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I decided that it was probably time to document some of the restoration work for my 1970 BMW 1600.  I bought this car after Danco posted some pictures of it on the FAQ.  It was part of Rey's inventory in San Juan Capistrano and was rumored to have been owned by one of Carl Nelson's mechanics at La Jolla Independent.  Danco delivered it to my house in Scripps Ranch and I started the process of tearing it down for paint. 


The car was very rust free.  The only real issues were the bottom of the rear quarter windows where water had pooled and rusted through and the hood had some bad spots.  Other than that, no apparent accident damage or rust could be found.  Whoever owned the car before me, spent some serious time and money to upgrade the suspension and brakes in preparation for a performance street build.  Most of the components were brand new when the work stopped and never made it to the road.  When I pulled the subframes, the car had Tii struts and brakes in front and 320i brakes in back, new ST Suspension springs and Bilstein HD shocks all around.


Originally I was planning on using this shell for my S14 swap, but I may change direction after the car comes out of paint.


Thanks for watching and stay tuned for new posts on my progress.





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Chasing Leaks and Tuning Idle

Well, one good thing about getting the motor running, it does provide some quick feedback on if you have any leaks.  After going through the mis-adventure of the leaking heater core, (turned out to be just the hose clamp to the heater core on the driver's side), I did identify 3 leaks while running the motor.  I had an oil leak at the oil filter housing, a coolant leak at the thermostat and a transmission leak at the back of the transmission (output shaft seal, shift selector seal, or both).  Tw
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