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  1. They're a band beyond description - Bob Marley (RIP) of course had a Bavaria, in an interview he said, "Yeah, BMW one with the road, no, It not stand for Bob Marley and the Wailers, I think it mean British-made-war-car" Seen.
  2. 9. ! I live Haiku! Send that $5, saving for window regulator bushings ! :)
  3. I live in Haiku, Have a Bicycle store in Kahului, Island Biker
  4. Aloha! 30 years ago when I permanently moved to Maui from Block Island I drove my 76' cross-country and shipped it here. Through the late 70's in Ct. I burned through a 69 1600, then a malaga 72' then I really fucked up when I put a mint silver 70' WITH A 5 SPEED into a tree... in 81 I was walking down ocean ave on block island, and there was the sahara 76 I have now. When I got situated in my new biz in Maui I stripped it to the metal, pulled the glass and changed it inside and out to sirrus bleu, a 635 color. carpet, headliner, flow-fits with extra fabric, a local shop redid the rear seats to match, new headliner. Before I left CT to drive XC I needed at valve job, and even at 26 years old I was sharp enough to order a high-flow head from Metric mechanic. On Maui I installed one of their ultimate 4 speed transmissions, a new pedal box and a short shift kit. Stainless brake lines and a stress bar. Then like an idjit I hit an embankment with a front wheel and bent shit. So a new subframe, all new tie rods, the whole bit, struts, de-camber plates header craft headers and big swaybars with progressive rate springs. Oh new front fenders, sunroof gasket and front and rear windshield gaskets. I made a koa wood console using the original panels as templates. I forget when but I put a pair of SK racing 40's on, electronic ignition and a mechanical advance distributor. Then I let it sit for 10 years. I just busted it out and fired it up, been struggling with side draft tuning.... Having dark thoughts about 74 bumpers and fixing a few things. I have a buddy organizes a " cars and coffee" parking lot thing once a month, apparently the president of the BMWCCA lives here on Maui? I was a member for year, drove with the new england chapter on Limerock twice, the first time with Yale Rocklin ( spelling?) in my passenger seat! LONG time ago... lots jan-uaries as they say here.