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SoCal Vintage BMW 2021


SoCal Vintage BMW 2021
steve k.
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steve k.
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Fantastic day yesterday at SoCal Vintage, caught up with 02 friends and met some new ones. Kuddo's to organizers and SoCal 02'ers to pull off such an event.

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Some of the old timers have either retired or passed. And some simply didn't attend. It's sad to see some of them go, but I'm ambivalent about others. There are new faces in the hobby, many of them weren't even born when I purchased my first 02 in 1982.


I haven't changed much as I still drive my cars on an everyday basis as if its the mid-80s. But, the world and the hobby have changed where these cars and parts command premium prices. The Classic BMW community in general is still "Salt of the Earth" in comparison to the straw hat Concourse Italian crowd at the French & Italian show the following day, but its fast becoming unattainable for the average person. In 2002 the show in San Louis Obispo attracted over 300 02s alone, where you could purchase a swan neck mirror for $8 or a fixer-upper Bauer Targa 2002 for $1,500. The excitement of rummaging through the salvage yards in search of cheap 02s and NK cars and parts has been extinguished and supplanted by exhaustive Internet queries and exorbitant prices. It's not the same. 


Each year I have to talk myself in attending this event. And, I live a mere 5 miles away from the venue. It was nice to see some of the early and mid sixties cars, some preserved or frozen in time such as the Derby NK 1800, a driver and survivor.


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    • These flares were created Coupe Guy, but I believe he no longer has the molds. I believe there are several companies in Europe that still sell their sets. 
      here is one of the places https://schmidt-gfk.de/wordpress/bmw/
      Steve K.
    • Good day sir
      wanted to inquire about the group 2 fender flares.  where can i find a set? and are they fiberglass or a blend something similar to FRP? info is appreciated.
      thank you for your time.
    • So beautiful in Blue. Which blue, an original color?  
    • Awesome build! Do you know what your ground to fender measurement is? 
    • Hey there, 
      I've got a stock air filter thats busted up at the base from the previous owner's hack job adaptation to a 32/36 years ago. I would like to do the ITG setup on my 32/36 water choke carb and was wondering which filter element did you go with? Looking on Pegasus there are a few different sizes available and didn't want to get too big or too small a filter. 
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