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    Year: 1973
    Manufactured Date: No value
    Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
    Past Owners: pjp90
    Last Sold: No value
    No Longer Around

    This car was owned by one of the best BMWCCA auto-crossers in NJ and possibly in the country in the mid-1980's.  It was driven hard 100% of the time, street or track.  Eventually it was parked and sat for several years outdoors,  I bought it in early 1990's.  By then it was pretty rusty, and tii's were still fairly cheap and plentiful, so I parted it out and took the shell to the scrap yard.  Today it would probably have been a restoration candidate.




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    Probably manufactured October 26, 1972, or close thereto.


    Photo courtesy of pjp90.







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