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  1. Buying a used car is buying someone’s else’s problems whether big or small. A year and a half ago, my wife and I purchased a “needs nothing” restored ‘02 from a former co-worker. No bidding, no hassle, paid the asking price, which by the current market was a fair deal for both parties. But it has taken until now to get the car really “dialed in.” Things like the heater box, heater valve, temperature gauge ground, fog light wiring and switch, head light relays, center mounted break light, wiper washer switch ground, turn signal cancel tab, cold start circuit cable, driver door brake, general wire harness refurbishment all need fixing. Having these “problems” has allowed me to learn about the car and get to know the ‘02 community. It’s all part of the journey and something that makes ownership that much more rewarding. Don’t stress it. There’s plenty of good help out there, interesting things to learn and good people to meet.
  2. Wolfgang’s If you live near Walnut Creek or need easy Bart access.
  3. A couple of the more unique “02s” at Legends...
  4. From my experience, judges prefer consistency of presentation and the story behind the car that supports it. If there is no preservation class, an original, unmolested car with patina may do just as well as a nut and bolt full restoration. But it’s hard for the judges to ignore the as-new or better than factory shine of a correct restoration. If your car already has new replacement parts and trim pieces polished up, you’re probably best to continue with that theme and replace your wheel centers. Otherwise they will look out of place and candidates for point deductions.
  5. Anyone down in SoCal headed up to Legends of the Autobahn, willing to pick up a retro roof rack in La Miarad from “Reese M.” and deliver to me in Monterey? Willing to negotiate a fee for the courier efforts.
  6. I had to do the same in both corners and used 3M Super Weather Strip (#03602) with good success. The hardest problem was scraping off all of the old adhesive on both the body and rubber seal surfaces to get clean smooth surfaces to work with. Other than following instructions, I did use masking tape to secure the seal in place until the cement was fully set. The corners haven’t lifted since.
  7. Part # 51 21 6 442 100 & 51 21 6 442 101 (1) Set (L&R) of exterior door handles including keys in new or near new condition. Locks do not match keys and will require a locksmith to match to either key set or to your car’s ignition/door key. $395 including shipping via USPS Priority anywhere in the US. If you’re looking for a new set of door handles, save on tax, shipping and current retail prices with these door handles.
  8. This might work for you Found this one on the FAQ... https://www.bmw2002faq.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=287975
  9. Schon '02

    Car Bra

    Custom ‘02 car bra, Black Vinyl Double stitch/double padding at critical areas strengthens & delivers a better body-hugging fit Super soft flannel backing keeps paint scratch free Vinyl coated hooks & padded tabs are double covered & reinforced & won't scratch Easy installation no tools required & hooks are pre-bent $25 obo plus shipping.
  10. BMW Part# 82 11 9 401 144; new and unused smoked plexiglass sunroof wind deflector in original box. Includes rubber gasket, 2 sets of clips, instructions, but only 1 of 2 screw / hand nut fasteners (replacement fasteners easily sourced from the specialty hardware section of your local Ace). $100 plus shipping.
  11. For Sale: (4) E30 “Bottle Cap” wheels with wheel centers in very good condition, mounted with Pirelli P4000 195-60-14 tires (80% remaining tread). Plus an additional wheel w/o wheel center in excellent condition. Local pick-up or delivery in the SF Bay Area. Make offer.
  12. Polished valve cover; early 2002 version with “BMW” and 4 horizontal bars; internal casting mark “68.” $60 plus shipping.

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