but now will start but won't run. I have installed a new BMW fuel pump, and changed the lines from the firewall to the carb. If I pour some gas into the carb it runs and then stalls out. If I put my hand over the carb throat I feel suction, and it will start but as soon as I move my hand it dies. Carb is the stock '76 Solex. There is gas in the tank, I will check the fuel pick-up screen in the tank this weekend. Could the float be stuck or a jet clogged? Any helps suggestions or tips please send my way, I won't to get her back on the road for summer. thanks, kris
  8. Folks, Looking for for an unused, NOS brand new Schrick 292 cam.
  9. Folks, Looking at purchasing a nicely restored roundie tii. Everything's been redone, inka repainted (original colour Verona) with black interior. Engine and injection have been rebuilt but is not the original engine, vin numbers don't match. I am wondering how much an excellent repaintin the non-original colour and a non-vin matching engine affect the overall value of a superbly restored roundie tii.
  10. Folks, For sale 1960s blaupunkt radio in good condition, all buttons and knobs work as they should. I will test it with power this week. Looking for $150, Obo, shipping will be from Canada on the buyers dime. Let me know if you have any questions.
  11. Folks, Looking at purchasing a nicely restored 1973 2002 tii, vin number 2763300. Car is now inka, but was originally a granada red out of Pennsylvania, it was then in Ann Arbour MI before coming to Canada. I am very serious about the car. It's in nice shape, just wondering if anybody has any more info on it which could really help me out in my decision on it. Let me know.
  12. Folks, looking for the following; left and right front euro headlights rear euro license plate mount parts should be in excellent condition and reasonably priced. Thanks, Kris
  13. Hi, Looking for some info on a 1968 BMW 2000 cs. I have the opportunity to pick up a european import which is in nice shspe, rust free imported from Belgium about 10 years ago. The car had a repaint 15 years ago, chrome, trim, interior are in nice shape. It is currently at a shop having a top end rebuild. Owner is asking around 14,600 US for it. Car is in Canada. Let me know what you think of the 2000 CS, things I should look for and if the price is fair. thanks in advance.
  14. Folks, So I am restoring my fathers original 70 ti and am looking for advice on redoing the interior. I am going to have world upholstery do the seat covers, the original colour was tobacco, they can't get the original colour match but it is very close. Looking for advice; has anyone had seats covers done by world upholstery or anyone else, are there any other closer colour matches to the original tobacco brown out there. Anyone have any other advice or suggestions. I am restoring the car to original factory condition. Any and all suggesstions and advice both needed and appreciated.
  15. Folks, Always looking for ti specific parts. Let me know what you have.

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