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  2. Orange squaretail with koogle trunk lip spoiler in a driveway near alexandria ave. car look very nice from the street. this belong to anyone here? i have lived in this neighborhood for 20 years and have never seen this car before...
  3. My name is Jeff Gomon. I am Three things, a 2002 owner, South Central Region VP/National Board Member and lastly, in need of your help. Terry Sayther has approached the Board and requested the formation of a stand alone non-geographical BMW CCA 2002 chapter. This chapter would allow for greater communication of 2002 owners and groups everywhere. To get things started signatures from 250 members are needed for the chapter petition. We are over 1/2 way there and need your help. Further, once the chapter has its charter, we will hold elections for a Board and Area "Governors" in all regions. Follow the link below for more info and sign the petition. Below is Terry's message. Thank you!! ------------------------------------------------------------- "We're working our way toward the 250 signatures we need to form a 2002 Chapter of the BMW CCA, and we are over half way there! But…that was the easy half. We need more that a hundred additional CCA Member signatures to meet the requirement. SO---I'd like all of you to think of additional ways we might get more people to sign up, rejoin the club so that you can sign up, give membership gifts so that your friends can sign up, and spread the word! Go to https://2002sforever.net/sign-the-petition/ and sign up now! We are under-represented on the west coast---somebody get those guys motivated, please If you've been procrastinating---stop that! Sign up today. Do it! Many thanks for those of you out there who have been spreading the word and encouraging friends. We appreciate your efforts! Happy Holidays---Terry Terry Sayther Vintage Bimmers [email protected] Terry Sayther Automotive 512-442-1361
  4. Thanks for the great description and info, Jim! Congrats on the new E30 as well! I'm still gonna try to find someone to look over my shoulder as I do it. If I could convince you, Grice, Marshall, or all of you to stop by we could have a great little get together. Maybe I could entice people with the world's best crabcakes and some good beers? 🙂
  5. You should be able to do this very easily yourself. Just put the engine at TDC for cylinder # 1 and remove the old distributor (keeping track of where the rotor pointed to the # 1 cylinder plug wire). Insert the 123 dizzy lining up the rotor so that it points in the general position of the old one, then connect the new electrical wires. With the ignition on, rotate the dizzy housing so the green LED inside the body of the dizzy just illuminates (keeping in mind the position of the # 1 cylinder). That should allow the engine to fire the first time. My 123 is USB and not Bluetooth - but bet the way you upload the advance and vacuum curves is similar. You should start by searching for the Bosch dizzy curves here on the FAQ - believe they have been posted before - OR someone may have provided their 123 settings (degrees and RPM). Jim
  6. Would anyone local be willing to help me install a 123 Bluetooth distributor and new coil? I can't seem to find my old shop manual and would really like someone more competent than myself to guide me through this. My 1600-2 needs a few more miles on it before winter and its blocking my M5 from moving, so I'm kinda in a jam here. Of course, I will provide a great meal and booze.
  7. I heard back from the event organizers and they cancelled the Oktoberfest car show for 2019. Hi Gordon, Unfortunately we weren’t able to get enough commitments to hold the car show. Thank you for being willing to come, but we had to cancel the car show this year.
  8. There's a conflict with the autocross & Passport BMW's Oktoberfest that day. Since the chapter is formally committed to Passport for their event they can't do both. I wish we'd had more notice - we might have been able to work something out. Vienna doesn't just want classic German cars - they want/need a coordinator for each club. I'll be at work earlier Sat AM, & will get to Passport at ~1 PM. We have a detailing clinic on Sun in Sterling VA.
  9. Anyone have any additional info regarding the German car show at the Vienna Oktoberfest on Sat 5 OCT? The only response I'm getting from the organizers is to ask me a few weeks ago "Are you with a car club or just an individual with your own car." I replied that I'm an individual with my own car and they told me the following If you can get a group of at least 5 club members together that will commit to coming, and act as the point of contact, we’d be happy to have you. Since I only moved to the local area last year and I'm not in the BMW CCA, can I tag along with my tii with anyone going to this event? It sounds to me that the event organizers are biased toward club members but that's my opinion. https://www.viennaoktoberfest.org/ G-Man
  10. Hey everyone, I was contacted about an old truck I had listed for sale by the director for a small movie, he's looking for cars in the DC area to stage a 80's concert/tailgate scene. Trying to stay around $300 for the rental of vehicles. He said they would not be driven, just used in the parking lot. The truck is in Harrisonburg and won't work out for this, but I told him I'd share his info with this crowd as he also liked my 02. I didn't get an exact date, but he said it'd be early October for a timeframe. If you want to email [email protected] a photo of your car, or other older vehicles that might fit the scene maybe you can end up with cool story and get a couple of bucks for a nice DC dinner. 😃 I can't speak to any of his films, but after googling him, he looks like a real director at least so the odd of you ending up missing a kidney after the shoot are probably low. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2251093/#director thanks! dave
  11. Hey everyone - figured I'd let my Mid-Atlantic folks know that I'm selling my 76 Chamonix car. I'm in Richmond VA if you or someone you know is interested and in the area. Here's a link to the page in our classifieds. Regards, Joe
  12. Contact Chris at Stone Racing Co. - he's in Phila & is "stone02" here on the forum: https://www.bmw2002faq.com/profile/35384-stone02/ https://www.facebook.com/StoneRacingCo/
  13. Good evening, Just got into the game....any one know of a philadelphia area mechanic that is familiar with 02"s? Thanks! Matt
  14. Will plan on it (for now). Traffic southbound will be most likely very heavy.
  15. Jim, please do the Brunch at Wolff's Biergarten Sunday.
  16. http://www.vintageatsaratoga.com/ July 12,13 and 14th Saratoga Auto Museum Saratoga Springs, NY I'm attending this event for the first time and wondering if anyone else from my area is going. I plan on leaving Friday morning (7/12) and heading up I-95 to the NJ TP (traffic and tolls). Will stay Friday and Saturday night then head home Sunday morning. Jim
  17. Hope everyone made it down without any issues. Lewis sent me a great video of the caravan just to make me jealous. Have fun this weekend! I’ll join next year, for sure. This year I’ll be at the Deutsche Marque Concours. Not sure which of my cars I’ll be bringing, but hopefully I’ll drive Nevada over there. Waiting on these new tires to arrive.
  18. I discovered I don't have working wipers, so I'm not going to be able to join the caravan. I think I'll meet you all in Asheville with my daily driver.
  19. I will be joining and I think Lewis Zehmer (E30) and Johnathan Shiu (my old E30) will be joining us. See you tomorrow AM. Thanks for coordinating. -MC
  20. Marshall, I'll be rolling in with 2 E34s. I also gave the details to Manny (E30), Kevin Grim (2002), and my friend Tom (E28).
  21. reminder. still targeting 0800 departure from my place. bring walkie talkies if you have them. channel 2, code 2 will be used. reply if you are joining so we know how many in the group.
  22. Looking forward to a loud Ansa muffler trip in the 69 (sans radio). Triple A subscription from MidAmerica drive hopefully won't be needed.

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