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  1. Does anyone know of a shop in the Portland Oregon area that has tools to disassemble an E21 5 speed OD. We're stuck on the 5th gear bearing sleeve.:
  2. https://www.amazon.com/Lisle-11260-Double-Spring-Pliers/dp/B0009OR94C
  3. The small box looks like a VR - perhaps it is there since the yellow taped box doesn't work.
  4. 2002

    Steering Box

    Look for pits in the worm gear parts. If there are any pits you'll feel them after it is back in the 2002!
  5. Here's an official California emissions connection sticker, if that helps anything.
  6. Late version available for $24.36 plus shipping here: https://thebmwminipartstore.com/parts/index.cfm?searchText=51141826841&make=BMW&action=oePartSearch&siteid=218365 and early version for $31.85 plus shipping here: https://thebmwminipartstore.com/parts/index.cfm?make=BMW&year=&searchText=51141802113&action=oePartSearch&siteid=218365
  7. I have one available. It is made of teflon impregnated Delrin, and fits over the existing pin in the transmission. It will cost $50. We can make more if others are interested. Installation instruction attached. PM me if you are interested in one, or more! Transmission Pivot Point Installation Instructions.docx
  8. Put in a set of throttle shaft bearing as well:
  9. Vacuum Advance for 2002 distributor: 12 11 1 352 173 - seems to be available
  10. jimk, thanks for the explanation! Valve is item 14 (Part Number: 13 31 1 259 194) is this drawing:
  11. I just put it in the same place as the old mechanical. There is a vacuum controlled diverter valve mounted near the carb that sends a bit of gas back to the tank to prevent vapor lock.
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