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  1. Thanks for the input. Yesterday I did purchase the Ireland Engineering bushings for the control arms and tension strut bushings, all else will be rubber. From all the wonderful input I have read here and the goods roads where I live, I am imagining and hoping I will be happy with the ride. Best Regards, Scott
  2. Scottjeffrey

    Looking to buy----

    This I don't know.
  3. Scottjeffrey

    Looking to buy----

    Hi 1936Spyder, No they are for 13 inch steelies. Thank you! Scott
  4. Scottjeffrey

    Looking to buy----

    1 plastic 'knob' for rear window as in picture and two center wheel caps as in picture for the stock 13 inch steelies (I have new emblems). Thank you, Scott
  5. HI, I could use some input from anyone who has used these. I am considering them due to what I have read here, is there far greater ease of installation. A salesman there whom I spoke with yesterday said the ride quality/comfort would be the same but I have seen mixed comments. I run the original 13 inch steel wheels with 185/70's on them. I don't want a harder than stock ride beyond a tiny bit but from everything I have read, installing stock or aftermarket rubber control arm bushings seems close to a nightmare even for the pros. Thank you for your input. I put the car on the road very recently for the first time and the steering and or suspension feels terrible with a lot bounce and shaking in the steering wheel. The radius arm bushing at the front look new, the control arm inner bushings look completely wasted. Thanks again--Scott
  6. Scottjeffrey

    What Lies Beneath… the fenders.

    Nice work. I am on the fence about removing mine. It appears they have been removed or replaced in th past by virtue of there being no 'line' visible at the originally leaded seam. I fear damaging the metal there if I must separate a weld that was made. I guess I would use a cutting wheel but I am left nervous thinking about it. On the other hand, rust coming thru after painting because I hadn't removed and treat them makes me feel a bit ill. Good luck with your project! Scott
  7. Scottjeffrey

    Rear quarter latch parts, left side

    Will get back to you guys tomorrow. Jammed up today. Thank you! Scott
  8. Scottjeffrey

    For Sale: Tons of 2002 Parts - Check It Out!

    Hi Brandon, I need a few pieces for my left rear window latch mechanism. Do you have any. If so I will take pictures of what I have and we can figure out what I need. Thanks! Scott
  9. Scottjeffrey

    Rear quarter latch parts, left side

    Hi. I need some of the parts for the left rear quarter window latch mechanism. Thank you. Scott
  10. Scottjeffrey

    Hood separation

    Thank you Hal!
  11. Scottjeffrey

    Hood separation

    Hi Jay, Its says it does not shrink.
  12. Scottjeffrey

    Hood separation

    Harold; Am I correct that the hood sits a distance off the 'bars' and that the foam maintains the separation? Do you inject it through the hole in the 'support bar' or from the sides?
  13. Scottjeffrey

    Hood separation

    Thank you so much, Harold!
  14. Scottjeffrey

    Hood separation

    Has anyone encountered their hood separating from the bars that run front to back? Ever bonded them back together with some 3M product or the likes? Thank you for you r help, Scott
  15. Scottjeffrey

    wheel and tire question

    Forgive me Steve. What does ET stand for? I am unfamiliar. And what about the difference in the bolt pattern as little as the difference SEEMS? Go ahead, get started, I love to learn, lol! And thanks again