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  1. I've never really worried about the height difference when carrying the 185/70-13 spare. I have a closed cell foam strip on the tank side, as the original coco or horsehair strip was growing thin and have a trimmed trunk carpet in salt&pepper that covers both sides...I lose a few millimeters in height (ya, euro) and so what.... Andrew
  2. Well, I would think it would make a difference, though I will not go into calculating the gearing. I am standing at the base of a hill...waiting for the green light to start a hill climb. Scenario 1 OD box with 3.64 diff I drop the clutch at 2600+rpm and my lsd does its thing and the tires transfer everything to the pavement. At some 6200, I shift in 1,5 seconds to 2nd. I have not powershifted, the engine resumes its work at a pitiful 2000 rpm due to the hill and gap in gearing, at speed x. Because I am well below the sweet spot of the engine, it takes a few seconds to get back to the powerband and y seconds to reach redline again. Scenario 2, same box longer final drive My assumption was that with a longer final drive (say 2.78) my land speed at the shift point to 2nd gear is marginally higher, but when shifting, the rpms I start with in second will be even lower due to the higher overall gearing. Hill doesn't help, meaning that I will be further away from where I want to be on the rpm band. So any speed benefit is lost by bogging around in the cellar. It's like carrying speed through corner's - entry speed is less relevant than speed exiting the apex. The further away I am from 3000rpm when 2nd gear is engaged the slower I will be. If I'm at 2800 I will be there in a second or two and If I'm at 2000rpm it will be 5-10 seconds to reach 3000 from where I quickly get to 6000. I guess that intuitively the cr box is the right solution, but a short final drive would lower top speed and lower the gaps between gears. A longer one should exacerbate. Andrew
  3. I don't think there is anything on that vehicle that would be usable, other than "clean title". That is awesome, awe inspiring....inspiring much not some awe. Andrew
  4. A friend of mine told me, while visiting my barn, that the more cars you have, the fewer of them have valid inspection stickers....might not be true for Jay Leno, but I have trouble keeping 2 on the road with stickers that are not daily drivers. Andrew
  5. Hi, I don't have the need to cruise at 85, but am annoyed, especially on inclines, by the gap between 1st and 2nd on the standard box...so I have been contemplating a shorter final drive...which would move the shift between 1st and 2nd into a better powerband for the engine... I had a CR box in an E12 and did not enjoy it around town, so I put the CR box off my agenda a few years back for my 02. Now I guess I kind of regret "upgrading" to the OD box...small step sideways. On the track it's the start/finish straight on my track where shifting to 4th will happen at some point. Andrew
  6. Hi, By decreasing the gear ratio on the differential, you magnify any gaps in the gearing of the transmission...or is it not that noticable? So if you have a CR box with the long first gear and install a 2.xx, you elongate 1st even more, while the gaps between the other gears grow only slightly because they were close to begin with...or am I wrong in my thinking? Andrew
  7. Hi, One other comment on manifolds. I have never bought a "new" manifold that did not require mating to either the carbs and/or the head ports, so the comments on the IE manifold would not alarm me. There is a difference between poor casting and the need to mate them, the latter is almost always the case. If the ports cannot be lined up at all or the flanges are not true is a different issue. Andrew
  8. Looking at where prices have gone, not sure there is such a thing as "too far gone" with a clear title and the correct vin on the shell....not that I would volunteer for such a project because it does look real rough. Life is too short, but it is more viable economically than the usual 1600-2 or 2002 basket case. Andrew
  9. Depends, are you going to regularly run it at below freezing temperatures...? I can always start mine when it's cold, but I have never driven it in the dead of winter and carb icing is rare but does occur under the right conditions. I would not want the plumbing and would take my time and look out for the OEM manifolds, their not that rare. Andrew
  10. Hi, Thanks for sharing. I have a similar project ahead of me on an E30 with Pacific blue interior. I could only get enough material to do the seats, the door cards I will have to dye/paint the velour parts that have seriously faded. Andrew
  11. That one seems to be gone now, there is a red one that looks pretty original but needs lots of body work. The third one looks like a resto-mod, difficult to say what's left of the original car. Andrew
  12. Yes, the E30 diff could offer such a gearset...I have a E30 320i with 3.45. I find the 3.64 too long with the OD 5-speed, but I don't motor along at 90. I hate the gap between 1st and second, drives me nuts...so I would never put a longer gearset even with 150hp. Andrew
  13. Hi, Should be very close if you start from a tii. The way is much shorter. Most start from a 1502 or 1802 because they were the cheapest starting points in Europe, that's expensive to do right. In the US you didn't have the cheaper versions, the 2002 base model was so good on it's own... Andrew
  14. ti spec is brakes, half axles, trailing arms, ie. all of the stuff that BMW prescribed to allow you to put a motor <=150hp in a 2002 shell. The turbo has a different list...The list is published somewhere in German. A.
  15. Hi, Its interesting to see the survivors, because we don't know the VIN number on this one we don't know if it's a fair restomod or a poor ti restoration. Seems just odd to spend so much money on a half way car. Yes, ti owners probably look askew at fake ones, if I had a 2002 I would definitely upgrade it to a ti or alpina spec, but I wouldn't put a ti badge on it. The "worst" compliment is when someone takes the tii badge and saws the last "i" off, thinking it will be the same....In the 80's Germany was full of pkastic grill / square tail ti's with registrations after 1971....it's not in style any more. I wouldn't buy a ti today, I regularly think about selling mine but I don't because I won't be able to get another. Andrew

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