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  1. Oldtimerfahrer

    What is it about 13" wheels

    ooh, how could I forget the XAS? My 02 is sitting on a set right now, I view them as my cruising tires because their absolute grip is limited by the tire width. They are definitely premium.... My bad, Andrew
  2. Oldtimerfahrer

    What is it about 13" wheels

    Hi all, I don't know what all the bitching regarding 13" wheels is about... If you want them of course. I think the 185/70 fills the wheel arches nicely, so too much tire. You have three premium tires to choose from (XDX, Cinturato and Avon) and a sea of others and some real cheapies to boot. What we are currently low on are street legal 13" track day tires...there apparently is something for Avon for a Lotus Super 7 but that is it. I have the same problem for the 14" basket weaves on my E30, not much to have in 195/65 R14... so have been thinking about 15" alpina replica wheels for that car... Andrew
  3. usually stamped on the side of the cast iron case in large but shallowly stamped numbers with a separator. there are a lot of pictures and identification threads on faq already on this topic of using them. Andrew
  4. Oldtimerfahrer

    Show me your driving lamps

    Old bumper that already had holes, Cibie Oscar's 2 driving 2 fog on the outside with stabilizers through the grill and attached to the radiator support brackets. 1 hole was drilled (ouch). Andrew
  5. Hi, I have the 3.64 lsd and 5-speed, I find the 1-2 gap more painful than 2-3 but maybe it's because I am taking a standing start on a hill climb as the bar.. You wind the piss out of it in first on a hill (say a little over 6000), you're still landing at the bottom of the sweet spot on hp/torque in second gear because you lose speed against the hill and maybe I shift like a grandpa because I hate crunching gears. I don't generally do a power shift or burnout in second because I'm not in the engine's sweet spot after the shift. It's not a great combo for hard acceleration, but great as a tourer. The 3.91 is an attractive proposition... because the 5-speed is overgeared in 5th and not evenly spaced. Andrew
  6. Oldtimerfahrer

    1600ti/2002ti Factory Images

    Hi Krister, On the phh, check what jets and chokes you can get. Since the cam and compression are different to stock, just adjusting the idle mixture won't really bring a good result. You may need to go to the Webers to get the right jetting and chokes. The choices on dellortos are available, almost like the dcoe but I dont know what is available for the phh as it's not a typical choice for self-tuning. The hp won't reach 150 most likely, without a hotter cam, but between 140 and 150 is not unreasonable. Andrew
  7. Oldtimerfahrer

    Importing a 2002 to France...any advice?

    Hi, The new registrations dont need to be translated, they are standardized like the EU driving license. The fields are numbered and the meaning is known independent of language. This only applies to cars with current registration. I am often in Stuttgart if you happen to find something interesting there. My son is in Hamburg, he is more into e30's but has a fair knowledge of 02s as well. If you want someone to take a look before you travel to Germany. A.
  8. Jeff, GMT-Bauer is just around the corner from you. If you have done diffs before, great, but they have a great reputation. Just don't start looking at the dogleg gearboxes and get carried away, Andrew
  9. Oldtimerfahrer

    13" performance tires?

    hmm, currently NLA... the Kumho ECSTA V70A / V700 oh dear. knew I should have bought them last summer. Andrew
  10. Oldtimerfahrer

    13" performance tires?

    I'm going to try out the Kumho track day tire, which should be a true performance tire as it's available in a number of compounds. The xdx and cn36 are probably better for street use. I suspect the Kumho will deliver limited mileage like my last pair of Yokohamas. But so what, if it's performance then all in, I have some XAS for travelling. Andrew
  11. "Ritchie" I believe is "the man" for an lsd in Germany. I had a broken pinion in an lsd, swapped the ring and pinion from an open diff and repacked the thing with new friction plates...mind you I didn't do as I didn't want a loud diff.... Andrew
  12. Oldtimerfahrer

    DCOE cold start system removal

    Is this like wisdom teeth? Pull them out profilactically or leave em in until they cause problems? I went the overengineered route on a pair of brand new (poorly finished) Spanish Webers. Takes longer but it's all gone...what was never needed. Andrew
  13. Oldtimerfahrer

    Importing a 2002 to France...any advice?

    Hi Mark, There are lots of 02's for sale in Germany (See mobile.de). They standardized the registration and title documents in Europe a few years ago, so unless the vehicles hasn't changed hands in a long time, a German car will have papers that a French authority will be able to process (if they are motivated). Good luck, Andrew
  14. Oldtimerfahrer

    wheel and tire question

    Hi Steve, I am pretty sure they were 5.5, I removed the wheels pretty soon after I finished my restoration and put the car back on stock spings too. She came with old Pirelli cn36 mounted on e21 rims, rubbed only when I wasn't moving in a straight line due to shortened springs...which compounded the problem. So my setup isnt representative, looked good, just useless when moving. My rear fenders were rolled, so no problem there, but up front the stock fenders cut into the outer edges of the tread primarily on left turns. Not pretty. Andrew
  15. Oldtimerfahrer

    Importing a 2002 to France...any advice?

    Hi Jeff, I am in Riga Thu to Sunday, but will be there for much of June, so happy to meet. June is the best time to visit Latvia, if you need any suggestions, let me know. There is a race track in the city and a smallish ok ish car museum too. We have a track day planned for the 9th, which had a mix of all kinds of cars, predominately 1980's. Let me know what your trip dates are! Andrew