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  1. Housing yes, if one had one to copy, but the innards would be tricky. A.
  2. Hi, Are you planning to add an AFR? Emissions are checked at idle if at all, but it still won't tell you how well you are doing across the whole rpm range which an AFR will. Getting rid of your flat spot may remove the symptom but not lead to an optimal mix. A.
  3. I'm really only interested in finding a pressure (not vacuum) regulated blow-off valve. Seems since Saab brought the 99 turbo on the market, all of these valves went to vacuum actuation, as opposed to positive pressure actuation. Atmospheric blow-off is inefficient, especially with an intercooler...but there must be a direct replacement for that valve. Anyone know who manufactured the original? Andrew
  4. HI, The experts will speak up, but you probably need to install an afr meter to really get the mix right in all rpm bands. Next to transitions between the circuits, advance, pump jets, float level and diameter of the venturis there are probably more variables to eliminate... I have a flat spot between 1600 and 1800, either advance or transition from Idle jets to mains that I have never resolved. You can now start tuning when it runs and idles. Andrew
  5. Hi, @einspritz I think he had a replacement fabricated, how I dont know, but I can ask if its relevant. @dlacey thanks, I will look into that. Andrew
  6. Hi, Can anyone provide some tips on a replacement blow-off valve? A friend is restoring a turbo, but it had a modern setup at some point (someone pitched the ancillaries)and he is now returning it to stock... I assume there are modern equivalents, but is there a close replacement for the original? Andrew
  7. Hi, Dynoing is one of the to-do's I never get to. I have the same configuration and dyno'd it once in 2006 when it had not been set up properly and only had 128 or 130hp at the wheels with small chokes and a lame Bosch distributor with a defective lobe....it runs completely differently today, but I haven't redone the measurements. A.
  8. There are multiple other posts on this topic, one even includes some data as well...Seems that Schrick does measure differently. The 300 degree cam is certainly not aggressive, even with 45's, higher compression and a ported head the driveability is quite ok and you can even get a decent idle if all else is good. A.
  9. You could go for the wire mesh, they look really cool on a Ferrari, if you drive few miles per year and not in dusty conditions. I have thought about it as I have covered 3000 miles in the last 20 years... Andrew
  10. Side opener might have a limitation in terms of lifting the car off its wheels. On the four posts you can get a "tray jack" that mounts in the tracks and lifts the car off the upper platform. Don't know if the same is available for the side opener, though I would think it should be possible. A.
  11. Hi, Under what circumstances is it necessary or is it a hygiene thing? Mine have that nice staining with old dust, but I've never seen liquid there...so I haven't really spent time thinking about it. Andrew
  12. Hi, Definitely re-do the overhead doors, there are a lot of videos on YouTube. 4 post is the way to go for storage, the better ones have a jacking option to lift the car if needed. I like the safety and portability. Andrew
  13. Thanks a million! My friend will have to improvise based on the infos. The car is an original swedish market car, with strange seat belts. Had been tuned with modern turbo and other things, but is now going back to a more original condition. The owner doesn't seem to be too picky on the originality, though a shop that restores Ferarri 250s is doing the rebuild.... Thanks again, Andrew
  14. Looking at part 13 in the second diagram, I would guess it's a second pump fed from the pigtail wiring with separate everything....but does the wiper relay differ...Do the wipers wipe synchronously with the windshield wipers and the washer with the windshield washer...? Andrew
  15. My long sold off E12 528i had them, I thought they were cool looking too. But I don't remember ever noticing if they actually worked....or how they were wired up... Andrew
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