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  1. Scottjeffrey

    Orinal paints

    Im trying to figure out what kind of paint to use to do my engine bay and cowl area as well as I can without removing the engine (rattle can and possibly an airbrush for harder to reach spots). I have the radiator and a/c out so I have access as well to the interior of the nose panel. Maybe I should use acrylic lacquer after all. I hadn't considered it. Its very airbrush friendly and available in color matched acrylic lacquer rattle cans as well.
  2. Scottjeffrey

    Orinal paints

    I see. Mine is faded oem. It actually buffs out nice under the hood where the sun didn't shine. I had no idea it was lacquer.
  3. Scottjeffrey

    Orinal paints

    Thank you, Steve! I thought for sure my 74 Malaga was an enamel or acrylic enamel. Laquer! Best Regards, Scott
  4. Scottjeffrey

    Orinal paints

    Were the non metallic E10's single stage enamel or acrylic enamel?
  5. Scottjeffrey

    Interior Refurbishment

    Hats off to you! Its beautiful. I already have indigestion thinking about doing my own headliner in a few months or so. You did a great job with your car.
  6. Scottjeffrey

    Anybody? 12318602032 Alt. Supporting bracket?

    Daron, I can't thank you enough. Should I PM you with my address and you can give me your PayPal info? I am so grateful. Scott
  7. Scottjeffrey

    Alternator bolt in support bracket.

    Exactly, Hal. Thanks everyone. I will get the WD out along with the socket and hammer.
  8. I am having a hard time believing that I am at a bit of a loss. In order to remove my alternator I ended up having to remove the alternator with the engine mounting 'bracket' as I couldn't get the bolt out. Well I have heated it and I have pounded on it since I have the assembly off the car but no luck. I don't even understand what it is 'hung up' on. Any suggestions Gents? Before I buy a used one I found for $35 I thought I would ask. I'm mounting a new alternator so with a new bracket I'd be set, but out $35 beans and its a mechanical defeat! Best Regards, Scott
  9. Scottjeffrey

    Anybody? 12318602032 Alt. Supporting bracket?

    Hi and thanks. Working with a very low budget. Trying to do better than this currently on eBay. Could you do $30 shipped? No disrespect intended. Thanks! Scott
  10. With shipping to Fort Lauderdale. Thank You, Scott
  11. Scottjeffrey

    Interior Refurbishment

    It really looks great! What kind did you go with; one piece or many? From where?
  12. Scottjeffrey

    Interior Refurbishment

    Great for you. It looks lovely. I am facing a similar situation in my near future. Did you stuff and recover the seat yourself? Looks super. I am thinking of going with a molded carpet for the look which I think I am preferring. How much of the interior did you paint? Did you remove all the factory stuff and tar under the carpets? Nice work, DJthom.
  13. Scottjeffrey

    Passenger floor pan replacement

    Nice going Digs. Good work there.
  14. Scottjeffrey

    DIY evaporator

    Yes, live and learn and God bless the adventurer's spirit!
  15. Scottjeffrey

    DIY evaporator

    I'm impressed!