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      Model: BMW 2002tii
      Year: 1972
      Manufactured Date: 12/17/1971
      Original Color: Verona
      Sunroof: Standard
      Transmission: 5 Speed Dogleg
      Current Color: Verona
      Current Owner: coloincaalpine
      Last Sold: No value

    Legal delivery to BMW dealer Bovensiepen in Buchloe, Germany (a.k.a., Alpina) on December 29, 1971.


    From BMW Group Archives:


    “The BMW 2002 tii US VIN 2760173 was manufactured on December 17th, 1971 and delivered on December 29th, 1971 to the BMW dealer Bovensiepen in Buchloe. The original colour was Verona, paint code 024.”


    Thus, the car was shipped from the factory to Alpina’s shop in Buchloe. Although Alpina components were added to various ‘02’s during the ‘02 era, the population of cars known to be shipped to Alpina and modified in Alpina’s shop is quite small. Thus, this is a rare example, fully-documented. This is also an early U.S.-spec tii, the 173rd U.S. tii manufactured.


    The Alpina pedigree has been further confirmed by Alpina. The chassis, separated from its original engine and transmission by recent owners — unaware off the genuine Alpina pedigree — has now been reunited, by the current owner, with the original engine (stock tii), 5-speed close-ratio transmission (235/5), and Alpina sway bars. The car is undergoing a full restoration.


    The original engine block, shown below, was cast November 19, 1971 (“19L” within oval frame and “71” outside the oval frame).


    Photos and BMW Group Archives data courtesy of coloincaalpine.










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    Can't wait to see this done. Are you going with road or race theme? Any pictures of the desired finished car you want to achieve?

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    Thanks for your interest in the Alpina. I will be restoring back to as close to original as it was when it left Alpina.    Unfortunately Alpina didn't keep records before 1978 so, I have to go by what the previous owner told me as far as what was done at the Alpina shop. What I know so far is, it had a stock Tii engine,Sheel seats,auxiliary guage cluster and sway bars. I'm hoping to acquire the original sway bars and have a set of Borrani steel wheels for it.  Stay tuned for anything else that I can find on it's  history. Any help or advice on history would be greatly appreciated. 

    Best Regards from Colorado,


    Edited by coloincaalpine

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