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  1. 2002

    BavAuto has Closed!

    A comment in the e-mail they sent to me last week: We are working on options to ensure that the Bavarian Autosport name will live on. Until then, thank you for your dedication and commitment to us over all these years.
  2. 2002

    Date Stamp on Trans???

    Looks like February of some year ending with 7.
  3. 2002

    Blue Shop Manuals variation

    Yours is a reproduction per this site: https://www.faxonautoliterature.com/1966-1976-BMW-1502-1600-1800-2000-2002-Repair-Shop-Manual-Reprint-2-Vol-Set-P21717.aspx
  4. It's impossible to find bearings for the 320i 5 speed OD. p-n 23121209422!!!
  5. Here's a link to the site: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/not-49-mile-drive-ocean-beach-parking-lot-bay-area-02-group-410627 But it appears that one can't order the shirts until Nov. 10.
  6. 2002

    Heater box grommets and hardware

    Several of the parts you mention are here: https://www.wallothnesch.com/en/heizung-klimaanlage/bmw-1502-2002-turbo.html
  7. Does anyone know of a shop(s) in the SF Bay Area that could rebuild my 1980 5 sp OD transmission (Getrag 245)? It is from an e21 and is the correct version for putting into my 1974 2002! No one in Santa Rosa, where i live knows how to fix this transmission.
  8. To help these things stay in I put a new piece of sheet metal inside the door. It reinforced the thin door metal. YMMV.
  9. 2002

    Paint new rear drums?

    Original drums were painted a gray color, so I always paint mine with a hi-temp gray to prevent the rust(ic) look!
  10. 2002

    Heater valve help

    You'll need a shoulder screw like this - this one in NLA
  11. 2002

    Clardy AC Attachment Points

    Here is how it mounts - from the Clardy installation manual!
  12. Replace the headlight switch if you can find one. The dimmer usually gives up sooner or later.
  13. To be sure you have the right clearance on the big ends of the connecting rods use plastiguage to check. http://www.plastigaugeusa.com/how.html
  14. 2002

    Volage Regulator Question

    The small box looks like a VR - perhaps it is there since the yellow taped box doesn't work.