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  1. Found them on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-Genuine-Mirror-Base-set-screw-2002-e21-e12-3-0cs-51161808536-set-of-2-/303361768114
  2. Thirty two years and counting here. She puts up with my car parts in the living room. Keeper! Hey, anyone know the size of the set screw for the mirror? Trying to find one online. Thanks! Scott
  3. NYNICK!!!! You're the man!!! Got out my soldering iron and viola!!!! I really can't thank you enough. It was thrilling when I heard the squeak of the set screw beginning to move!
  4. Good thinking! Worth a try and sure do have a pencil tip soldering iron! Best Regards, Scott
  5. I have reached the point of having to concede that the set screw holding my mirror on is not going to come loose. Weeks of penetrating fluids and different screwdrivers and different hands, lol have gotten nowhere with it. I took the door panel off hoping for an easy solution from inside but it appears that is not the case. I see the two bolts protruding into the door through a 'something' but even If I take the glass out it doesn't appear to be a clean remove and replacement. So before I start drilling the set screw out ( I am loathe to undertake it; the screw looks like to do a good job you would need a drill which is super thin to avoid interference with the door and might end up with a hole at an angle which isn't how it is supposed to be. So, before I start with the drill, any ideas or magical incantations? Many Thanks, Scott
  6. https://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/gear-lube/severe-gear-75w-90/
  7. Thanks, Tech. It's less than $6 delivered and seemed to me to 'check all the boxes'. I don't race, and am happy to change the oils regularly so I figured it would be ok. Thanks to your input. Best Regards-Scott
  8. Good point. I completely forgot. It's an open differential. Thank you!
  9. I guess I will go with redline! Too confusing. I thought this fit the bill. "Recommended for conventional hypoid differentials and non-synchronized manual transmissions in passenger cars, light trucks, sport utility vehicles, vans and heavy-duty trucks where an API GL-5 or API GL-4 fluid is specified. Valvoline recommends SynPower™ Full Synthetic Gear Oil for limited slip differentials." It even says Hypoid?? But I do like my bearings
  10. As per Eurotrash's post this seems fine for my new, used diff going in. Cool? Warm Regards, Scott Valvoline High Performance SAE 80W-90 Conventional Gear Oil 1 QT
  11. Hi Paul. The old one wasn't on backwards and the new one is on and correct with suitable clearance. I am happy to be able to keep my higher amperage alternator on there. I will be tapping you on the shoulder when I get to the differential! Happy New Year! Scott

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