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  1. Oldtimerfahrer

    early Alpina carbs

    @John That is an interesting sheet, with all the items to up a 6v 1600 to a real cruiser. Interesting that they kept the narrow tires, but put them on 5.5 inch rims. I have XAS on 5.5 inch rims and they look odd. Looks good in the picture though. Andrew
  2. Oldtimerfahrer

    early Alpina carbs

    I have the 3rd edition of Gerd Hack's period piece on tuning called "Autos schneller machen", originally written in 1968. In my edition from 1970, there is a picture on pg 285 from an Alpina brochure or ad (it only says that the Bovensiepen Company offers equally useful/expensive accessories), which oddly enough shows Weber DCOEs mounted on a complete engine and what appear to be Solex DDH's lying loose next to a cylinder head (but with a one-piece manifold), so both seem to have been on offer in parallel. In the text though he writes that "Bovensiepen verwendet für die Alpina-Anlagen ausschließlich Weber-Vergaser" or Bovensiepen uses (present tense) Weber carburetors exclusively for the Alpina Induction Systems. He goes on in German to say that Schnitzer was producing a Solex setup, which could be purchased via Koepchen (for 980DM German marks). These are all pre-Kugelfischer times, none of the pictures in the chapter show the one-piece manifold on a head. The pictures are not great, they are B&W but I think the hoses coming out of the carburetor bowl covers on the ad point to a Solex. If so, probably they would not be marketing the PHH which BMW was selling at the time. I don't have Hack's book on the 2002, so I don't know if the details there are juicier and the pictures better. Andrew
  3. Oldtimerfahrer

    Found on German Ebay- Ti air filter housing

    Hi, The bracket you can see fully in the fourth picture is strange and the end covers have some kind of eyelet, ears or something fixed to them where the snaps attach. The snaps are on the main housing though. My ti end pieces have nothing on the the outside like that, just the notch around the whole cap where the snapper hooks in. What is holding the filter in the last picture? My filters drop off unless the cover with the spring presses them in place.... Andrew
  4. Oldtimerfahrer

    BMW 02 Made in Portugal

    No, the car at least is not worthy of a first or second look. Was the maxi or the marina vying for worst ever title? Andrew
  5. Oldtimerfahrer

    My new 02 ti

    VERY nice! Mine is also a 1971 1695265 so they are pretty close. Mine was produced on February 8. Keep up the good work. Andrew
  6. Oldtimerfahrer

    My new 02 ti

    Krister, it might be a bit cool with those windows, or is the weather in Denmark/Sweden much warmer than in Riga? Looking good! Andrew
  7. Oldtimerfahrer

    Differences in 2002tii airboxes

    A little off topic, but do the snorkels actually have a function? The front one might get some cooler air on a tii, the rear is facing the exhaust side. Originality aside, the filters with the central can and wingnuts on non-stock end caps do de-clutter the engine compartment....the tii probably doesn't need to have the can or snorkels removed too often...so that's not a consideration in deleting them. Since they look similar or identical to the ti snorkels except for the angling, I assume their only there to reduce the throaty intake sound...Right? Andrew
  8. Oldtimerfahrer

    My new 02 ti

    Hi, I cant open those files. Maybe upload them to the page. ANDREW
  9. Oldtimerfahrer

    1970 2002 ti

    Hi, Very nice. Same color as mine, though mine has a used look to it with lots of lights in front. Andrew
  10. Oldtimerfahrer

    Baur carpet question

    Hi, There is also a less than clear picture of a yellow square taillight targa from the BMW Group Archive which also shows a salt & pepper type carpeting (in yellow or maybe "maize" is the right color)...with black leather looking seats with no headrests. I guess its a press picture, one is a side shot the other is looking from the top down with the seats reclined pretty far. I don't know anything about the Baur's but it has the silver guages, with a rev counter, a printed gear shift patter on the dashboard and the later matte finish heater controls. No clock that I can see, short tunnel cover and closed 3-spoke wheel like a standard 2002. Seems to have some kind of emblem on the passenger side front fender, mounted really low, would imagine its a Bauer emblem. The text notes that Baur provided a lot of options to buyers when ordering, though they were ordered via the official BMW dealer network. I found the picture in color in a German publication "Young Classics" that appeared in 2013 in Germany page 20. Andrew
  11. Oldtimerfahrer

    Canadian ti owners

    Great pictures! Brings context to the car and its history. Did you ever request the Certificate or the email VIN info request from BMW regarding the car? I wonder if they provide the same infos in both situations. Its interesting that it has the kmh speedo but marker lights... Canada went metric in 1970 but I suppose the signs and cars started to be delivered with kmh only later. I like the seat too... I have later Recaros in mine but haven't found a suitable replacement. Andrew
  12. Oldtimerfahrer

    Canadian ti owners

    Hi, The brochure II/70 here on the site shows a shift knob with a white pattern on a thumbnail image, but the larger picture of the interior is with the blank knob with a slightly different form (or looks that way). Is the knob with the shift pattern thicker at the head of the knob (like the one above) or does it have the same dimensions as the unmarked plastic knob (like the one in the brochure)? Does anyone have a certificate from BMW Classic where the presence or absence of a 5-speed or LSD is mentioned on a ti? I was scrounging for pictures, looked up the old gold portfolio and there is a picture on pg.40 which appears to show a knob with a pattern, the author however goes on to say that the LSD is missing from the option list (Foreign Car Guide, Jan 69). Not sure how well informed all of the journalists were an what actually was on the order Andrew
  13. Oldtimerfahrer

    Canadian ti owners

    Hi, Never too late! Interesting. A few questions...What is the clip attached to the valve cover driver's side? It has the small overriders but carries marker lights? Were the marker lights on it as you bought it? The shift knob is also interesting with no shift pattern on the dash face but on the knob itself. Never seen one like that and carrying the dogleg pattern. Did it have a dogleg and LSD as delivered? I thought the knobs were all black plastic, or the wooden option (replacements) without shift pattern. Otherwise it looks just like my ti, including the snorkelitis but you have a nicer color. Regards, Andrew
  14. Hi

    Nice car.  I have a 1970 2002 ti May I know how have to managed to coonect the original ti air cleaner to the Webers?  



    1. Oldtimerfahrer



      I used rubber pipe connectors (adapter) that are meant to be fit between different size plastic pipes used for water disposal pipes. It a black ring that slides onto the trumpet when not mounted to the carb and slides to the horn end. Then you put the horn back on.The outer diameter of the rubber piece is the same size as the stock rubber elbow that goes to the airbox. You can't even see it from outside. I can probably find a picture of one if you don't understand what I mean. Note, I used slanted trumpets and don't use very long trumpets or they will hit the airbox.


  15. Oldtimerfahrer

    Correct battery for 72 2002tii?

    I don't find the engine bay cluttered, even in my ti. I've restored Citroen DS21 and SM, it's great replacing the inboard brake rotors...so that corner with the battery box doesn't bother at all...it's just the weight... A.