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    This car was most likely made in May 1969.   My car 1666269 was made on May 30th.   The VIN confirms it as a regular 2002 - not a ti.  Conversions, tributes, recreations are popular - I did it to mine. 

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    2002ti’s are all VIN 168xxxx and 169xxxx cars. They are all Euro-spec cars. VIN 166xxxx cars, on the other hand, are simply U.S.-spec 2002’s. If I put your car’s VIN, 1666115, into the VIN decoder operated by the BMW 2002 Car Club of Columbia, the model is shown as “2002” (first photo below). But if put VIN 1686115 into the decoder — a random ti VIN I put into the decoder because of its similarity to your car’s VIN — the model is shown as “2002 ti” (second photo below).


    If you’d like to know the precise manufacturing date for your car, and its factory color, simply email the VIN to BMW Group Archives and request the car’s data. Their email address is:




    Post their reply here and update the Model and Manufactured date above.


    As to identifying the engine, start here:









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