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    Hey, My car!! From the history I can find (an old license registration from about 1975) it was owned by a Doctor in Calgary. I purchased it from a friend that kept going out of country. He had sold it to someone else, but it sat for a couple of years (and got back into by a bus lightly). He convinced them to sell (through him) to me. He had bought it some number of years (6-8) before that. Someone had re-painted/finished the body work. There was probably 40 lbs of filler on it (1/4 inch in some places). A bunch had come off and surface rust was everywhe
  2. https://www.panjo.com/buy/bmw-e30-m3-s14-motor-378817 Stumbled across this looking for something else. Never heard of Panjo until today. As usual, be careful on the internet :)
  3. I didn't notice until you mentioned it :) Either option has their benefits.
  4. Wow! I thought that was a purchased product (surface mount components, silk screening, etc) Very nice end result! I was planning on doing a micro controller based dash board based on CANBUS data pulled from the Megasquirt, using Arduino type products (build a purpose built board, or one of the offshore nano/mini boards). Cooling control could be added based on coolant temp that MegaSquirt returns over CANBUS (I'm assuming that's one of the canbus data points on a Megasquirt). I haven't written C code in a bunch of years, so I stick with the Arduino stuff for the simplicity of t
  5. Good article! What did you use for the Micro-controller? I'm thinking this may be a great alternative for a on-off only setup that a megasquirt 2 would provide. (not on a 2002 or even a bmw, but a miata powered locost) Thanks!
  6. I've had the pertronix on an IE stock dizzy (died), an IE with pretroix pickup (upgraded) and a 123 switch. No issues. I might have even had it on the points dizzy too. Can't remember that far back. No issues that I can blame the coil on.
  7. 15 away from mine. (3495) Closest I've seen
  8. I probably wouldn't trust the other brand until I heard from someone that's used them either.....
  9. 1010tires.com has 2 summers Westlake and nanking and they're Canadian https://www.1010tires.com/Tires/165-80R13 hope that helps
  10. hmmm.... Never though of or heard of that. Been over this a few times on the forum, and that's a new one. Thanks for the hint Allan
  11. I ended up buying a NOS one from a Porsche guy from somewhere on the internet. At the time it seemed cheaper than a BMW option. I think I found it by searching the Bosch number. Didn't fix my cold/warm start issue
  12. Seals (front, rear, shifter) Redline pivot point for clutch fork thingie gently cuddling if you're so inclined
  13. This has a bit of an unintentional crinkle finish. I had painted it red, removed the paint from the high spots in the casting (including the cylinder numbers you can't see), then I put a clear lacquer on it to protect the raw aluminum, which crackeled.
  14. ditto on the door locks. My car came with out the keys and I was able to find the tag still on the passenger side. Local key place (not autoparts/walmart/etc) was able to use the code to cut a key. They even had a couple blanks. Trunk was locked, and didn't turn out so well for that lock but a replacement was cheap
  15. Unless the draw is through the alternator (and maybe Voltage Regulator), as the main connection to the battery isn't fused.
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