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  • 2762332
    Year: 1972
    Manufactured Date: 07/26/1972
    Original Color: Polaris
    Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
    Current Color: Polaris
    Current Owner: jgerock
    Past Owners: 73turk
    Location: Alexandria, Virginia, 22310
    Last Sold: 08/23/2010
    No Longer Around

    Engine only from the original Polaris Silver car.  Location before me was CT, then before that perhaps NY state.  Engine rebuilt with dual carburetors and installed in 69 2002 # 1666269.


    the car with the identification number 2762332 is a BMW 2002 tii US-Version that was built on 26th of July 1972 and delivered on the 31st of the same month to New York. The car was originally in  polaris metallic.


    Aluminum intake runners, 121 cylinder head with June 72 casting date, Behr A/C compressor,  Bosch 0231 151 008 JFD4 distributor.



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