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  1. I’ve installed one and it works just the same as the one on my Alfa GTV. I keep the bottle ~1/3 full when cold. When the engine warms up, hot coolant overflows into the bottle from the bottom; when the engine cools off, it draws it back into the radiator. There is no empty head space at the top of the radiator as there would have to be without the bottle. I can check for coolant lose by just looking at the bottle for a change in level when cold (~1/3 full) or hot (~2/3 full).
  2. Same scenario... was driving and heard a clunk in the drivers door followed by something sliding around in the door. Upon later investigation, found the tension spring at the bottom of the door and the pin (that the outer spring coil hooks to) MIA. Is this a “regulator out” job to replace the pin and spring? Or are there any tricks to perform with repair with the regulator in-situ? I expect the former, but thought I ask before going down that road. TIA!
  3. Had a nice hat trick... Installed an NK steering wheel (Thanks @Hans W. !)... Installed a custom plasma cut throttle return bring bracket from a fellow Alfista (Thanks Alex J!)... Took Schon to the Reopening of the Berkeley CnC...
  4. The OD is 16” (405mm). The leather wrap is tight, without any slippage when gripping or twisting the wheel. The folks at Wheel Skins in Berkeley, custom measured and made the cover for me after mistakenly giving me the wrong size. I installed the wrap myself to insure the fit was perfect. The leather is soft and feels great, especially when used with the leather shift knob I have on the car. The turn signal canceler tab does not fit on the wheel hub. It is located further down the steering column by the turn signal switch.
  5. Very nice ‘74-76 OEM steering wheel with as-new leather “Wheel Skin” cover. Asking $200 OBO plus shipping or will arrange delivery if local to the SF Bay
  6. Looks like you poked the bear 🤣
  7. Except, of course, for the our fellow BMW friends who choose to show their cars at such events, agreed?
  8. Cars and Coffees are usually a great place to strike up a conversation and show your pride and joy. My wife and I met another couple who were there with their freshly restored ‘02. We introduced ourselves and we’re given a brief walk around, and when we mentioned that our ‘02 was just a stone throws away, they showed no interest in taking a look. I certainly felt disappointment, as I see these interactions as an opportunity to share a common interest and perhaps make new friends. In this case, I guess not.
  9. The issue I had with the OEM cage nut was the stretched hole in the door skin. The ears on the back-side of the nut were no longer able to fully catch the edge of the hole, so once one ear slipped off, the nut lost its grip on the door skin. Sorting though the spare nuts& bolts bin, I found that a similar threaded nut with longer ears is used on toggle anchors. I swapped out the back-side eared nut for the one in the toggle anchor and it fixed the problem for less than a dollar.
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