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I suppose I'll start this blog with a little history on my time with this car.. The year is 2004, I'm 16 years old and I've just purchased this Verona Red 1972 BMW 2002Tii for $1500. The Tii engine isn't in the car, but rather sitting on an old tire while a carbureted replacement is installed. My dad and I go through the car, replacing the brakes, clutch, etc and get it fit for driving. For the next year or so I slowly gather the parts to build the Tii motor, get the car painted, and redo the interior.  There's some old posts on here documenting those days, but unfortunately the photo links no longer work.


Here's what the car looked like back then...


















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New Shoes

I finally pulled the trigger on a new set of wheels & tires. The Borbet's that have been on the car for years were supposed to be temporary, but as priorities shifted they stuck around. I never really liked them, and they definitely do not fit the style of a 2002..   Yesterday I found some 14x6 Mahle BBS RA119's with tires (185/60/r14) on Facebook market place and jumped on the deal. They were missing the center caps but I've got some on the way. (Thanks @butteiful)   I c


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