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Leather Wrapping a BMW 2002 Steering Wheel

Leather Wrapping a BMW 2002 Steering Wheel

Are you a proud owner of a classic BMW 2002? Join me on a thrilling journey of steering wheel transformation inspired by the captivating manufacturing video on azaautowheel.com. Discover how to infuse your stock wheel with a fatter leather rim, elevating aesthetics and driving pleasure.


I have had many different steering wheels on my 1973 2002 over the years.  The manufacturing video gave me the idea of how to put a fatter leather rim on my stock wheel.


The naked wheel



The finished product.




BELINOUS  makes very nice Leather Steering Wheel Covers in many different sizes and colors.  I ordered Size XL6 in Black.  To make the wheel thicker, I got a roll of neoprene sponge rubber foam Sheets with Adhesive Backing, 12" x 60" x 1/8". 


BELINOUS Leather Steering Wheel Cover Lace Up, Stitch On Wrap


Neoprene Sponge Rubber Foam Sheets with Adhesive Backing



I was very lucky that this all worked out perfectly.  I got three layers of foam wrap from the roll of foam.  I cut three strips of foam from the roll. The first layer was a strip 2 5/8” wide, the second layer strip was 3.5”,  and the last layer strip was 5.5” wide.


The size of the cover stitched up perfectly over the size of the wheel with three layers of foam.  If you want it a little thinner, just put on two layers of foam, but then you need to figure out what size of cover to order from Belinous.


First layer applied.


The glued backing of the rubber worked great. 


Second layer being applied.



Third layer being applied.



Third layer completed.


I trimmed the foam on the front of the spokes to the edge of the rim.  Then used the trimmed pieces to fill in the back side of the rim behind the spoke.


Centering the seam at the bottom spoke


Make sure to center the cover seam in the center of the bottom spoke.  It took some effort to stretch the cover onto the wheel.


Wrap on the Steering Wheel


Work the cover around so that the inside edges are where you want them.Keep adjusting as you do the stitching so you get a straight seam.


Stitching on the Cover


You will see several stitch types in the Belinous instructions and on the web.  I used the two-string baseball stitch.  Look at the stitching around the spokes front and back for your planning.  I like how this approach came out.


Completed wheel on the car


Can’t wait to go for a test drive when the salt is off the roads.


Good luck with your build,

Ray Daley

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I've hand-done a bunch of those on my tundra, friends forerunners etc.  I like the perforated ones.  I'm getting 2 years out of them.

I can sew leather from fixing horse tack, polo boots etc so practice a bit.  The Chinese kits are pretty good, strong thread you can pull tight, pre-punched holes...   I honestly never thought about doing the Legend, been dreaming about a wood wheel!


Now I'm going to search for a smaller diameter kit or cut one down for my old Nardi leather wheel!  


Thanks for the inspiration!




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