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  1. Try La Jolla. I’m pretty sure the one I bought last year came from them. Excellent vender.
  2. Hi Nick, Sounds like teething pains. The gas tank thing would bother me a bit. You know that the engine is happy. They’ll figure out the ignition issue. You’ll be smiling again soon. Good wishes for a quick resolution. Alex
  3. I don’t know if this helps, tank to pump ( big hose), pump to expansion jar: black canister looking thing, expansion jar to hard line to engine compartment. The hose to and from expansion jar is smaller. Maybe 12mm to 8mm don’t quote me I’m old! Alex
  4. Thanks all, my original question has been answered. I have a better understanding of BaT. If I were to sell this forum is where I would start. That said I’m ambivalent about selling Good Old Girl. I’m considering biting the bullet and have a local shop do the work to get her registered. If anyone here is familiar with a trustworthy wrench here in upstate N.Y. please send their name my way. In the meantime I’ll get her started soon. Thank you Alex
  5. revolve40, Thanks for an excellent overview of the BaT process. Having a sense of the time frame and the fact that I would be dealing with people handling multiple auctions is helpful. I didn’t have contact with the previous owner. I never met him. He left the car at the airport in Washington, no plates, keys stuck to the speaker magnet in the trunk; 1991 was a different time. I’m attached to this car. Seeing it go to a good home; having impact in the selling process does have value to me. I still have to decide what to do. Thanks for you offer of additional information based on your experience with BaT. Alex
  6. Nick, Congratulations! The look out the front window, including the NYS registration sticker, the motor sound, the budded out trees and green grass was a lot of fun to watch! Timely. Thanks for sharing! Alex
  7. Good morning, Thanks everyone. I’ve come to realize that BaT isn’t as pain free as I thought. Mike I replaced the stud in the front of the motor prior to starting last summer that that was involved in the alternator replacement. Last winter, raised ranch unheated garage I cleaned the mold out of the interior which took a long time. Advice: don’t leave chicken wings in a car for 6 years. Then I got underneath her and worked the fuel system back to front, all hoses and filters. Even did compressed air to clean out the solid line. I took the front wheels off to free up the rusty rotors from the brake pads. The alternator has been cockeyed for years complete with squealing belt. That’s why I first parked her. Replaced the alternator and bushings successfully. New antifreeze too.It’s was cool to see everything lined up. Once the weather warmed up I dealt with the old fuel and tank. I dreaded that job for no reason. When I put cleaned fuel sender back in with a new rubber gasket I was a happy guy. Clean oil, filter, plugs and points some encouragement from my friend and old mechanic Gunther and eureka she not only started but ran the way she had when parked. I forgot to mention using MMO in the cylinders and rocking her in fourth gear prior to starting her. I also pulled the suction valves on the injection pump and gave the pump a little MMO love too. She ran great. We let her run almost twenty minutes. I saw the oil drips, said,” oh shit” backed her in the garage and got discouraged. I’m not mechanical. Just a guy who wanted a 2002 since I saw a friends brand new 76. Love at first sight. So everyone thanks for the advice, experiences and listening to me ramble on. I’m not sure what to do. My wrench skills are limited. My brother who is mechanical and has two lifts in his 3 bay garage has offered to help. He’s three hours away but does have a truck and trailer he uses for his race car. He knows more modern BMW motors. Maybe I’ll run this by him again. I’ve owned my tii 44% of my life. I’m 63 please don’t check my math. Again I’m grateful to all FAQers and this board. Alex
  8. O2ryan, Thank you for your thoughtful and informative response. After 28 years of ownership I know every thing right and wrong with my car. I’ve read the BaT comments regarding 2002’s for sale. I have a thick skin and know more about tii’s than the majority who post. It can be quite amusing. Good news my car has the original nose. But if I sell it here on the forum it seems more like keeping it in the family. That said it might be a 2-3 thousand difference in price. I don’t like negotiating; I’m too literal. First I have to make up my mind. Thanks again Alex
  9. I have a couple of extra ones, complete in basement. If you have no luck find a front let me know. I have idea of worth, out of touch with market. Alex
  10. I appreciate the support. This is past charming. Ran her for twenty minutes, backed her under her own power into the garage, next day yuck. The fan blew it all over.
  11. I appreciate the support. This is past charming. Ran her for twenty minutes, backed her under her own power into the garage, next day yuck. The fan blew it all over.
  12. You guys all made me smile. Nick, You’re right we’ve both been here a long time, AustrianVespaGuy too if I sell her; here would be best. AustrianVespaGuy, it’s not the block. It’s from the front of the motor. I thought it was bad. My brother who races BMW’s saw the pictures and said,” You call that an oil leak?” Issues, oil leak, brakes need to be sorted with associated hydraulics from sitting and a set of new shoes. The heater motor doesn’t count. The fuel injection had cold start, warmup and a solid idle! Compression was 170-175 all four. I think the valve seals are tired. Replacement block in 1986. That said I’m not sure putting three grand into her is something I want to do. It took me 18 months of searching to find a round taillight tii with a factory roof: May 1991. There are just a few things I’ve owned longer. Yup ambivalent. P.S. no one answered my question, my aforementioned brother has a love hate relationship with BaT too. Thanks Alex
  13. Hi Everyone, I haven’t driven my tii in 7 years. Last summer after redoing fuel lines, filters and replacing the alternator and bushings I started good old girl for the first time in 6 years; she ran like a top! Did I mention the oil leak? It discouraged me. I am not mechanical. My mechanic who has looked after my car with knowledge and love has retired. The local shop is $ 110/ hour. I’m thinking of selling my car. This has been a difficult emotional decision based on having her since May 1991. Has anyone used Bring a Trailer? If so what has your experience been? If anyone has bought a car there I would appreciate your input too. Should I include spares or sell those separately? The video is first start last summer. Thanks Alex 8E528C20-3449-4C47-8A98-956009B59E85.mov
  14. That tii is a time capsule. What a great find. Good luck with the reawakening. I love a good ran when parked story. Let’s us know how it goes. Alex
  15. I think 153k is low miles. Have you driven her yet? Thanks for sharing. Enjoy! Alex

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