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  • 1532001
    Model: BMW 1600-2
    Year: 1967
    Manufactured Date: No value
    Original Color: Chamonix
    Sunroof: Standard
    Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
    Last Sold: No value

    My parents owned this ‘67 1600-2 in the eighties in the San Francisco Bay Area. They autocrossed it with the BMWCCA, we took it on trips, strapped plywood to the roof to bring home from the lumber yard. And, it was one of the first cars I ever drove. We sold it in the early nineties to a friend in Hayward. It was somewhat rusty and was a faded metallic blue when we had it, but it was a ‘67 1600 with a sunroof, so cool and rare.


    I last saw it in eBay from somewhere back east, like Virginia or North Carolina, I can’t recall… I believe it was somewhere around 2005. The car was in primer then and toted as a California car, which it wasn’t. The California license plate it had when we owned it was 656 LTY, a mid seventies blue and yellow California plate.


    The original 1600 engine is long gone. It broke a couple of piston rings and my dad replaced it with a 2-Liter from a junk yard that had flat top pistons. It did not have the Borrani wheels on it when we sold it, we kept those.








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    Hello Tom,


    I have a note on 1532991. I have the Owner as 02MonsterMike (Michael Schaak, Waterford, MI) who used to be on the faq board 15~18 years ago. I have no date for this entry, but it must have been around that time. Unfortunately, nothing more.




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    On 5/19/2021 at 1:01 PM, tjones02 said:

    Les, Are you sure that photo is of 1532001?

    Just seen this. 

    Not sure where I got that picture. Age issues setting in!

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    This car was dismantled due to rust.....probably back in 2006.....


    I can't remember,... I've had 92 of these cars.

    Edited by 2002Monster
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