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  1. Just a piston and engine component manufacturer based in the UK. I thought at the time it was a material, but they also make just cast nural pistons....they were big in the age of BMC, less so in the times of British Leyland and seem to be concentrating on vintage British Motor bikes. Were taken over, but not by one of the well known global engine components manufacturers. Their home page doesn't include an application catalog so not sure how you can buy their pistons today. I guess Mikeys were NOS items. Andrew
  2. I put hepolite pistons into a triumph spitfire long ago, ran for some 60kmiles before I sold it. Old Land Rover manuals refer to them as oe parts. Didn't know they made pistons for the 02. If I got them cheaply I would be happy, otherwise hmm.
  3. Thanks for the picture, my ti has those overriders so now I don't feel like such an outcast. My grills are not quite so tired... I launched mine on a rally stage a few years back, the landing was painful. I sometimes think that moving the battery to the trunk would have changed the trajectory, but replacing the driver might be a better long term solution. So I'm careful approaching the trampolines now. I'll have the post the elapsed sequence... Andrew
  4. Hi, Thanks for the update! I will have to check whether my tabs are still intact. Does JB Weld harden completely and become brittle? I have never used it, I think I have used window sealant to attach trim in the past and I had to cut it with a razor to separate them. The central kidney looks really nicely polished! Andrew
  5. Hi, You said you had stock springs, make sure they are new since you apparently already have new shocks. You can't afford saggy springs. I have an oil sump protector but your header would probably foul it...this might increase the lifespan of the header if you have something to run interference before hitting the header. Since it's one piece I guess this will stress the flanges and studs if you hang or hit it repeatedly. I built mine for bad roads, so I have hd springs and the sump protector but I am running the standard ti/tii exhaust manifold with a larger bore exhaust from Simons. The center resonator is the low point on my setup. Andrew
  6. Thanks, I was looking at fixed camber plates for the front so that might improve the odds. Do the Mahles clear the tii calipers? I have problems with my Cosmics, the balancing weights foul the front calipers. Andrew
  7. Hi, Reviving this old thread because I could not find a closer one. I have a set of 6x13 et13 bbs mahle basketweaves, with kba nr 40179. The threads found searching and wheel catalog show different kba numbers. The rims are from 1979 according to the castings. Does anyone run these on a reasonably stock suspension? I had e21 steelies that rubbed on lock with mildly lowered springs and I don't know if I want to mount tires to discover if they run.... I would mount 185/70 on them Any input appreciated. Andrew
  8. I kind of like the nose to be a bit higher with more squat in the rear...most 02s looked like that in the early 80s when I wanted to buy my first 02. It's a burned in image of what a slightly modified 02 looks like. E30s look better as well when the tail is lower than the nose imho.... Andrew
  9. @kbm02 How did the re-anodizing turn out and what did you use to reattach to the grill? I have two grills without slats sitting on the shelf for a rainy day, but I don't have enough extra slats currently to anodize without removing my current grills...I am contemplating a clean up of the front end, removing Oscar's and putting on a bumper without holes for lights and small overriders....but when I count it all together it gets expensive fast. Andrew
  10. Hi, I tried to fit 4x98 cromodoras and I was less concerned with the wobble nuts (got german made ones), but the inner face of the rim fouled the ti/tii calipers and turning the rims on a lathe was a no-go for me.... Andrew
  11. I approve as well, reusing them creatively rather than parting out or shredding is good. Good luck with the trial run! Andrew
  12. I've had a few Land Rovers with heated windscreens (good thing as the defrost is hopeless) and they work great and you only see the wires in strong sunlight, the rest of the time they are essentially invisible. My oldest with heated windscreen was a 1967 109 Station Wagon that had them from new.... Great thing, don't understand why more cars don't have them... Andrew
  13. I've never really worried about the height difference when carrying the 185/70-13 spare. I have a closed cell foam strip on the tank side, as the original coco or horsehair strip was growing thin and have a trimmed trunk carpet in salt&pepper that covers both sides...I lose a few millimeters in height (ya, euro) and so what.... Andrew
  14. Well, I would think it would make a difference, though I will not go into calculating the gearing. I am standing at the base of a hill...waiting for the green light to start a hill climb. Scenario 1 OD box with 3.64 diff I drop the clutch at 2600+rpm and my lsd does its thing and the tires transfer everything to the pavement. At some 6200, I shift in 1,5 seconds to 2nd. I have not powershifted, the engine resumes its work at a pitiful 2000 rpm due to the hill and gap in gearing, at speed x. Because I am well below the sweet spot of the engine, it takes a few seconds to get back to the powerband and y seconds to reach redline again. Scenario 2, same box longer final drive My assumption was that with a longer final drive (say 2.78) my land speed at the shift point to 2nd gear is marginally higher, but when shifting, the rpms I start with in second will be even lower due to the higher overall gearing. Hill doesn't help, meaning that I will be further away from where I want to be on the rpm band. So any speed benefit is lost by bogging around in the cellar. It's like carrying speed through corner's - entry speed is less relevant than speed exiting the apex. The further away I am from 3000rpm when 2nd gear is engaged the slower I will be. If I'm at 2800 I will be there in a second or two and If I'm at 2000rpm it will be 5-10 seconds to reach 3000 from where I quickly get to 6000. I guess that intuitively the cr box is the right solution, but a short final drive would lower top speed and lower the gaps between gears. A longer one should exacerbate. Andrew
  15. I don't think there is anything on that vehicle that would be usable, other than "clean title". That is awesome, awe inspiring....inspiring much not some awe. Andrew

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