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Nos sunvisors and a lesson learned.



NOS or “new Old Stock” might as well mean be prepared to pay through the _______ (fill in the blank).  


It’s a bit of a risk as the manufacturers date is sometimes also not known, condition while “new” is still “old” or worse it’s something someone claims is NOS but actually isn’t.  Anyway i guess the point is when buying on eBay (or anywhere online for that matter) where you can’t inspect what you are buying is somewhat risky.  


Sure you can buy from a reputable seller and that certainly lowers the risk but there is still some there.  I opine on this subject, because I just begrudgingly shelled out way to much money for some NOS sunvisors.  Pictured below.  


I did this because - well “NOS” to me....is a sirens song.  I can’t resist.  Especially, when it comes to cosmetics.


So if you have some “NOS” parts feel free to PM me...I just might overpay to buy them from you.  


Wish me luck.






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