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Hondata rules



My tuner added a Hondata tune to the stock Honda ECU and that allowed him to turn off all the check engine codes. Power is smoother too. I can now say that the car accelerates as well as my Stage 2 Golf R! Obviously not as composed or solid, but way more fun for raw power. It really is the perfect car; stock on the outside but party under the hood! 


Today I also changed the hats on my front struts. This stopped a clunk I've been having since I first got the car. I previously redid the front suspension but I forgot to do the hats that sit on top of the struts. It's in the high 80s today but the A/C keeps everything cool.

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Power is smoother too.

I guess that's because of lower switch point for VTEC?

What does this Hondata tune require, just software? Do you know if this is possible for AP1?

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I think it is just for AP2. Yes, the VTEC was set a few hundred lower, plus the pedal seems to be communicating better. It's only software; the Hondata just plugs into the OBD II port and your laptop. Then you remove it.  Having that port is super helpful. Many of the AP1 swaps don't use it and may be the reason that some of them eventually go stand-alone when they can't solve a problem or talk to their ECU.

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I have my OBD wired but I haven't found any tuner here in Finland who could access Honda ECU. Also don't know it it's even possible with AP1. I'm otherwise happy how the stock ECU (JDM) works but It's a pain that they've wanted to make the VTEC kick noticeable. It makes a dead zone below 6k.

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The AP2 is a bit torquier so I don't notice a low rpm problem. What differential do you have?  Maybe a very small supercharger could get you some low end, but you should keep looking. There must be a tuner there that can do it. Sisu!

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I have 4,44:1 but it is dedicated race car with semi slicks. On track you really notice the dip in torque. With stock Honda gearbox it's difficult to keep revs above 6k through the track but a race dogbox sure would help. That would fit the rules too unlike all kinds of chargers, but fitting to budget is another issue. S2000 is a rare beast around here so I'm not that sure about finding that tuner.

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