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Fire and Ice (Insulation Removal)



Between weather and life I've had virtually no time to work on the car. Finally the last couple weekends I was able to get back to it for a bit and removed all the insulation on the inside of the body. I used a combination of dry ice for most of the insulation that was along the floor and a torch for the parts that weren't. Overall it went fairly easily, but there were certainly some areas that were more stubborn than others.


Nice thing about using dry ice is the clean up is very easy and most or all of the tar / glue residue comes up and leaves the body pretty clean underneath. As it is freezing you can hear it separating from the body and sometimes you get nice big chunks come off.






Some of the vertical areas, especially those on the transmission tunnel didn't respond well to the dry ice. There appears to be a slight variation in the insulation used in various parts of the car. Not sure the exact reason, but the parts that didn't respond well to the dry ice came up no problem with a torch and scraper. The end result just isn't quite as nice since you are left with glue residue on the metal. Ultimately it doesn't matter much though since all of the paint will be stripped anyway and the bit of residue will come off easily as part of the pain removal.


Here are some pictures of what it looked like after all of the insulation was removed. Overall body is in good shape with just some surface rust in the driver and passenger footwells + a few other minor spots.






In the passenger footwell, where most of the surface rust was I used a strip disc for a few minutes just to see how easily it cleaned up. Overall it cleaned up very well and I just need to sort out what is the best method I should use now to coat the bare metal and ensure no more rust forms in the future. Any recommendations on what people have done here and are happy with is welcome.



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