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  2. Hi Jim, I am planning to caravan to the Vintage again with you. I don't check this board very often, so could you please email me the details separately? Much thanks. Marc
  3. Got my entry. Unsure if a) my copilot will make it if car will act make it on the drive. Tbd here ...leaving from Raleigh, NC
  4. Caravan to Vintage 2018

    Hopefully get a chance to meet some of you there - it's my first Vintage. I'll be driving down from Richmond on Friday morning and camping out at the resort. Joe
  5. I'm leaving Lancaster, PA 0730-ish FWIW.. Talked to a few E30 owners at rest stops in VA last year but no 2002s. Also attending the CCA Foundation. I would be considered a noob among ya'll.
  6. Excellent! Thursday morning departure for me as well. I see Bill Williams is registered and his touring will be displayed at the Foundation👌. Marc Caden, John Hartge, Clay, Dudley, Livvi and any others are welcome to join.
  7. Chuck DeHaven would be starting out from Winchester VA - we usually meet him at the Crazy Greek. Crazy Greek at Woodlake is in the Hancock Village shopping center in Chesterfield VA. Left hand turn off busy divided Route 360 (Hull Street). Gas stations around there are kind of tough to access, but there are more after leaving the restaurant. http://www.thecrazygreekatwoodlake.com/about-us.html
  8. Caravan to Vintage 2018

    I'm driving Athena this year, Vern will be in Pittsburgh. Cindy and I are going to arrive Thursday as well staying at the Clarion, hoping for room 101. Would love to join you yet there's no good way to to Alexandria from my house. May meet up en route like at The Crazy Greek, which town is that?
  9. Caravan to Vintage 2018

    That's how I met you and Jay Swift in 2011. Fixing the Verona in the Hawthorne parking lot before the rally Friday.
  10. Caravan to Vintage 2018

    I’m staying with Chuck Pompei at the Clarion, and I have a ticket to the CCA Foundation event. I plan to able to drive down Thursday morning. I’m happy to take side road detours to visit tourist coal mines, explore backwoods tertiary roads, and engage in off-road shenanigans as need be. Grice
  11. Caravan to Vintage 2018

    Unfortunately, I can't go this year. My son is graduating from college that weekend.
  12. Caravan to Vintage 2018

    I can't make it either - my wife's brother decided to get remarried that weekend...
  13. We are getting closer to this event and need to make some plans. Since Marshall isn't attending this year, we can meet up and drive down similar to previous years (lunch at Crazy Greek to meet with Chuck DeHaven perhaps?). I'll be driving the tii this time and staying at the Fairfield Inn (not the host Clarion). I also have a ticket to the CCA Foundation event. I will review the registration list again to see who is attending from our area. Jim
  14. Hey folks - I’m looking for someone to walk me through a valve adjustment and setting timing for my 76. I’ve consumed countless articles and videos but it’s not the same as having someone walk you through it in person. It’s a show me once and I’m good for life sort of thing. I’m in Richmond but would be happy to travel up to an hour. I’m going to do the work myself regardless but figured I’d atleast see if there was someone on the forum close by to show me the ropes. many thanks! joe