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  1. Doorslams


  2. Where is it? I used to have tons of stuff bookmarked on this site for projects I wanted to do, now that i'm about to start some all of my links "can't be found" I search for Suspension rehab...or even just "suspension" and I get nothing of any use. Does anyone know how to access that old blog or know of any walk throughs for a suspension refresh/rebuild?
  3. Thinkin about workin on the car again.

  4. If you guys join the import classic Sacramento club on Facebook I posted pictures. Of course, you have to join Facebook. Pretty sure the government already has your profile ready for you anyways.
  5. Ohhhhh 9 "AM". Ok, I thought this was a later meet. I think I can get up that early.
  6. Ok, havent been on the forums much....BUT I have ALL the parts for this whole suspension thing. I bought the whole rebuilt kit from Blunttech and that includes new control arms with the bushings already pressed (I heard it was a bitch to do that) plus new shocks and springs. 4 boxes of stuff! Now I just need to talk to someone who knows what they are doing. I'm willing to try it myself....or not...either way will you be around this weekend? I'm finally starting to get some free time.
  7. I currently have a post 73 (one with an emblem) on my 73, it bothers the crap out of me having 2 emblems right next to each other! Anywho I got a post 73 for sale with emblem if I can find one without. Its white and im looking for white, but i'm willing to paint. Thanks. Oh and I'm in the Sacramento california area.
  8. No not since I posted this. I still need to get this stuff done. Still trying to figure out whats the best route to take. Again I have no garage and no tools. I do however have a tax return....but I don't want to pay a ton of money and don't want the car gone for 3-4 weeks. It's kinda my daily right now.
  9. Hey Sorry I was gone for a week. I did get it back unfortunatly xmas is hitting early. I have the bilsteins already, probably going to get some springs this month but thats about all my money till Jan. I also discovered some other things in this weather that probably need to be done first (windshield wipers stopped working, rear defrost, heater/defrost) It now takes me 30 minutes to warm up and get ready to drive to work....if it's not raining. It might be cheaper to just build a garage.
  10. That would be cool and thanks to everyone for the input. Unforunatly the shop still has my car...I don't see being able to get it back today therefore probably won't have it through the weekend. I'll keep you posted.
  11. Yeah it seemed a little high to me also. Is anything on here more difficult that I should have them do then I can do the easier stuff? I don't know any of the Oh-2 peeps yet. Only had it for a couple months. I also don't have a garage...barely a driveway. I also don't have this money...heh. Just seeing if I should have them do ANY of it or just wait and look for a friend of a friend or something.
  12. Yeah its a PDF , trying to get it to format properly. no luck so far.
  13. Can someone give me their email address so I can send them my estimate to have my suspension rebuilt and let me know if its totally nutz or about right. I don't know how much this stuff usually costs but don't want to get screwed. Thanks in advance. Oh and keep in mind I bought front and back bisteins separately and gave them to the shop to put on.
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