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  1. Highnote 1, I don't know for sure but maybe. I'm in the same position. I am dropping mine off at the paint and body shop tomorrow. So I figure 4-6 weeks till finished. Decision time. $408 difference. That's a lot. Good luck to you! Best Regards,'Scott
  2. At this crossroad right now. Difference of $408! Your experience here is welcome to me. Thanks 'Etsy'! Best Regards, Scott
  3. Hi all and thanks. I am in the final stages of prepping my car for paint. I just finished removing the sunroof. Pretty easy; 4 screws and 4 little bolts. I need help in understanding how to remove the liner which attaches to the front of the sunroof panel itself and can slide back and forth once detached. How can I remove it from the car? Do I need to remove the aluminums 'casing' pieces which the cables ride in? Thanks for your help! Stay Healthy, Scott
  4. Great to hear. Mine will be arriving very soon. Took off the passenger drip rail this morning. It went great. Very relieved. Hope the Drivers side will too.
  5. Hi Forrest, That is a great idea. I can't wait to receive my tool on Friday. I hope to remove them without damaging them this weekend. Maybe by the time the car is back from the paintshop ( it is going in on Wednesday fully stripped for a complete painting ), the video will be ready! Be healthy and well! Scott in Fort Lauderdale
  6. Thank you Mike. Will do as you advise. I hope you and your love ones are all. Scott
  7. Thank you both very much. I will purchase it today. I hope you don't mind if I reach out at a later date with a question or two. Wishing you both a great week! Best Regards, Scott
  8. Hi, I am preparing for paint. Can anyone tell me of their experience using the Kooglework tool to reinstall the drip rails? How about taking them off as well? Many Thanks, Scott
  9. Hi All, I am dropping my 74 off at the body and paint shop a week from Monday. I am trying to attend to and procure things I will be needing after I pick it up upon completion for reassembly. Does anyone have any experience with the product list d below or one from another manufacturer? I think I remember 3M made something similar. So all and any input would be appreciated including other manufacturers or suppliers beside the one I have here. https://www.brandsport.com/trmg-n91-05.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMImJPa5YPd4AIVBNvACh03iwTuEAYYBSABEgJ3-fD_BwE&fbclid=IwAR3CbVuSfRPfdie0cyz_zJPnHcudnTw686ysmWRoeBK4-xBPWSbdATiFknw Thank You Vey Much, Scott
  10. Hi All, Can anyone tell me the part number for the reverse lights switch in the transmission. Mine is leaking on my 74. I tried real.oem but came up empty. Do you change the whole switch or just a washer to fix such leaks? Thanks and stay healthy everyone! Scott
  11. Thank you, Andrew. How do I know if I am running the proper ohm resistance?
  12. Hello and thank you! 1974 base. Crane xr 700 ignition. Cleaned all connections external to distributor. After it not happening for two weeks after I cleaned all my connections, the car died for a split second at 30-40 mph, I believe I was accelerating but it happened five weeks ago decelerating and reaching idle for a red light where it died and easily restarted. The other handful of times, driving at various RPM's and tach swings toward zero, engine dying and then immediate return of normal function. I am new to the electronic conversion world. Does what I describe make anyone think of anything specific to the system besides connections external to the distributor? Many thanks. Stay Healthy My Friends, Scott in Fort Lauderdale
  13. I drive a base model, 1974, '02 with a 32/36 Dgev. The ignition has been changed to a Crane XR 700. I wish to replace the coil in the system and would like to know which make and model to purchase from someone wiser than myself. Thank you very much for your help with this. Best Regards, Scott
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