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  1. I installed my new weber 32/36 DGEV today. It's running beautiful. Last week I bought a tach and dwell on Ebay in the box unopened! Manufacturing date, 1974 just like my '02. Its scales are for 6 and 8 cylinder and you are supposed to double the 8 cylinder reading for a four banger. I wanted to check my RPM's under the hood while setting up the carb but was perplexed. The 8 cylinder reading was on 2 (200) x 2 is 400. The tach in the car read a hair under 1000. Any thoughts about this? Glad my Innova 3658 timing light with tach is on the way but I'd love to figure out what's going on with my 'new' meter. Thanks so much! Scott
  2. Hi John, I found the exact one I pictured in the first post. It worked like a charm in the (distant, lol) past and I am sure it still will. Best Regards, Scott
  3. I am so happy to say I found one, NOS! Good old Ebay. Thanks all, I have enjoyed your posts! Scott
  4. Ready for my first oil change. I can't find this, my old filter wrench which worked beautifully. Hell I know I had it in 1997, lol. Anyone know who sells them? Thank You, Scott
  5. Hi John, Thanks for the reply. Seems you have it right about the gasket being installed backwards. I guess not matching the manifold exactly is as you suggest, paid for in horsepower though apparently they can 'run fine' nonetheless. If only I had a garage, lol. I hope you are happy with your 38. I have read many good things here about them. Best Wishes - Scott PS. Do you know if there should be a paper gasket above AND below the spacer?
  6. I removed the weber 32/36 DGAV today from my stock 1974, desmogged '02. It looks to me from the indentations on the base gaskets (on top and below the spacer) that the manifold opening should be a bit larger. The car ran good but I am wondering as to what kind of difference is obtained, if the manifold is modified as I am thinking it ideally would be. Of course I may be wrong. I'd like to put the new or rebuilt car back on without removing the intake manifold and am wondering what the real difference is. Than you all. Best Regards, Scott
  7. All this talk of Snicker's bars has me hungry
  8. Hi Tom, I haven't opened mine yet. I hurt my back so opening it up will have to wait a few days. Hopefully Saturday. I was not familiar with AFR gauges for in the car, until I read your post and researched them a bit. I am of course intrigued. Which one did you purchase? I wish I could split myself in two; one for my 'day job' and the other for my BMW disease, lol. Scott
  9. I am planning a rebuild of my Weber 32/36 DGAV. I have been reading posts and suggestions for several days with CD's prescription repeatedly spoken of. Yesterday I picked my copy of Mike Macartney's, BMW '02 Restoration guide and lo and behold he has recommendations also. He offers the factory settings, suggested settings and performance. I have a 1974 with a factory replacement engine which was installed in 1984. I don't know if it was remanufactured or new. In contemplating Mike Macartney's tables. I am considering the 'Suggested Settings' he offers. They are as follows Both emulsion tubes: F8 Primary main jet: 150 Secondary main jet : 165 Primary air correction jet: 165 Secondary air correction jet: 170 Primary idle jet: 55 Secondary idle jet: 50 Accelerator pump jet: 50 Has anyone tried this formula? I will be using the car as a daily driver and not racing it at all. Your thoughts and experiences are much appreciated. Best Regards, Scott in Fort Lauderdale (Sea Level for jetting consideration).
  10. I was looking at this one simultaneously. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/articles.html/technical-articles/engine-and-drivetrain/weber-3236-jetting-prescription-r22 I think I get it, Tom. Thanks.
  11. Hi Tom, I meant what to use to plug the The secondary enrichment hole. I don't see it answered on the post I quoted, only for the choke linkage. Did I miss it here?

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