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  1. Provenance and VINs are important. This must be a record non-tii price for what is essentially a resurrected "donor" chassis. Hopefully the buyer is happy; the seller should be grinning ear to ear IMO.
  2. It baffles my why the car wasn’t registered with the stamped chassis VIN from the “donor” 2534320. There are plenty of other ‘02s out there for a patient buyer, especially at the current bid level (which is getting into nice “tii” range.
  3. Sounds like the swap a tad bit more than just the ”fender wing.”
  4. But I finally had to read it to find out what all the fuss was about a post titled “Please Delete...”
  5. Yes, quite rare... this was best example I could find... would have preferred Taiga but finally “settled” on a very sweet ‘73 in Malaga.
  6. The cover is supposed to fit one-way. There is a wide groove, one-quarter around on the inside of the cover as a guide and stop for the internal plug. Coolant pressure will push on the plug for tight shut-off. Since the valve was installed backwards, pressure will push on the closed plug away from the brass valve body and coolant may leak by. When the valve is installed with the arrow towards the cabin, coolant pressure presses the plug into the valve body for a tighter seal. I rebuilt my valve with a kit, If I could re-use the original valve plug, I would and just find new O-rings to replace the old hardened seals. Unfortunately, the plastic stem's squared-off peg end had rounded corners so the control lever had no grip on the shaft.
  7. Thanks for posting! Looks like a great time. We went last year, and it’s a great weekend with the French & Italian Car Show follow up on Sunday.
  8. With the retrofit valve support bracket, it's possible the cable end or cable set screw are getting hung up in one of the fasteners bolting the bracket to the heater box. You may feel that the control lever has hit a hard stop, but it may not be the internal valve pin.
  9. Maybe there are other variants out there, but in my case, the valve is closed when the lever is at the 7:30 position (small hand of the clock) and open when at the 4:30 position (viewed from the passenger side). The shaft has square end so the lever can only go in 1 of 4 ways; the shaft only fits one way on the Blunttech plug, which positions the square with points at 0/90/180/270 degrees; the square hole on the lever has its aligned with the sides parallel to the lever sides. So straight down would be half open for a Blunttech rebuilt valve.
  10. The valve plug is harder to rotate when its hot due to coolant pressure and differential expansion. When the engine is up to temp, is the control lever easy to slide or stiff? If it's stiff, and if there's slop in the shaft to plug fitment, you may not be getting the plug to rotate fully to the closed position. I'd recheck the plug for any subtle deformity where the metal shaft fits. AMHIK...
  11. If the valve has new plastic plug (guts), I assume it’s been rebuilt with a Blunttech kit. If the valve operation is stiff and requires a high force to rotate, it is possible for the metal valve stem to deform the sides of the depression in the plastic plug such that you don’t get full rotation of the plug when you pull the cable to close the valve. Unscrew the valve cover cover with the cable pulled to the fully close position. Then remove the plastic plug, carefully noting its orientation. Then compare it to the orientation of the valve shaft seat, and check the condition oval depression in the plastic plug where the shaft sits. Check for the possibility that the stem is over-rotating due to the plug binding. If that’s the case, the valve body may need to be honed and polished to minimize the binding.
  12. Buying a used car is buying someone’s else’s problems whether big or small. A year and a half ago, my wife and I purchased a “needs nothing” restored ‘02 from a former co-worker. No bidding, no hassle, paid the asking price, which by the current market was a fair deal for both parties. But it has taken until now to get the car really “dialed in.” Things like the heater box, heater valve, temperature gauge ground, fog light wiring and switch, head light relays, center mounted break light, wiper washer switch ground, turn signal cancel tab, cold start circuit cable, driver door brake, general wire harness refurbishment all need fixing. Having these “problems” has allowed me to learn about the car and get to know the ‘02 community. It’s all part of the journey and something that makes ownership that much more rewarding. Don’t stress it. There’s plenty of good help out there, interesting things to learn and good people to meet.
  13. Wolfgang’s If you live near Walnut Creek or need easy Bart access.
  14. A couple of the more unique “02s” at Legends...

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