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Stripping the interior body



Nothing like starting with the biggest most tedious job on the entire restoration. It will certainly be a huge step forward when the body is all stripped, prepped and painted, but it is certainly quite a lot of work. I figured I'd go about this large sections at a time. First the interior, then engine bay, then trunk, then underbody and finally the exterior. With each large section I'll strip it, take care of any little bit of rust that I find, prep and prime it.


Starting with the interior, I went through and stripped as much as I could using a 4" strip disc and then did other parts with a die grinder. Overall it went fairly quick with just a couple hours last weekend and this weekend. To get to the remaining areas I'll use a media blaster. I tried a few small areas with it today using aluminum oxide and that worked pretty well. I just had a small amount to test with and will need to order more and will see how much I can get done next weekend.


This is how the interior looks now. Overall metal is in great shape.




Here is a side by side of the passenger footwell that looked pretty rusty after removing the insulation, but it cleaned up very well and nothing needs to get cut out and replaced.


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I have a request,,PLEASE, please?

Im in  need measurements of height, spread/distance of the OEM seat supports. Mine are gone! i need to replace my seats and am badly in need of those dimensions to weld new angle iron supports back on.

Need: Vertical height of the front of the support- from the floor pan to top of seat support

--Vertical height of the back (rear) of the seat support to floor pan, since they appear to be at an angle.

--the horizontal distance between the seat supports (driver or passenger side, shouldn't matter)

Ill attach a pic of what someone did to my car. oof.



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