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  1. Be very careful about rounding off the internal hex on the screws, aka the Allen head. Clean them out first and make sure you have a good tight fit with the wrench or key fully seated. Otherwise you will be trying to turn them with vice grips or cutting the heads off.
  2. Nice group of cars and people! an even dozen 2002’s round taillights, square taillights, carbs, tii’s, an S14, and a 6 cylinder. Plus a targa.
  3. On my Sunday morning drives I usually prefer to head away from the City - not right into it! But I think I will give it a try, looking forward to meeting you all. Paul
  4. 1602 race car spotted by my stepson on August 25 on a freeway somewhere outside of LA
  5. pjp90

    body dolly

    Hello all. It looks like I have three of you showing interest in the past few days I believe EMJ was the first one to contact me this month. So he is first in line. Sorry if I misled anyone else. I was not paying close enough attention to who was asking about it. Paul
  6. pjp90

    body dolly

    So what do you think? i will cut the price to $100. Need to get my garage cleaned out Paul
  7. pjp90

    body dolly

    Solid. I think they were originally welded on but they could be bolted on with u bolts it is in Garwood
  8. pjp90

    body dolly

    It is 4 ft wide. I forgot the length. About 7 ft I think
  9. Will check as soon as I can what is your location?
  10. pjp90

    body dolly

    Sold that trailer a long time ago!
  11. pjp90

    body dolly

    Heavy duty dolly to support body shell with sub-frames and suspension removed. Attaches at sub-frame mounting points. Sturdy enough to transport a car on a trailer at highway speeds, which I have done. Casters are presently removed but 4 heavy duty wheel casters are included. Car not included! Pick up only.
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