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Greetings! New 2002 Owner From Dc Area.


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Hey everyone,

Couple weeks ago found a great 76' on craigslist. Picked the car up and have her in the garage. I will be doing a more performance street/track oriented build with this car. As much as I would love to restore it back to its former glory, I think there are better specimens out there for that kind of thing. 

I have owned 2 other 2002's before which were complete rust bucket projects that I had given up and regrettably sold a few years ago. I believe one of them (inka orange) sadly found its way to the local pick a part yard.

The car seems like it was a daily driver for someone that was in the military as there are parking decals for Andrews Air Force Base. Last inspection expired in 2001!

The car incredibly has very little rust. Upon initial inspection, the car has had a respray in its previous life. The floorpans have been replaced (terrible job though) and hosed with seam sealer. My plan is to strip the car down completely and build from the ground up to my specs. Since this will be a performance oriented project. I will be removing much of the factory parts for weight reduction as well as to "de-bling" the chrome trim. 

I would love to meet some of the local 02'ers. Perhaps get some recommendations on engine build components. I plan on building the mighty little m10 for a high compression N/A screamer. Should be a blast!

I love all BMW's and have owned a variety of these wonderful automobiles including many e28's, e30's, e36's and a newer e92 335i.

Here is the first picture upon picking it up. The previous owner bought it on the whim and wanted to restore it though apparently due to health issues (and the wife) had to let it go to somebody else. 

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to interacting with all of you.



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