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  1. pjp90


    I purchased this car to part out in the mid-1990's. I don't know much history, except that it came from Freehold NJ, and the guy I bought it from had titled it in NJ in 1984 with 148,500 miles. So by the time I bought it, it could have over 200k miles. It was a complete rust bucket. I remember sweeping up lots of it from the garage floor after I got done pulling the suspension and sub-frames. The shell went to the scrap yard and I am fairly confident that even in today's tii market it was not worth saving.
  2. pjp90


    This car was owned by one of the best BMWCCA auto-crossers in NJ and possibly in the country in the mid-1980's. It was driven hard 100% of the time, street or track. Eventually it was parked and sat for several years outdoors, I bought it in early 1990's. By then it was pretty rusty, and tii's were still fairly cheap and plentiful, so I parted it out and took the shell to the scrap yard. Today it would probably have been a restoration candidate.
  3. pjp90


    I purchased this car in 2010 from the family of the original owner. He passed away shortly after completing a restoration. The car is in mostly original condition with no modifications except for a Weber carburetor. In my ownership it has needed very little attention beyond maintenance. I did replace brake hoses and clean up the engine.
  4. pjp90


    This car is upgraded to tii specs and has been a race car since the mid-1980’s. It was one of the first Improved Touring A cars in the northeast, running in ti form until that was deemed illegal, then converted to tii specs. I purchased it in 1992 and continued to race in ITA for a few years and then switched over to SCCA Historic Race Group. It is now legal to current SCCA F Production rules and B Sedan in the SCCA Historic GCR. It has finished first in class in the HRG annual championship series several times including in 2018. In 2010 I had the car completely repainted, adding fender flares, fiberglass hood and trunk lid, and replacing glass with Lexan. A complete new cage was also built at the time. In my 26 years running this car, I have raced at Lime Rock, NHIS, Thompson, Palmer, Watkins Glen, Pocono, Summit Point, NJMP, Nelson Ledges, Beaverrun, Bridgehampton, and the PVGP at Schenley Park.
  5. Hi, I'm interested with the rear seats, if you're willing to sell.

    Thank you very much.








  6. can I get some close up shots of those lower moldings?

  7. Nut was tight Spacer was in front of sprocket instead of behind. Dumb mistake!
  8. Any ideas on why the splines of my oil pump sprocket stripped? The pump shaft still turns freely. The chain was a little on the loose side.
  9. I do have more photos but they won't post for some reason
  10. Here are some photos of my removable nose panel. Note the heavy brace across the bottom connecting the frame rails. There is also a tie rod, not shown, across the top just behind the radiator. Fenders must be removed to take the nose off. Probably about 30-40 minutes total.
  11. The nose on my race car is removable. I will post photos later.
  12. thanks everyone for the input. I can't say whether the car was ever in a front end collision. I bought it last year in nearly immaculate condition, a really first class body restoration. Hood fits perfectly, and no evidence that the radiator support is bent. It is an OEM radiator attached with OEM hardware. Fan was hitting both sides, more on the right side than the left. I don't see how alternator bushings affect the fan. How would movement of the alternator cause the fan pulley, which is rigidly bolted to a brand new water pump, to move out of alignment? I do have a brand new alternator. Does anyone know what the static clearance should be between the fan blades and the radiator?
  13. right side motor mount strap is not missing.
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