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  1. My ex threw rocks at my pristine Alfa Romeo Milano Verde and smashed the rear window and put a few dents in the trunk. I’d rather have the 15 years of neglect.
  2. Daniel, North Bay Bavarian is right in your Santa Rosa backyard and Bill Arnold BMW is down 101 in San Rafael. Both come highly recommended in the local ‘02 community. Hope to see you at the Main CnC or one of the North Bay BMW GGC gatherings.
  3. Take your pick... Malaga w/tan or Chamonix in the background
  4. Thanks Mike! I’ll take you up in the PM offer and will send you some pictures when I get a chance (hopefully tomorrow after work).
  5. Is there a way to adjust the rear vertical edge of the side glass to position it further outboard? The glass currently puts too much pressure on the seal in its current position making it harder to close the door with the window up. The only adjustment I see is at the front of the door where the quarter window frame can be adjusted in/outboard. This does move the window in/outboard, but I could use some more adjustment towards the rear of The side glass. TIA, Ken
  6. An Alfa club member shared a Super Drive Sunday (02/02/20) rally route. The staging time is probably around 8:30 - 9:00 am in the Sea Bowl parking lot in Pacifica. The lunch stop is in Boulder Creek and returns to Pacifica. The unofficial rally is open to all with no club affiliation.
  7. Certainly open to a Delta drive or gathering someplace in between the valley and SF. Setting up a starting/staging point on the 80 corridor would make sense for Sac, North and East Bay’ers. There are CnCs in Fairfield on 3/14 and Vacaville on 3/15 that start at 8am, so at a minimum, they could be good places to meet and show with easy access to Hwy12 for those that want to drive on. Regarding a rally on 02/02/2020, it is Super Bowl Sunday and the ‘9ers are playing... not sure what interest there is for that, though the roads will likely be open as kickoff time approaches. However, the Marin CnC is in play for the morning. Will Derby or Tesoro be there?
  8. I chose not. It’s not that I don’t like them, but we wanted a period correct look and feel to the car, so we swapped out the wheels for the factory option 13” FPS alloys and the Recaros with original seats (which came with the car when we bought it a couple of years ago). Is it just a matter of styling that seems to cause the gagging and eye rolling? Or is there something else wrong with them? If it’s just the look, I sort of get it when I think of how out of place a 5 star Campagnolo wheel from an Alfa Spider looks on a GTV, even though a similar 5 Star design Cromodora Daytona looks perfect. But what do I know? I just have a set of bottle caps w/185-70s plus a perfect unshod wheel taking up space in the garage. Trying to sell them has been pretty fruitless.
  9. If you’re going to go down this path, you’ve got a long way to catch up with the AlfaBB’ers... 5321 posts and counting.... https://www.alfabb.com/threads/women-alfas.55069/
  10. IMO, we had the seller's perfect scenario of two bidders with silly money, wanting a car they perceive to be in #1 condition. VIN issues aside, it is IMO a #2 condition car that would not merit honorable mention at the national level. I thought $25-30k was more than enough for a restored salvage vehicle that someone was able to get their DMV to title with parts from a non-salvage title. It's an outlier as far as I'm concerned and I won't expect anyone to pay me this kind of money for my restored '73 in #2- condition with matching numbers.
  11. Sold for $40k... unbelievable.
  12. No Hagerty discount for CA drivers.
  13. https://www.bmwcca.org/membershipbenefits/discounts https://ggcbmwcca.org/resources/discounts/
  14. The buyer paid a fair price. The market in two different venues (BaT and B-J) validate this. There’s no guarantee of a seller recouping their “investment” on a restoration, which is why we always advise prospect buyers to buy the best they can afford, or to be mindful of potential total restoration cost for a project. Here’s a case of just another upside down seller who spent more than the market value. Would you spend $35k on this or an equally nice roundie? Or would you spend $50k on this or an equally nice tii? If the buyer tries to flip this, will he get more than what he just paid? YMMV, but based on my answers, fair price.
  15. Floating another idea out here assuming there is no other BA02 Shamrock event planned. This is a pretty diverse group, spread out over a large geographic area, so finding something that pleases everyone is challenging. Conceptually, here’s the idea: - Keeping with Shamrock Rally tradition, meet at States Coffee in Martinez; - Drive a short 20 mile scenic loop through Franklin Canyon, Cummings Skyway, Shelby, Crocket, Port Costa with views of the Carquinez Straights and Bridge; - Return to Martinez for a visit to the Cobra Experience Museum https://www.cobraexperience.org (Admission is $10, opens 10-3) - Head out and drive ~20 miles through Briones Regional Park and run the “three bears” up Bear Creek Rd and down to San Pablo Dam Rd. For food and socializing, there are a couple shamrock pub options: - The closest is East down the Dam Rd in Orinda Theater Square at the Fourth Bore Tap & Grill (Street parking is limited, but free garage parking is available on Sunday). - Further is a ~20-30 mile drive to the Up And Under Pub in Point Richmond, taking the Dam Rd west, Castro Ranch Rd and Pinole Valley Rd, then pop on and off I-80 to the Point via Richmond Parkway. Street parking is readily available in front as well as along Railroad Avenue. - There are other pubs in Berkeley and Oakland, but parking/traffic become an issue. Non-pub food is also an option, but we are talking a Shamrock event, yes? This could be a mostly self guided event with general meet up times (States around 9? Museum around 10:30? Pub 12:30-1:30 depending upon location? Head home by 2or 3?) The date is set on March 15th with the museum visit included (only one public day each month). It is somewhat centrally located between Sac and South Bay, and the drive, while shorter than a rally or tour, should offer something for everyone. If there is enough committed interest, I can work out the route details, confirm venues, check with Steve, Tom and Larry of the BA02, and post the rogue event here on the FAQ. A volunteer to help coordinate and kick off the drive at States would be great. Thoughts?

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