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  1. pato2002

    Valve Covers

    I’ll take one if still available.
  2. pato2002

    Selling my stash - parts too big to ship

    Photos of wheels, bumpers or other big stuff?
  3. pato2002

    Steering Wheel cancel tab

    On one of my wheels or adapters, there is a metal ring/ washer with a tab at right angles. You drop it onto the shaft in the right position for engaging the signal cam, then put the wheel on and bolt it down. You may be able to make one out of sheet metal.
  4. pato2002

    Exhaust Clearance on 5spd

    I ended fabricating a new trans support out of angle iron and with a semicircular cut for the exhaust. Bolted up nicely with 1/8-1/4” gap. Time will tell if it rattles but felt good when I tried wiggling it. I’ll post a photo later. Thanks for the support.
  5. pato2002

    Exhaust Clearance on 5spd

    The original one for a 4spd. I guess I either have some purchasing or cutting to do. Thanks.
  6. I have found a couple photos but no old posts addressing clearance of the exhaust down pipe at the transmission support after a 5spd swap. No one in the Houston group had interference problems but my down pipe is contacting the trans support after I snugged up the bolts. Is this typical or do I have something crooked? New motor mounts and trans mount installed. Trans supports were welded to the tunnel at the recommended 80mm above frame rails (which also put the trans about 3-5mm from top of pounded tunnel). Driveshaft and giubo aligned with a few washers under the CSB mount. I marked the trans support where it appears a semicircle needs to be cut out but wanted to check with you guys prior to cutting. OEM downpipe (47mm OD) and cast manifold.
  7. There are some great posts here. I totally agree with everyone that says do not add up the receipts. Generally, I would not recommend operating without a budget but tracking the costs on my Porsche just drove me crazy. I gave up at 50% of purchase price. On the BMW, I have no intention of adding it all up. Occasionally though, I will be reviewing my Amazon or Paypal transactions and think no way I bought so many things... la la la, moving on, nothing to see here. As for your time, the only time I consider the cost of the hours put into the car is if it is something I dislike. I treat the rest as a hobby or therapy and get much more enjoyment tinkering in the garage than golfing, watching TV or going to the bar (not to say I do not do a bit of those as well). If it is a tedious, un-fun job or I am under a real time-constraint (getting ready for Mid-Am), I will consider hiring it out in which case my time is worth more than I pay the man.
  8. I've heard the same thing re:Porsche but do not think it is back-pressure but rather correctly sizing the header primaries to maximize scavenging effect. There is some pretty complex math around exhaust pulses, etc. Fun article even if it is V8 based: Some fun calculators:
  9. pato2002

    Steering wheels

    Some feedback. I ended up buying a couple wheels from the guy. They shipped quick and were exactly as described. Very nice.
  10. I had the same issue and instead removed the inner bushing, put it on the rod and then inserted the combined rod and inner bushing into the hole. With a little lube, it will go in most if not all the way. Put the outer bushing on then tighten the nut to pull it all together and seat the bushings. FYI, I was installing poly bushings and the above was way easier than the other method.
  11. I second the tool roll idea. I got that and a small canvas bag at harbor freight (also a source for those cheapy sockets/ wrenches). The roll holds the tools and the bag holds the roll, belts, wire, parts, etc.). I have kits like this that go in every vehicle. In addition to your recommendations, I also suggest jumper cables and a can of fix-a-flat. I know the tire shops hate FAF but when you need it (night, rain, soft shoulder, etc), it is unbeatable. Saved me a couple times over the years. Lastly, in my truck, I also threw in a bag with tow straps and ratchet straps.
  12. pato2002

    Missed the free parts car

    Anyone here snag the free 2002 on CL? I need some of those parts.
  13. pato2002

    Steering wheels

    Just a cross post for guys looking for a new steering wheel. Some cool stuff. No association.
  14. pato2002

    Shift rod angle

    Thanks Toby. For future reference, I used the shank of a 7/16 bolt as an interior pin for strength and alignment prior to welding. My setup at the vice wasn't great so I got a little less twist than planned. I wish I would have thought about the shortening... oh well, it will be fine. Also, for shortening the shifter support, I used a 4in piece of 3/4in square tube for interior support. Sorry, no photo.
  15. pato2002

    Shift rod angle

    I am in the middle of a 5spd conversion and am currently cutting down the shift platform and shift rod. I was thinking that there may be some benefit to putting a small twist angle (10-15deg) in the shear pins on the shift rod to slightly angle the shifter to the dirvers side and maybe make the throw to 5th gear a small bit easier. Has anyone done this? I have a short shift kit from IE that I had used on the 4spd and it appears there is a small twist in their dogbone rod (not sure if this was on purpose) but the original rod appears to be squared up. Photo of proposed twist: