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  • 2761742
    Year: 1972
    Manufactured Date: 05/17/1972
    Original Color: Inka
    Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
    Current Color: Inka
    Last Sold: No value

    Legal delivery to: Hoffman Motors Corp (legally domiciled in New York City) on June 22, 1972.

    This car was converted into an M2, obviating the need for the original tii engine. From 02Les on February 27, 2018:


    FWIW:  2761742 - in 2009, car was owned by Corky Benson, NC. Car was Inka & had M2 mtr, 5 spd & LSD. May still be motoring along somewhere.”

    The engine, cast March 13, 1972 (“13C” within oval frame and “72” outside of and above the oval frame), and after sitting for 20+ years, was purchased by forum username Ensign, for parts.


    From BMW Group Archives:


    The BMW 2002 tii US VIN 2761742 was manufactured on May 17th, 1972 and delivered on June 02nd, 1972 to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in New York City. The original colour was Inka, paint code 022.







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