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  1. Folks, Looking for a set of NOS Mahle 2002 ti- 1st oversize-89.22 mm pistons. Does anybody have a Mahle part number? Anybody have a NOS set in hiding/stashed away that they would part with? I need a set for my '70 02 ti restoration which has been in my family since new. I know BMW and W&N have them just hoping someone here might have a set they would part with for a more reasonable price. I have a NOS Mahle standard size ti pistons to trade. Let me know.
  2. Folks, Looking for a set of new Mahle bathtub 2002 ti pistons-89.22mm 1st oversize. Hoping someone has a set in storage. I need these for my '71 02 ti restoration. I have a NOS set of standard size ti Mahle pistons to trade. Let me know
  3. kprocyk

    Solex 40 PHH Info

    I am in the midst of rebuilding my solex 40's this will definitely help! Thanks so much.
  4. kprocyk

    My 2002 ti

    Awesome ti! Looks identical to my dad's '71 agave ti. Enjoy it! Kris
  5. kprocyk

    WTB Weber 32/36 or 38/38

    Folks, Looking for a weber 32/36 or 38/38 in good bolt on and go condition. At the very least a good solex factory carb for 74/75 02. Let me know what you have.
  6. Folks, Looking for a BMW 300 sport or Schrick 292 camshaft. Camshaft should be in excellent condition with no wear, prefer NOS condition. Also always looking for ti specific parts to help with my restoration.
  7. Folks, I currently saw this spectacular car in person on Friday picking up parts for my own ti restoration. The quality of work is outstanding. The seller has done a great job of keeping it an all original and correct ti. As someone who is very familiar with this model and owns their own ti, this car is it! Get it while you can, ti's don't show up very often and I have never seen one on the market in this amazing condition.
  8. Folks, Looking for vintage BMW key chains/rings and cool bmw 2002 period accessories. Let me know
  9. Folks, Ramping up to finish my '70 02 ti. I need of the following: 300 BMW cam or Schrick 292 euro headlights euro turn signals front grilles kidney grille rear taillights euro rear bumper euro rear license plate mount ti/tii front brake calipers 3 piece dash chrome trim ti steering wheel Any and all ti specific parts-ti script front and rear, carbs, linkage, air cleaner, battery tray. All parts need to be in very good to excellent condition. Let me know what you have.
  10. kprocyk

    ti clock

    Rick, I'll get a measurement and a pic of mine. Kris
  11. kprocyk

    Parts wanted

    Looking for the following: Front grilles Center grille Euro turn signals Rear roundie tailights Front and rear bumpers Beltline trim Always looking for ti parts to help with my ti restoration. All parts should be OEM BMW in NOS or excellent condition. Let me know what you have.
  12. Folks, Looking for a nice driver roundie 2002, ti or tii. Must be legally on the road, solid body and in Canada. Ideal car would be a ti, tii in inka. Let me know what you have or if you know where any are hiding.
  13. Folks, Looking for a set of NOS BMW 2002 ti pistons in first oversize +0.25. Let me know if you have a set you would part with Kris
  14. Folks, Looking for a set of NOS BMW 2002 ti pistons in first oversize +0.25. Let me know if you have a set you would part with Kris
  15. kprocyk

    How many are left?

    I am currently restoring one, my father's original car purchased in 1971, and know of about 12 in Canada and the US. The 1970-1971 ti's are known as the North American 50 and were in fact the first and smallest production homologation race class sponsored by BMW.