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I found a `74 2002tii just around the corner from my home that had been sitting for ~30 years following a relatively minor front end collision. It looked like a great project to get into and I was able to pick it up from the owner that at this point just didn't think he'd ever get around to bringing it back to life. The tires held air for a few hours at least and it rolled easy enough, so we pushed it the half mile to my house where I'm getting started on the restoration.

Entries in this blog

Stripping the interior body

Nothing like starting with the biggest most tedious job on the entire restoration. It will certainly be a huge step forward when the body is all stripped, prepped and painted, but it is certainly quite a lot of work. I figured I'd go about this large sections at a time. First the interior, then engine bay, then trunk, then underbody and finally the exterior. With each large section I'll strip it, take care of any little bit of rust that I find, prep and prime it.   Starting with the in

Fire and Ice (Insulation Removal)

Between weather and life I've had virtually no time to work on the car. Finally the last couple weekends I was able to get back to it for a bit and removed all the insulation on the inside of the body. I used a combination of dry ice for most of the insulation that was along the floor and a torch for the parts that weren't. Overall it went fairly easily, but there were certainly some areas that were more stubborn than others.   Nice thing about using dry ice is the clean up is very eas


attilars in Body Work

Disassembly is Done and Body Work Can Begin

It took some time, but overall everything came apart fairly easily and I removed the last part from the body yesterday (other than doors and trunk lid that are staying on for now just as an easy place to store).      Next I plan to get started on the body. I took one of the front fenders that was in pretty bad shape and started experimenting with it. It has about 1 million dings on it as well as some rusted out sections. It is bad enough that I may end up deciding not to use


attilars in Body Work

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