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  2. Check with the 02 Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/the02group/
  3. Hi everyone, My wife, two kids and 75’ 02 are looking to move to Charlotte sometime this summer or fall. We are going to come out to check the town out and see how we like it. We’re hoping to find a place to live and enjoy life with the kiddos without having to kill ourselves to just “make it” in the SF Bay Area. Is there a 2002 presence in the Charlotte area? Any monthly rallys or hill climbs or car and coffee events that usually see some old BMWs? Thanks and I hope to find a bunch of likeminded 02 nerds to drive and hang with.
  4. Did you ever find anything?
  5. I have one that’s been reinforced and powder coated - located in southern md - so not exactly what your looking for
  6. looking for a front subframe so i can do some experimenting with engine mounts. best is a crappy rusty one stripped of all parts. anyone in DMV have one laying around in dead parts pile? thanks!
  7. Hi, Its paused for summer. Have it 70%stripped down, motor out, interior, windows etc. Tried to remove the dash pad but that was stripped out glued to ready to break apart so i let sleeping dogs lie. Had it glass bead blasted and covered in urethane primer. Found minimal rust and body work, have a hole around the pedal box to repair. Ill post a few pics later. Thanks for asking.
  8. Great find! Would love to hear updates on how the car is progressing.
  9. Lively winter months. We have ice on 4” of snow. No need to fret, warm garage, cocktails, and tunes. Went thru Abandoned process, got title, got budget, Rock and Roll.
  10. Hi, Car fired up tonight. Got a electric fuel pump, tapped the carb a few times, Thumbed key and it started. Ran it a minute shut down. Checked everything, fired it back up and ran it for a warm up cycle. Ran good, surprisingly, idled but carb was slobbering. Problems i found were: Gap on points closed up, Missing its Ign. voltage step-up feed/wire, Fouled plugs, Missing plug wires, Missing its cyclone valve? Engine ran well, settled into a blubbering idle. Warmed up, ran cool, water choke worked, 13.5V at the battery. Shut down, did compression test. Cyl 1234 155, 148, 155, 158 psi. That will motivate you.
  11. Psst are silly questions ok? My turn signal stalk seems to be on the right side of the steering wheel??? Is that original stock position? Can it be moved to the left (normal side) of the steering wheel?
  12. Hi M2M3, was underneath the car Sunday. No other surprises found. The rear subframe mounting areas are solid, light surface rust but nothing major and no repairs needed. I havent pulled the back seat yet and checked the tops, is that a concern?
  13. Have you pulled rear seat to check subframe bolt area? Have you got it in the air yet to really check everything yet? "In field under cover" usually means moisture trapped under car and lots of rust out of sight. Curious to see how your car faired!
  14. Pedal box area is hammerred. maybe one or two other small holes. Rusting upper fender front. Over all very solid Southern car.
  15. good find! how is the rust situation underneath?
  16. Newbie in the woods. Found a Roundie in a field under a ratty cover Screaming Save Me!! Hey to the 804.
  17. hmmm...verona/zinno............if not me,then...grice?
  18. Someone in a Verona square tail drove right past my house as I was working out front and didn't stop or acknowledge. They are OFF the list 😂
  19. I spotted a squarelight Fjord 2002 with driving lights about 1 week ago. It was heading NB on the GW Parkway. I waved from my 69, but no response.
  20. You need to add your signature details - or maybe not😉
  21. Crap - can't make it work! https://gph.is/2cgp28K
  22. I got a bunch of thumbs up today also. None from any of the many bmw's I passed. Other brands and folks on lawns accounted for the signs.

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