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  1. It's an 88 color, CIRRUS BLAU # 189
  2. My 76 was Sahara, but I did a bad thing....
  3. Love the CorsaVelocita stacks, wish I got red now! Are the Weber gaskets thin, like normal 2 mil or so?
  4. I figured I can just loosen the setscrews on the linkage, as the carbs move toward the head 5 mm I can tighten set screws and be pretty close to sync'd ( Ha!) I don't need much room, the awesome horns I just got from Corsa Velocita can rotate, but the second from the firewall hits no matter where it's positioned. Just need 5-6 mm.... I can't imagine those gaskets really keep much heat off the carbs, I've been pouring over side draft set up picks and many seem to be flush on the head.
  5. Any input on removing the 5-6 mm thick black rubber gaskets in between side draft manifold and head? I'd like that space to give stacks bit more room away from brake booster and battery.... (I know it will go aft soon enough)
  6. They're a band beyond description - Bob Marley (RIP) of course had a Bavaria, in an interview he said, "Yeah, BMW one with the road, no, It not stand for Bob Marley and the Wailers, I think it mean British-made-war-car" Seen.
  7. 9. ! I live Haiku! Send that $5, saving for window regulator bushings ! :)
  8. I live in Haiku, Have a Bicycle store in Kahului, Island Biker
  9. Aloha! 30 years ago when I permanently moved to Maui from Block Island I drove my 76' cross-country and shipped it here. Through the late 70's in Ct. I burned through a 69 1600, then a malaga 72' then I really fucked up when I put a mint silver 70' WITH A 5 SPEED into a tree... in 81 I was walking down ocean ave on block island, and there was the sahara 76 I have now. When I got situated in my new biz in Maui I stripped it to the metal, pulled the glass and changed it inside and out to sirrus bleu, a 635 color. carpet, headliner, flow-fits with extra fabric, a local shop redid the rear seats to match, new headliner. Before I left CT to drive XC I needed at valve job, and even at 26 years old I was sharp enough to order a high-flow head from Metric mechanic. On Maui I installed one of their ultimate 4 speed transmissions, a new pedal box and a short shift kit. Stainless brake lines and a stress bar. Then like an idjit I hit an embankment with a front wheel and bent shit. So a new subframe, all new tie rods, the whole bit, struts, de-camber plates header craft headers and big swaybars with progressive rate springs. Oh new front fenders, sunroof gasket and front and rear windshield gaskets. I made a koa wood console using the original panels as templates. I forget when but I put a pair of SK racing 40's on, electronic ignition and a mechanical advance distributor. Then I let it sit for 10 years. I just busted it out and fired it up, been struggling with side draft tuning.... Having dark thoughts about 74 bumpers and fixing a few things. I have a buddy organizes a " cars and coffee" parking lot thing once a month, apparently the president of the BMWCCA lives here on Maui? I was a member for year, drove with the new england chapter on Limerock twice, the first time with Yale Rocklin ( spelling?) in my passenger seat! LONG time ago... lots jan-uaries as they say here.