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  1. Just finished rebuilding my early style shifter in my 74. I cannot believe how fantastic it feels. I used the Bluntech kit. I noticed that the bushing at the transmission end of the support lever is toast. The whole piece is available for around $50 at ESC tuning. Is the bushing available by itself? Thanks! Scott
  2. Hi Tom, I was happy after reading this from TobyB. But on close inspection Saturday, they are both cracked close to the attachment of the axles to the trailing arm assembly-hub. Oh well. I am telling myself I will gummi pflege them yearly so they last longer them me, lol. I hope all is well with you! Best Regards, Scott
  3. Buckeye! You're the man! With Much Appreciation, Scott
  4. I am renewing my CV boots with Rein's product. From researching here, there seems to be a lot of opinions that OETIKER clamps are far superior to the ones provided by Rein. Does anyone know what size I need. Bellmetric sells the OETIKER clamps. Also, will I need a special tool for them? I will be using the old caps. What type of sealer is recommended for them? Many Thanks, Scott
  5. That is very cool, Paul! Many thanks - Scott
  6. That really looks good. Decided to drop my subframe so I will get to do some cleaning, nothing like yours. Beautiful.
  7. Dear Toby and Paul, Thanks very much for the advice. You have both saved me what surely would be a messy headache. I think I will simply clean and gummi pflege my boots. Boy that was easy! Cant thank you teachers enough. Best Regards, Scott
  8. Hello and Thank you. I will very shortly be removing my axle shafts in my 1974 base 2002. My question is whether or not there are differential seals at the axle output, or bearings or o-rings etc that I should replace while the shafts are out. Thank you again. Best Regards, Scott
  9. Hi, I am considering the purchase of a Wallothnesch aftermarket fender. Can anyone share their experience with them? Picture too? Thank You, Scott Thank Yo all
  10. A friend joined me the last couple of days to offer some help with my steering and suspension renovation. He called a friend in the engineering department of BMW who after checking with BMW, told him my car was manufactured as a 1974 TII, 2.46 liter production automobile. My VIN is 4221802. I had been under the impression it was a base model, '74. It came to me, carbureted (weber 32/36). He sent my engine block number to the friend (1109059265), manufactured on 11/28/1973 and mated to transmission (291411), who gave him this information regarding it originally being a TII. Does any of this make sense? Its a bit exciting at this point, lol. Best Wishes and Thanks, Scott
  11. Hi Mike, Thanks for the reply. I am installing KYB's and they did not include the above parts.
  12. The time is fast approaching for tackling my front end, steering and suspension. Almost all the parts required are sitting here. Should I definitely have a set of both of these waiting as well? Do the cheaper generic accordion covers work just as well as the more expensive OEM counterpart? Thank you very much, Scott HOSE ES#: 50735 Mfg#: 31332450121 Bump Stop ES#: 3101189 Mfg#: 31331100633
  13. Scottjeffrey


    VIN# 4221802 US 1974 Model. 1/74 manufacturing date Scott
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