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  1. Put SoCal Vintage and the French/Italian car shows on your calendar. Worth the drive...Usually the first weekend in November at Woodlely Ave Park in Van Nuys.
  2. Welcome to the smokey west coast. Looks like you actually have some blue sky and sunshine for a change. You’ll find plenty of great backgrounds to explore compared to the NJT. Where is the picture taken?
  3. They’re very similar to the wheels on my GTV, which also has no casting marks. They are most likely by Delta, a long forgotten manufacturer from Milano, Italy. Apparently copying wheel designs and modifying sand casting molds was pretty easy, as Ive seen at least three similar wheels that “knock off” the Miura look. They didn’t call them forgers for nothing. 😊
  4. Once the heater valve has been rebuilt and the valve hardware has been refreshed, I’ve found it relatively easy to work on the valve’s O-rings without removing the heater box. Reaching into the cowling with a 7mm wrench and a stubby Phillips screwdriver to loosen the screws and bolt to remove the valve cover, plug and shaft is relatively easy. The hardest part is getting the lever arm and bolt back on the valve shaft entirely by feel. It takes a bit of touch and dexterity, but it’s doable. Lord knows I’ve had enough practice.🤣
  5. I had a similar issue with a slight weep from the shaft. I soaked my shaft o-ring in power steering leak-stop for a day to swell the o-ring a bit for a tighter fit. I’ve had no leakage since doing so.
  6. The width of the teflon plug is equal to the internal width of the brass valve body. The stainless steel shaft and its seat is designed to be sandwiched between the side of the Teflon plug and brass valve body. It’s important that the internal brass valve body be free of any corrosion preventing the full insertion of the teflon plug. The plug and stem should then smoothly rotate, but not have any wobble or radial movement. Polishing the inside of the valve is helpful IMO. Note that there are various versions of brass heater valves, so your version may be more susceptible to issues. You made no comment on where your valve leaked (at the stem or the cover). Pictures would be helpful.
  7. Replacement gauges are available: https://www.rogerstii.com/bmw-2002-water-temperature-gauge/ That being said, I would take a careful look at the gauge once you remove it from the instrument cluster. It’s fairly fragile, and the case is thin gauge steel. When inspecting mine, I found two problems: The first was the mounting stud had pulled away from the back of the casing. The stud was used as a non-factory secondary ground point for the gauge. Over Tightening the nut on the back side of the circuit board had pulled stud from the casing. The second problem was a loose ground connector in he gauge itself. Correctly pushing this connector back onto the terminal spade fixed my gauge issues (needle pegged out due to poor ground).
  8. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1975-bmw-2002-56/
  9. The wheels very similar to “Delta” from a foundry in Milano.
  10. I think you mean “Mongo.” See, aren’t we all helpful around here?
  11. I can’t believe I read this whole thread... very sad. I could have been on AlfaBB where everyone is always helpful, courteous and respectful to newbies and oldies alike...🙃
  12. Looks like he didnt read this...
  13. Thumbs up to the guys at PRDesign! I was able to install the repair bracket without any drama. The footwell carpet doesn’t need removal, just loosen the lower edge and corner just enough to access the port hole on the sheet metal. Using the bracket as the template for two 1/4” holes, nail punching the marks, drillIng, a bit of filing and the fiddly part of getting the backer plate piece in. Then bolt it up, set the pin, re glue the carpet and it’s done. Well worth the effort and price! Wife is happy!
  14. ‘73 Malaga VIN 2590923 originally purchased by David Zivnuska of Moraga, CA... The car wound up in Boulder CO with owners #2 (Robert Steinway, ‘95-‘02) and #3 (David Mohseni, ‘02-‘06), before returning to California with owner #4 (Peter Oxenbol, ‘06-‘18). The earliest photo of the car is from ‘98 when it graced the cover of of the BMWCCA Rocky Mtn Chapter newsletter.
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