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    Year: 1973
    Manufactured Date: 07/16/1973
    Original Color: Malaga
    Sunroof: Standard
    Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
    Current Color: Malaga
    Current Owner: Rastadog
    Location: Altamont, New York, 12009
    Last Sold: 05/01/1991

    My survivor car. Mostly stock with a mix of original paint and repainted panels. Factory short block installed in 1986 prior to my ownership.



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    Hello Rastadog,

    I'm in Colonie and coincidentally own a 73 Malaga tii.  I'm currently working on restoring it and would love to take a look at a couple of the original details on yours.  Let me know if this is a possibility.


    Jamie Lawrence

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    Hi, Rastadog and Jamie, I'm in Niskayuna.. Coincidently, I bought my 74tii in Altamont, 3 years ago.. she's almost done, complete resto, every bolt cleaned, plated and reassembled. been a long sloggg. 50th birthday is next February, I'm working like crazy. doing a 5 speed and LSD, but stock besides that. I also need some pictures, this car came apart and it's been a while (30 yrs. ) since I had a tii.. I really could use some pictures from one of you.. Doing the wiring now. Where is the cold start timing valve located?  I also have 3 individual wires the plug into the back of the fusebox that are not part of the plastic arrays. that will require taking that little phillips screw out of your fuse box and tugging on the fuse box. I'd also like to see the routing of all of your tii wiring. 

    I've had lots of 2002 parts, had many cars. I have lots of boxes of parts. Looking forward to meeting both of you.. Dana Hood 802-324-6318

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