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    I'll say!
  2. Driver's side rear trailing arm? Thanks - Scott
  3. Looking for a price on a left trailing arm. Thank you. Scott
  4. Thanks. I had no idea they were available far less inexpensively. I have cherished mine for decades and it appears, mistakenly valued it at what it seemed worth to me. Go figure
  5. Sevag, Freud's paper of 1925, 'On Negation' is relevant here. Shall I hold the book for you? Lol
  6. 1987 Automobile Quarterly 25th Anniversary Edition. The BMW 2002 $125 Both rare and beautiful, this special hard cover edition, of the Automobile Quarterly featuring an illustrated section devoted to the 2002 'Die Flusterbombe' can be yours. Selling to raise money to paint my wonderful 1974. The book is in great condition. Shipping is included in the price. Best Regards, Scott
  7. Can you share the details of your dash resto? Thanks!
  8. BMW Stud Bolt (M8X28Zn)(M3 M5 M6) - Genuine BMW 07119908368 1600, 1602, 2002, 2002tii, 2500, 2800, 2800CS, & more Part #: BMW-07119908368 AVAILABLE In Stock Will this fit my car? What does this include? When will this ship? Price each: $1.41 Add to cart Qty: Save for Later
  9. Forgive me Halboyles, Are the head studs a different part number than those for the downpipes. Best as I can see on the diagram, the exhaust manifold to head bolts are 071 199 083 68? Many thanks! Scott
  10. Thanks again Halboyles. It requires eight of them, yes?
  11. Wow. Thank you so, so much Halboyles. You figure they have the shoulder you refer to? I haven't done this job in thirty years and I forgot if they had one. Again. much appreciated, Scott
  12. Do you agree they need a shoulder to butt up against the manifold? Thank you Toby!
  13. Thank you Halboyles. Is this what you mean by a 'shoulder'?
  14. Hi All, I have a 1974. I am hoping someone can help me out. I am going to be removing my exhaust manifold in order to change my idler arm bushings increase my access for the job. RealOem lists the stud as a M10x35. I need to know the length of the studs so I may purchase them from Bellmetric in order to save a pretty penny or two. Thank you very much! Part Number 11621711671

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