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    Year: 1973
    Manufactured Date: 02/20/1973
    Original Color: Ceylon
    Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
    Current Color: Ceylon
    Last Sold: No value

    Legal delivery to Canadian importer: March 1, 1973





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    Hey, My car!!


    From the history I can find (an old license registration from about 1975) it was owned by a Doctor in Calgary.


    I purchased it from a friend that kept going out of country.  He had sold it to someone else, but it sat for a couple of years (and got back into by a bus lightly).  He convinced them to sell (through him) to me.


    He had bought it some number of years (6-8) before that.  Someone had re-painted/finished the body work.  There was probably 40 lbs of filler on it (1/4 inch in some places).  A bunch had come off and surface rust was everywhere.


    I stripped all that off, found some shoddy tin work under bondo, left that for now (not enough skills or welder to fix), thin coats of bondo, thinned roller tremclad black.


    I've fixed the mechanical, added a 5 speed, lsd (3.91), coil overs on the front (spring perches were rusted), lowered on the back,  rear adjustable mounts,  123 dist, basket weaves, etc.  Motor is still stock (to my knowledge).  Found a mint Recaro LSC for me to sit in (still looking for a passenger)


    I'm enjoying driving it on days that have no moisture in the forecast, with the plans of doing a factory (ish) restore once I finish a LoCost (Lotus Seven clone).  I've kept all the original parts that have been removed, and anything (other than front struts) that was modified, bought a different one to modify, leaving the original part stock


    Our provincial government insurance  provider allows for Year of Manufacture plates to be used.  I was able to use one of my father's plate from 1973 (last year that it's available) on my car.


    That's it



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