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  1. Thingiverse account up and running. I am still learning how to use it but the filter support and fuse box adapter should be posted. https://www.thingiverse.com/Mahakalah/designs
  2. To get from 12 fuses to 10, I combined 7&8 (parking lights) into a single 7.5A fuse and 9&10 (low beams) into a single 15A fuse.
  3. OK. I made a Thingiverse account and will post the filter support and some other designs as soon as it lets me (new user 24hr wait).
  4. I would try chemical first and then go mechanical. Using a dremel or sandpaper will show scratches, give an uneven surface finish, etc. Maybe try some chemical cleaners/ strippers (lacquer thinner, paint stripper, MEK, nail polish remover, oven cleaner, etc) on a cue-tip first. You also want to be careful to not remove the labels. If you can remove the faceplates easy, do that first as it will be easier to work on.
  5. OK, some quick answers/ photos. For the 10-fuse block, I bought this one and am quite pleased, It is good quality construction. If you cannot make the adapter, they have another that has the spades on top. To connect it, I made some short (~3in) pigtails with male/ female spade connectors. It is pretty tight but I didnt really want to cut all the originals. There may be a more elegant solution. Honestly, I would not recommend the 6-fuse, 5-relay box. It it fussy regarding the connectors and is pretty cheap construction. I will be looking for a nicer solution but live with this for now. To support the filter, I printed a U-shaped saddle that press-fits onto the bumper bolt. I may add some glue for security but it fits tight and does a good job of supporting the filter. That said, I haven't put any miles on it yet. I will look for a better photo tonight. If you want the file, let me know. Lastly, no one asked but I highly recommend this cable wrap. Soooo much better than tape or the cruddy corrugated tube.
  6. I haven't finished yet but also used that 5-relay, 6-fuse box from Amazon and also bought a 10-fuse ATC box that I installed using a 3D printed adapter plate and some jumpers.
  7. So true. I sorta like the flares but that rear end is hideous.
  8. Check it out: https://jalopnik.com/the-gruppe5-2002-looks-like-a-time-travelling-dtm-car-1834625969 I want that body kit. Hah!
  9. pato2002


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