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  2. Gents - anyone fancy a refresh of this list? I discovered a chipped #2 piston last night on my ‘72 Tii motor. The exiting material of course made very close friends with the E12 head. I am located in Fairfax, VA. Seen a few older posts on here about local shops but fearing the covid blight could’ve killed them or changed their quality of work. Any advice appreciated.
  3. Greetings from the coast, Beaufort. A 76 4 speed lives alongside a 74 Auto, and two 2001 740iL's. Populating the coast with Bavarians!
  4. If it's dry on Saturday morning, we plan to be there. This happened a few weeks ago. Did not plan it. We just happened to all be there that morning.
  5. Ping me when you're going to Katie's. I just need a little encouragement to get my butt out early on Saturday mornings. Would be great to see other 2002-ers. Thx. Bob
  6. Thanks for all the advise and answers. My wife and I have decided to stay in California. We had discussed moving thinking a cheaper place may allow more room for other things but have realized we were crazy and not going anywhere 😉
  7. Dude sounds like you've got some big plans ahead! Moving from Nor Cal to Charlotte is a big step, but it's a great city to explore. As for the 2002 presence, I'm not sure about that, but you can find some like-minded folks out there. And yeah, living in the Bay Area is no joke - good on you for moving to live a more comfortable life. When you're ready to move, check out Door To Door Mover for all your moving needs. They'll help you make a move as smooth as possible. Good luck with everything and be happy!
  8. Yeah, I get out to katies every once in a while. Let me know when you are headed there again, ill gladly join.
  9. Will do. Do you ever take any of your 02s to Katie's on Saturday mornings? There are a few of us who meet up there. I'll send you direct IM so we can plan a meet up. I'll take my friend with me who also has a 74 02.
  10. I thought that might be the case! Your car looks great, stop by again sometime, I'd love to check it out
  11. As for your 75' 02, I'm still determining about the 2002 presence in Charlotte, but there are likely some car enthusiast groups that meet regularly for events such as rallies and car shows. You might want to check out local car clubs or forums to connect with like-minded individuals. And when it comes to moving your car and belongings to Charlotte, you might want to consider using a professional moving service like https://acelinemoving.com. They offer various moving services, including vehicle transport, packing, and storage, to help make your move as smooth as possible. They have a team of experienced and friendly professionals who can help you easily plan and execute your move.
  12. That was probably me. I saw your cars off of 7.
  13. Had a silver round tail scoping out my 02's in the driveway today. Anyone know a silver round tail in northern Virginia? Just come say hi! Always happy to meet fellow 02ers
  14. Check with the 02 Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/the02group/
  15. Hi everyone, My wife, two kids and 75’ 02 are looking to move to Charlotte sometime this summer or fall. We are going to come out to check the town out and see how we like it. We’re hoping to find a place to live and enjoy life with the kiddos without having to kill ourselves to just “make it” in the SF Bay Area. Is there a 2002 presence in the Charlotte area? Any monthly rallys or hill climbs or car and coffee events that usually see some old BMWs? Thanks and I hope to find a bunch of likeminded 02 nerds to drive and hang with.
  16. I have one that’s been reinforced and powder coated - located in southern md - so not exactly what your looking for
  17. looking for a front subframe so i can do some experimenting with engine mounts. best is a crappy rusty one stripped of all parts. anyone in DMV have one laying around in dead parts pile? thanks!
  18. Hi, Its paused for summer. Have it 70%stripped down, motor out, interior, windows etc. Tried to remove the dash pad but that was stripped out glued to ready to break apart so i let sleeping dogs lie. Had it glass bead blasted and covered in urethane primer. Found minimal rust and body work, have a hole around the pedal box to repair. Ill post a few pics later. Thanks for asking.
  19. Great find! Would love to hear updates on how the car is progressing.
  20. Lively winter months. We have ice on 4” of snow. No need to fret, warm garage, cocktails, and tunes. Went thru Abandoned process, got title, got budget, Rock and Roll.
  21. Hi, Car fired up tonight. Got a electric fuel pump, tapped the carb a few times, Thumbed key and it started. Ran it a minute shut down. Checked everything, fired it back up and ran it for a warm up cycle. Ran good, surprisingly, idled but carb was slobbering. Problems i found were: Gap on points closed up, Missing its Ign. voltage step-up feed/wire, Fouled plugs, Missing plug wires, Missing its cyclone valve? Engine ran well, settled into a blubbering idle. Warmed up, ran cool, water choke worked, 13.5V at the battery. Shut down, did compression test. Cyl 1234 155, 148, 155, 158 psi. That will motivate you.
  22. Psst are silly questions ok? My turn signal stalk seems to be on the right side of the steering wheel??? Is that original stock position? Can it be moved to the left (normal side) of the steering wheel?
  23. Hi M2M3, was underneath the car Sunday. No other surprises found. The rear subframe mounting areas are solid, light surface rust but nothing major and no repairs needed. I havent pulled the back seat yet and checked the tops, is that a concern?
  • BMW Neue Klasse - a birth of a Sports Sedan

    BMW Neue Klasse - a birth of a Sports Sedan

    Unveiling of the Neue Klasse Unveiled in 1961, BMW 1500 sedan was a revolutionary concept at the outset of the '60s. No tail fins or chrome fountains. Instead, what you got was understated and elegant, in a modern sense, exciting to drive as nearly any sports car, and yet still comfortable for four.   The elegant little sedan was an instant sensation. In the 1500, BMW not only found the long-term solution to its dire business straits but, more importantly, created an entirely new
    History of the BMW 2002 and the 02 Series

    History of the BMW 2002 and the 02 Series

    In 1966, BMW was practically unknown in the US unless you were a touring motorcycle enthusiast or had seen an Isetta given away on a quiz show.  BMW’s sales in the US that year were just 1253 cars.  Then BMW 1600-2 came to America’s shores, tripling US sales to 4564 the following year, boosted by favorable articles in the Buff Books. Car and Driver called it “the best $2500 sedan anywhere.”  Road & Track’s road test was equally enthusiastic.  Then, BMW took a cue from American manufacturers,
    The BMW 2002 Production Run

    The BMW 2002 Production Run

    BMW 02 series are like the original Volkswagen Beetles in one way (besides both being German classic cars)—throughout their long production, they all essentially look alike—at least to the uninitiated:  small, boxy, rear-wheel drive, two-door sedan.  Aficionados know better.   Not only were there three other body styles—none, unfortunately, exported to the US—but there were some significant visual and mechanical changes over their eleven-year production run.   I’ve extracted t

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