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  2. Contact Chris at Stone Racing Co. - he's in Phila & is "stone02" here on the forum: https://www.bmw2002faq.com/profile/35384-stone02/ https://www.facebook.com/StoneRacingCo/
  3. Good evening, Just got into the game....any one know of a philadelphia area mechanic that is familiar with 02"s? Thanks! Matt
  4. Will plan on it (for now). Traffic southbound will be most likely very heavy.
  5. Jim, please do the Brunch at Wolff's Biergarten Sunday.
  6. http://www.vintageatsaratoga.com/ July 12,13 and 14th Saratoga Auto Museum Saratoga Springs, NY I'm attending this event for the first time and wondering if anyone else from my area is going. I plan on leaving Friday morning (7/12) and heading up I-95 to the NJ TP (traffic and tolls). Will stay Friday and Saturday night then head home Sunday morning. Jim
  7. Hope everyone made it down without any issues. Lewis sent me a great video of the caravan just to make me jealous. Have fun this weekend! I’ll join next year, for sure. This year I’ll be at the Deutsche Marque Concours. Not sure which of my cars I’ll be bringing, but hopefully I’ll drive Nevada over there. Waiting on these new tires to arrive.
  8. I discovered I don't have working wipers, so I'm not going to be able to join the caravan. I think I'll meet you all in Asheville with my daily driver.
  9. I will be joining and I think Lewis Zehmer (E30) and Johnathan Shiu (my old E30) will be joining us. See you tomorrow AM. Thanks for coordinating. -MC
  10. Marshall, I'll be rolling in with 2 E34s. I also gave the details to Manny (E30), Kevin Grim (2002), and my friend Tom (E28).
  11. reminder. still targeting 0800 departure from my place. bring walkie talkies if you have them. channel 2, code 2 will be used. reply if you are joining so we know how many in the group.
  12. Looking forward to a loud Ansa muffler trip in the 69 (sans radio). Triple A subscription from MidAmerica drive hopefully won't be needed.
  13. Marshall, I'll be joining once again. I assume we're going with the standard 8-8:30 departure from your house?
  14. Hey Marshall i am planning to head down Thursday. Probably in the afternoon. I am pulling in red eye from CA around 9 am keep,me posted. 3013189389 K
  15. Ya'll have a blast, but be safe. Deutsche Marque Concours was postponed from 05 May to the 19th, so I'm stuck here...
  16. it is that time again. anyone interested in departure Thursday morning before the event? usual route 95/195/360/29/40 with stop for greek/italian just west of richmond.
  17. Probably was I drive out that way in one of the 02s a couple times a month Mtn bike at HArris and hike at Jordan Lake area a lot
  18. Some trip pics to share Think Chuck wanted to bring this car home. Think Chuck got the best parking spot in the M section. These pictures were taken just after 9am. The areas filled up very quickly! Got to love the creativity of this swap meet seller. Sign on this welder says "used once by Hans Stuck to repair a strut at NRing".
  19. Thanks for the speedy response. I figured you guys would have tips. John '74 2002 Polaris
  20. give Bruce Shelton at http://www.automotive-enterprises.com/ a call. he was a long time bmw 2002 racer in scca and has his shop in winchester. although i have not had any work done in his shop (i do my own), i have known and raced with him for many years. stand up guy.
  21. Check out Don Miller at Blue Ridge Sports Cars in downtown Baltimore (where Paul Wegweiser worked at one time). My engine block was bored by a shop in Winchester (details in my project blog). Cylinder head was reworked by Korman in Greensboro, NC.

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