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  1. Looks like part of the route is on Shoreline Highway aka CA Hwy 1 along Keys Creek and Tomales Bay with a stop at Nick’s Cove... gotta love the West Marin backroads...
  2. It would help to know... How long has the door been out of alignment? Did you just replace the door seal? What brand seal did you procure (OEM, URO. other?) if you did replace them? How does the door close without the seal? Do the door gap appear even? How well does the seal fit in the channels? Is there any excess material? Binding? or pulling out of the channels? Answers to these questions will help you and FAQ members troubleshoot your door closure issues. Also, Replace the acorn cap on the door latch (it looks worn out) Adjust the door first, adjust the window fit second
  3. The valve part description says “it’s a pull to open” so your lever control may work backwards. What you want is a “quarter turn, pull to close” valve. Still, for $15, if you can make it work and the worse is having the control lever work backwards, that’s not too shabby at all.
  4. Rain and pandemic... I expect people will be hunkering down indoors this weekend and roads will be clear... The local Alfa club is having their Green Hills tour this Sunday regardless. For anyone wanting to check out classic Italian sports cars, the staging is in Novato, at the Starbucks Vintage Oaks Shopping Center from 8:30 to 9:15. The drive finishes up in Calistoga for lunch. The drive isn’t Alfa or vintage car exclusive (especially with wet weather in the forecast), so for those interested, it may be possible to join the drive to Calistoga. Anyway, get in your ‘02s, enjoy the hills while they’re emerald green (at least here in NorCal) and stay healthy out there!
  5. Went to a C&C to meet up with a couple of South Bay ‘02ers... helped to install a wind deflector on Pedram’s Agave ‘02 vintage roof rack (just like the the one I had made for mine to knock down the noise).
  6. “Low” temperature reading in the gauge could also be caused by the thermostat or temperature sender. The sender doesn’t typically go bad, but they’re inexpensive (<$10j if you want to swap it out; ditto the thermostat (~$25). John76 makes a good point about IR gauge accuracy. I’m guessing normal operating temperature should be in the 175-180F range. If your dash gauge reads 150-165F, an IR gauge or temp stick giving you +/- 5F accuracy may be good enough to tell you if you have a dash gauge issue or not. FWIW, my gauge reads on the “low” side as well, maybe 170-175F per the TechTip.
  7. I’d check it with one of these for $16 before futzing with the temp gauge. https://www.amazon.com/Etekcity-Lasergrip-774-Non-contact-Thermometer/dp/B00837ZGRY/ref=pd_cp_328_1/147-5689337-3082223?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00837ZGRY&pd_rd_r=d39c3e8d-0f62-4b6c-ae15-f4eb09ead529&pd_rd_w=moiy1&pd_rd_wg=n6rHm&pf_rd_p=4853e837-f87a-46d4-be32-dcf86bff7a7c&pf_rd_r=D6BFPXCS8Q15EDSRR1S8&psc=1&refRID=D6BFPXCS8Q15EDSRR1S8
  8. Isn’t that what’s this is for??? https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/forum/11-parts-for-sale/
  9. Very true, but Parker99 already has 5 wins on BaT in 2020 alone. Hopefully he drives or uses them all the way they were intended for.
  10. BMW OEM if you can find one. Unfortunately I sold an extra that came with my car last year. Part number is below if you want to try to reach out to a BMW dealer or other parts vendor.
  11. Hopefully the buyer is happy and the car met all of his must have check boxes, trophies will surely be added to his shelves. The seller sure is happy. Our cars are not new, off the factory assembly line commodities, so each sale is unique. This is certainly an outlier, and in no way changes the core '02 market IMO. My very nice '73 "driver" is still worth "only" a quarter of the Euro tii sale price; investing another quarter of that sale price to raise the quality of my '73 to "better than new" will not double its value. There are no visions of grandeur or ideas of flipping my car as a result of this sale. I made a smart purchase two years ago, and am really enjoying owning and driving my car, probably more than the collector(?) of the Euro tii ever will. That being said, I think I've got the better deal at a fraction of the sale price.
  12. Assuming the tii injection pump is similar in design concept to an Alfa SPICA pump, those four little gasoline pistons have tight tolerance fits, but not so tight to prevent a thin solvent to pass by into the fuel injection pump crankcase, especially if the pump has some normal wear. And guess wear the FI pump crankcase gets its lubrication? From your engine oil (at least that's what happens in an Alfa w/SPICA FI). Gas in Oil is a common issue for worn SPICA pumps. Check your oil.
  13. Christian, Based on your number of posts, I assume you’re pretty new to this group like me. However, I’ve been a vintage euro sports car owner for close to 30 years, and seen friends make mistakes thinking they could “save” money on cars with needs. so here’s some general purchasing advice as your hunt continues. Enjoy the hunt. It’s a great time to gain knowledge about 2002’s and meet the great people in this community. Join your local club and attend the events. The SoCal Vintage in early November is a great place to see cars and meet their owners, lay seeds for possible buys or even find a car for sale that meets your requirements. Determine your requirements and if you’re looking for a long term buy or settling for something less in the short term. It’s a pay now or later decision... being patient, finding the right car and paying a bit more now may very well save you in the long term. If you’re considering cars in $18-20k range, another $5k will make a big difference in the quality of car you can own. Be ready for the kill. Set aside your car fund now, in case the car you’ve been searching for unexpectedly becomes available. Cash is king when it comes to making and a closing a deal. Good luck and hope to see you out there on PCH someday.
  14. Patience and a little luck help too... It’s been two years since acquiring our ‘73. A few years earlier, a co-worker and I made a mutual promise that if either of us decided to part with our classics (mine an Alfa GTV), we would give the other the first call before going to the open market. My buddy blinked first, offering his needs nothing, fully restored (by a PO) ‘73 Malaga with sunroof, rebuilt engine (dual side draft Weber’s, 292s, Stahl header) and tranny, extra wheels (13” repro FPS alloys), seats (Recaros) and miscellaneous parts (as-new door handles, mud flaps, sunroof wind deflector). Well, the heater valve and box did need rebuilding (don’t they all?) and some minor TLC (he drove it maybe 3000 miles in 11 years of ownership). His asking was mid-$20s... my questions was, “You sure?” Other than the temperature gauge going wonky (loose ground), we’ve had 4000 trouble free miles. No regrets. keep an eye out and get the word out... you’ll find the right car when you see it.

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