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  • 1566789
    Model: BMW 1600-2
    Year: 1969
    Manufactured Date: 01/01/1969
    Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
    Current Color: Polaris
    Current Owner: corschco
    Location: Pasadena, California, 91105
    Last Sold: 08/04/1969

    Original owner 1600-2. Engine upgrade to factory rebuilt 2 liter M10 in 1985 after 2 rebuilds on original motor.

    Suspension upgrades and 5 speed from later 3 series in 2009. P9140128.thumb.jpeg.806d581cf7b9afa983d58f09806289f9.jpeg



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    I believe you’ve got an extra “6” in your car’s VIN: ‘02 VIN’s are all 7-digit.  Although 1566789 is a 1969 model, it was probably manufactured in September or October 1968. BMW Group Archives can confirm the precise manufacturing date if you simply email them your car’s VIN and request their data on the car (info.grouparchiv@bmwgroup.com). There is no charge for this, and they generally reply within two business days.


    Sure would be nice to have some photos attached to this entry.... ? ?






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